Monday, December 29, 2014

City Girl Outfit

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Hi Ladies ! Merry Christmas ! Christmas was great full of yummy food, red lipsticks and gifts. I didn't get all i wanted but....  I am blessed and thankful with what i got.  New years is almost here and my family is still visiting. It has been cold but also super sunny lately. I have been enjoying going to places with my cousins. 

You gals know i practically live in Boyfriend Jeans.  I really do ! that's why i did this outfit inspiration on what i would wear while hanging out in the city. It is casual, with a touch of glam. Its also comfortable and cozy. The sneakers and long coat are just perfect and adorable. To add a pop of a color i added this beautiful Celine bag. 

So what you ladies think of it YAY or NAY! 

Enjoy the last days of 2014

XOXO Andrea

Monday, December 22, 2014

Are You Ready : Fun Affordable Gifts For Her

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Hi Y'all Happy Monday we are only a couple days away from Christmas. I am a bit back up from my gift shopping. Made my last list today. If you