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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Winter Minimalist Look

Winter Minimalist Look

I am glad to announce that in a couple of days i will be back in my favorite city, New York. I am over joyed to be back with my family for a couple of week and Friends, Also .....  i will finally will be able to wear my favorite winter pieces. I really like layering and adding different scarves to my winter coat. 

As most of you ladies know i am all about simplicity and that is what the Minimalist trend is all about. I am all about, clean, comfortable, neutral colors. I am always wearing my slouchy pants with a plain tee. I like to add a couple touches but other than that I am always very traditional. 

This look is all about being minimal and not over layering. Is about being comfortable, fashionable and stylish. If you notice i added a couple black accessories to spice up the outfit due to that the clothing is very light. I am in love with this coat is just gorgeous and literally it goes with everything !  And one last thing that i had to add was the watch is manly but it just adds that extra minimalist touch to the outfit. 

What you ladies think of this ? would you rock this outfit? Leave your comment on the bottom.


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thanksgiving Outfit Inspiration

Thanks Giving Outfit

Hi Ladies I know it's been so long. I apologize but grad school work had me super busy. I really missed blogging but now that vacation is coming up i will have more time to blog. I am so happy tomorrow i will be will be in NYC  with my family for Thanksgiving ! 

I am just so happy to be heading to New York For a couple of days. Have been missing home so much and my family. It's been so long since i have made an outfit inspiration that i decided to do one for Thanksgiving. 

Thanksgiving for me is all about spending time with my family and eating our traditional supper. I love to dress up for thanksgiving and look my best my family and i take so many pictures that i don't want to go back years later and say yikes i just looked terrible. 

I have prepared for us ladies this simple, girly outfit it's great if you are living in a place where it's cold weather such as New York. I am actually missing fall in NY. Miami is gorgeous but definitely not the same. 

This outfit is all about comfort, and also very clean. It's not over powering. the Sweater is gorgeous it already has enough bling i don't think you will need more other than a pair of simple earrings such as these. I had to add the cranberry lipstick and simple eyeliner it's all about bold lips and simple outfit. These boots are so sexy they are definitely a must for this fall and Winter. 

I hope you have the best Thanksgiving. Count your blessings and be thankful for what you have. 



Sunday, August 30, 2015

Miami Outfit Inspiration


Hi Beautiful Ladies. Last time I post on my blog I was headed to Dominican Republic to spent the best two weeks of my life before heading to my new city Miami. Vacation was great. Had an amazing time with my family. I got back to NY for a couple of days and then i was back on a plane heading to Miami. I officially have a week in Miami. So far it has been treating me great. I am currently getting my masters and professor are also great. 

Now Since you guys know i am from New York we have all types of weather and I am not use to living in a state where it doesn't snows or gets chilly. As of now I am still wearing my summer clothes and i will be transitioning slowly to fall according to the weather. So far i am loving wearing hats, espadrilles, bright lipsticks and panama hats. That is why i decided to Make a Miami outfit Inspiration. I have notice that people in Miami are extroverted they just love wearing colors and fun jewelry. 

This outfit is about being casual, fashionable and fun. Is great if you are going to have brunch with friends drinks. But it is also great for everyday or a pool party. You can just have your bathing suit under. I added a great bronzer and highlighter because i think with this dress. I would keep very sculpted cheeks and add that natural glow. I mean you are in Miami after all right. 

I hope you all enjoy my inspiration post. If you are not in Miami. This outfit is great for your next destination in the Caribbean. 



Wednesday, July 29, 2015

My Traveling Must Haves

My Traveling Must Haves

 dress /t shirt, /  top,  /  shirt,  /  shorts,  / swimsuit / sneaker,  /  sandals / Havaianas  / Tote  / jewelry hat sunglasses

Hello Ladies ! a lot of change has been going on lately. Pardon not posting anything for a long time. Many changes have been going on lately and one of them is Moving to Miami In a couple of weeks. Yup just like you heard. I have been planing my trip for over a year deciding weather to leave NY or Stay i decided to leave. Want to try new adventures and one of them is living on my own. 

Another change is that i open a Blog in Spanish as many as you know i am Latina and thanks to my parents i can read and write in Spanish. One night i decided  i want to write to Latina women from all over the world. 

And third is VACATION !! Finally ! i really need vacation. I will be going for two weeks to Dominican Republic where i cannot wait to soak in the water and drink Piña Coladas my favorite. And.... Since i will be traveling i decided to write a post on some of the clothing and accessories i will be taking with me. I want to travel as light as i can. Due to than once i come back i will only be in NY for 2 days and will then leave to Miami. 

I want to enjoy the fullest and relax with my family. I want to let my hair air dry and forget about straightening. I want to enjoy those two weeks and soak my feet on the warm sun touch by the sun. I want to feel airy and not worried one bit of New York and my first Semester of Grad School. 

And Guess what ladies that's what i will try my best to do. I will be packing my favorite. Shorts, cotton tee bought from stores such as H&M and Target, a nice flowy dress to dance at night, a pair of sneakers to travel comfortable, a piece a jewelry that goes with everything. The IT Sandals of the moment GLADIATOR Sandals and a one piece swimsuit which i think is so back this summer. 

I also got a large tote bag. The good thing about this bag is that is reversible. Which it equals to two bags ! great for the beach and Travel and guess what it's under $50 Dollars. I am obsessed over this leather bag. 

I will post as much as i can in Miami ! cannot wait for this new adventure but for now keep them Piña Coladas coming !

XOXO Andrea

Monday, June 29, 2015

Easy, Comfortable Summer Outfit

Untitled #577

While laying in bed recuperating from a pretty bad stomach virus over the weekend the only thing that came to my head was July. Which is almost here. 

Now i know Summer has arrived already but this stomach virus had me 4 days in bed except the day i had to rush to the emergency room because i could not tolerate my abdominal pain. Lasted a couple hours in the emergency room was diagnosed with a stomach virus no new news of course.

 I was very dehydrated. The nurse got an IV in my veins for medicine and a couple hours later i was back to my bed still dehydrated and feeling like crap. 

Two days has passed by and I am feeling much better. Finally had solid food and did not puke. I am feeling more like myself and more energized. 

Thinking of July, Inspired me on making this outfit inspiration. Summer can get pretty humid especially in this City. That is why i always opt for shorts and a cotton tee. I really like buying as much tee's as i can. They are super cheap you can find them at Target or H&M. 

I also added a pair of gladiator sandals because they are so in. I really wanted these by the brand Schutz . But they are out of my price range. I found these and my they are adorable under 50 bucks and by the brand of TopShop. Major score !

I wanted to pair this outfit with a not too big side bag. I found this one by Rebecca Minkoff and the color is just on point. 

The other accessories are the gorgeous pair of Prada Sunnies, and the new exclusive lipstick color that Estee Lauder Launched exclusive by Kendall Jenner. Is the perfect Matte Red lipstick is not too dark or bright. Is just perfect. 

With this look i suggest a high pony tail or natural waves and this Bumble and Bumble Infusion is just great. I bought it a couple months ago and it's lovely. 

And last you cannot leave your house without putting on your favorite fragrance. My friend got the beach by Bobbi Brown about a month ago and i seriously wanted to take it from her. Is a Must !

Enjoy your Week !



Thursday, June 18, 2015

Fathers Day !

Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Are you ready? have you bought your husband or Dad his gift already? Totally forgot about it, is okay. Take a deep breath and quickly check what i have here for you. Simple but amazing gifts you can give to that great PAPA of yours or hubby. 

Most dads don't know what they want on fathers day. Sometimes you have to take long guesses and ask tons of questions. example my mom and i would ask my dad what do you want for fathers day Andrew? he would always say anything or nothing. We would roll our eyes and say common just mention something you like or want. My father worked super hard to give my mom and i always the best. He never asked for anything and was always grateful of what he would get. 

We know he loved plaid shirts, watches and fedoras. He also loved my mothers favorite stew.  My mom and I got him one year a great pair of slippers not any but Uggs a bit pricy but we know he really kept looking at them when he would take us shopping.  my mom would make his favorite stew, get him comfy all day and watch his favorite sport and spent time with us. He would always have a smile on his face. 

Unfortunately he is not with us anymore. But.... There is no remorse waht so ever that we always tried to always not only on fathers day for him to be happy. Dads are suppose to be there for their family no matter what. Hard working souls that help raise a family and try their best to be a great head of the family. My DAD was all of that and much more. 

On this Fathers day try to make his day it doesn't have to be with expensive gift. It can be a beer garden reservation, or a picnic with family or even much better a BBQ.  I added these gifts to give you an idea what you can give him. If he is in to technology you can give him the new apple watch or a great pair of sneaker for his relaxing weekends. If he likes beer you can give him a beer kit super inexpensive and he can make craft beer with his own hand. You get the idea. I hope all you spent a great day. 

Happy Fathers Day to all dads !



Monday, May 4, 2015

Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Untitled #574

 sandals /  handbagWatch/ perfume  / coffee maker / Mug,/ Card Plants 

Hello Chicas ! Guess what? we are a few days away from Mother's day. The most special day on earth! I don't know for you ladies but everyday is a blessing waking up and watching my mother smile, laugh, have coffee and simply have my best friend next to me. I lost my dad a couple years ago and i have to admit she has been there for me always. I always try to demonstrate the love and admiration i have for her.

 I thought to myself let me share with you ladies what i would give my mom on her day. My mom is the most simple lady in this world. She is not picky at all. She is all about comfort, tradition, nature and neutrals. 

On this inspiration post i kept it simple. I added a fun orange tote bag with long handles perfect for everyday and traveling. The most comfortable sandals on earth, a nice perfume of course Tory Burch it smells divine. 

I also added a watch this Kate Spade watch gives your outfit a touch of glam. I had to add a home plant. My mother and I are in love with plants and Flowers. And to tell you the truth who doesn't want a home plant? Could not leave the Mothers Day Card don't forget to add some nice words and for last a coffee maker with a fun mug. Coffee is perfect for bonding time if not coffee, tea is perfect. 

I hope all mothers spend a great weekend. And to all daughters and sons including myself don't forget to make her day.



Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Spring Outfit Inspiration

Spring Outfit

Spring is back which means it's time to pull out those white jeans from your closet. I have to admit my weekend was full of Fun. Went to a family Hawaiian theme party. Natural Curly hair was out, flower on my hair, Lei Garland on neck and Oh before i forget  my all time favorite White Denims. I just had to wear them. White Jeans are everything seriously they go with any top and you can dress them up or down. 

I said to myself let me give the ladies an outfit inspiration, nothing too hard and nothing over whelming. These white pants are a bit distress which it gives it a casual look. Had to add the nude Mules and the Green army jacket. This Outfit screams Spring. Is fun, cute, girly, effortless and simple. 

What more can you ask for?. I added a bright nail polish, lipstick and only a pair of small earrings. I didn't want the jewelry to opaque the entire outfit. 
Sooo What are you waiting for hop on the White Denims bandwagon.


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Products I am Currently Craving

Untitled #573

Hi Ladies. Happy Wednesday! This week has been feeling like is finally Spring. Which I am not Complaining at all. I have my coat still hanging on my entry closet waiting till gets colder. Yep i said it. In New York you never know fifty degrees can mean 30. But so far not complaining these past days for using my J Crew puffer vest. I sure missed it.

 These past weeks i have gather accessories and other things here and there that are just on my mind. Products that I have either seen online or window shopped. For example the Elizabeth and James perfume that is on my Post today smells just lovely.

 Went to Sephora to buy nail products all of a sudden while i am passing by i smell the best aroma. I start searching and the White Square bottle it was. It smells DIVINE !!! i can't stop thinking about it and every time i go to Sephora i always spray some on me. Am i the only one that does that?

I have also been spying these Gorgeous Snakeskin Pumps by the brand Steve Madden. They are so HOT !!! I mean look at the sexy piece of shoes that will be great for this spring and summer on a tan body. 

I hope you ladies enjoy my products if you have any of these products please leave a comment down low I would like to know how they work in real life. 



Saturday, February 14, 2015

Fifty Shades Of Grey Outfit Inspiration

Fifty Shades Of Grey Outfit Inspiration

Happy Valentines Day !  This year is very special for me. As a super fan of Fifty Shades of Grey I have been waiting to watch the movie for a year now. After the Author E L James  announced the making of the moving i have been super excited to see the final project. Jamie Dornan is just fabulous if you have watched the series on Netflix called the Fall you will understand why he is the perfect for this Character. If you haven't what are you waiting for !!

For Valentines day I will be attending with my best friend to the movies. We have been counting the days and hours and bought our movie tickets days ago. I decided to make an outfit inspiration for the fellow Fifty Shades of Grey Fans that are also excited to see this movie.

This outfit is perfect for us girls who don't want to overdress but at the same time look well put together as you can see the outfit is dark of course grey and black. The leather leggings give it a touch of sexiness to the outfit. Everything about this outfit is super easy to find and also very easy to wear. If you are a fan of the books I hope this inspire you to rock a fun, casual , sexy outfit for tonight. 

Have a great Valentines day ! Please Leave a comment on your thoughts on the movie or book.

XOXO Andrea

Monday, February 9, 2015

Currently Coveting

Hi Ladies. It has been a long time before I have post items that I have been Coveting or Craving lately, how ever you wish to say. As Ladies we are always on the hunt of new items or at
least window shopping and searching the internet to see which item will be part of your closet.  Well Since I have a couple of days that i just have been home and getting rest i have searching a couple online stores and It came down to these items.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Winter Essentials....

winter gear

Hi Ladies I hope you gals are staying warm and cozy. These past days it has been freezing in New York City. I have so many layers that sometimes I don't even know where to start when i get home. A couple days ago while i was washing my hands  i notice  that some of my fingers were cracked and dry i literally said o no i need extra hand cream. It's my fault due to that I thought i had lost my gloves and was in denial of buying a pair. Thank God i found them. It's the pair i have in this inspiration you can find them at Target. 

I feel like Winter is all about the Puffer coat that will protect you of anything.  I decided to make this inspiration post well because basically this is all i am wearing everyday. Literally ! Thank God for UGGS !  I usually wear thermal leggings everyday and if i wear jeans or dressy pants i make sure to have my leggings under. This outfit will keep you warm and protected in this very cold winter. 

I almost forgot to mention the Patagonia winter Jacket. It is one of my favorite accessories on this inspiration. I remember my parents gave me this jacket when i was a Junior in High School and still till this day it is one of my favorite pieces i always enjoy using it and it its very cozy and warm. This is a must especially if you are in college running around the Campus trying to get from one place to the other.

Remember ladies to always wear your warm socks and gloves ! you don't want to get extra dry skin. 



Monday, December 29, 2014

City Girl Outfit

Untitled #569

Hi Ladies ! Merry Christmas ! Christmas was great full of yummy food, red lipsticks and gifts. I didn't get all i wanted but....  I am blessed and thankful with what i got.  New years is almost here and my family is still visiting. It has been cold but also super sunny lately. I have been enjoying going to places with my cousins. 

You gals know i practically live in Boyfriend Jeans.  I really do ! that's why i did this outfit inspiration on what i would wear while hanging out in the city. It is casual, with a touch of glam. Its also comfortable and cozy. The sneakers and long coat are just perfect and adorable. To add a pop of a color i added this beautiful Celine bag. 

So what you ladies think of it YAY or NAY! 

Enjoy the last days of 2014

XOXO Andrea

Monday, December 22, 2014

Are You Ready : Fun Affordable Gifts For Her

Untitled #568

Hi Y'all Happy Monday we are only a couple days away from Christmas. I am a bit back up from my gift shopping. Made my last list today. If you are like me and don't know what to buy your best friend or a family member. I have added this inspiration with a couple of gifts that will last all year round and can benefit of it.  I have added from the new album of Sam Smith which i totally love his music from a set of Laura Mercier bath and body set. I think your favorite gal is going to enjoy these gifts they are fun, warm and long lasting. 

Merry Christmas !

XOXO Andrea

Monday, December 1, 2014

Happy December !

Untitled #562

 Sweatshirt pants / sports bra / socks headband bags  /cookbook kitchen dining Yoga Mat Armband

I am so excited that December has finally arrived. November was not that good with me. I spent most of my days working hard and also with a terrible cold. I still have an ear infection from the cold and still taking antibiotics which i totally hate them. Other than that I am happy December has finally arrived. I truly am.

I am going to be doing a series of Gift Guide inspiration under 100 Bucks for gals like us that want to save and at the same time give gifts that we know are going to be useful. 

I will be doing a series of Fitness, girly girl, guys gift, home gifts for our mom or a friend, girls that love makeup and Beauty and other thing along the way. The first gift guide will be for our friends or family members that are into fitness or are planning on getting fit as part of their new year resolution. This inspiration have tons of affordable clothing and items that your friend who is into wellness and Fitness will love.

These Items are all under 50 Bucks can you believe that. I can't! I have added from a fun water bottle to a cooking book. This gift guide is perfect for the gal who enjoys working out, eating healthy or is simply trying to start a healthy journey.

When i started my healthy Journey over 2 years ago i didn't know what to buy i bought the wrong pants and sneakers for my specific workout. Thankfully a trainer at the gym i go to told me what was the best workout clothing and sneakers for me.

If you don't know what to get her. Buy a makeup pouch and add face cleaning wipes, hand sanitizer, headband, hair ties, and a gift card from her favorite green juice spot. I am sure she will enjoy it. It's basically like a Fitness care pouch.

Remember to have fun shopping ! and go for the deals !

XOXO Andrea Cerda

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Lazy Weekend Outfit

Untitled #561

Hi Friends ! First of all i want to apologize for not posting anything for the past week in a half. I have been working non stop. Currently i have three jobs and in a couple of weeks I'll have four. Not that  I am complaining but as you may know it is a bit stressful running around trying to get to all jobs in different days of the week. I am so happy I don't have to work this Sunday this means over sleeping and no Makeup ! that Is why i have created a two outfits for us ladies who on the weekends don't want to over do it. 

The first Outfit on the left would definitely be my go to outfit on the weekend. especially after running around the city and taking the subway at all kind of time and days all i want is comfortable pair of leggings and an over sized hoodie sweater and comfy sneakers. 

The second outfit is more put together. Perfect if you want to look nice and fashionable but don't want to over do it. I have added all basic pieces that perfect for the everyday life. I have also added a Mansur Gavriel tote bag. IS definitely going to be on my Christmas Wish list  I just want it !  is simple, classy and Perfect.  

Enjoy Your Weekend ! 

Andrea Cerda

Monday, November 3, 2014

Hello November !

Minimal Faul look

 November has finally arrived. I feel like October was the longest month ever ! November is going to be super fun and busy full of Family and tons of work. That means more relaxing outfits. Over the weekend I got inspired to make this comfortable outfit. Fall is great to rock your trench coat. It is divine and basically you can dress it up or down.   As most of you know i am all about Comfort and Classy. 

This outfit is perfect for Brunch, a weekend walking around in the city or a movie night. It is also great to take with you while traveling. I added neutral tones and as you can see very comfortable shoes. These are the most comfortable shoes to walk around or if you have to stand for long period of time these are the famous TOD'S Loafers.  You can rock this outfit day and night. I hope it inspires you and it gives you a sense of how to use a trench coat on a regular basis during the Fall. 

Have a great week ! 

XOXO Andrea

Monday, October 20, 2014

Autumn Work Wear Inspiration

Work outfit

Fall is officially here which that means bright colors are out and fall colors are in.  Leaves are falling, pumpkin pies are in the oven and one of my favorite fruits are in season, APPLES wardrobe has to be full of army green, burgundy, and neutral fun tones. I mean people usually love to wear black and white to work. why not spice it up this Autumn and wear different type of prints and colors that will compliment this season. 

This outfit inspiration that i made is perfect for office attire. You have the button down shirt, the nude pumps, blazer and an amazing bag that fits your planner. I decided to spice it up with this amazing pencil skirt it is just beautiful. J.Crew did great this season as always. I added the basic white collar shirt and the typical fitted blazer that can also work as an everyday jacket. 

To spice up the outfit a bit more i added a burgundy bag. Which BTW I have a major crush on. for the makeup and accessories i left it very neutral again you are going to work not to a fair. But.... If you have a job in that permits you to dress more "fun why not add an extra layer of this dark burgundy color. 

XOXO  Andrea

Monday, September 22, 2014

Fall 2014 Must Haves

Fall Must Haves

I AM BACK !!!!! Yes i know it's been a while from the last time i post something on my blog. But as you may know i was on vacation to the Caribbean where i spent over a month stress free. Relaxing and living the life literally would not do anything in the day. Just relax. But I am glad to be back to my city and happy that Fall is almost here. Which that means that I have to start pulling out all of my favorite pieces for the fall. 

This Fall i am being more risky with my makeup and outfits. On this post i have added things which at the moment i am crushing from my favorite drink of the fall the famous PSL
 ( Pumpkin Spice Latte) from Starbucks,  The new collection of Altuzarra for Target and the Givenchy Leather Tote which is screaming BUY ME. 

Another piece that I am crushing is the burgundy Motorcycle jacket it is a statement piece it looks great with every outfit plus it is very Chic and it makes me feel COOL ! the other pieces are great accessories that every girl must have for the fall. Before i forget don't forget to have your room smelling all Autumn. Every year  I buy a couple of my favorite candles for the fall at Bath and Body works they make me feel warm inside plus they smell amazing. 

So Who is happy that Fall Is Finally Here ?

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Summer Night Out In Town Outfit

night out in town

 While scrolling my way down Net-A- Porter website over the weekend i found the most beautiful metallic Esq shimmery mid length pleated skirt. My breath literally stopped and quickly i had to click on it. Unfortunately the price woke me up from having it in my closet. But isn't it the most Beautiful piece of clothing i have seen in a long time.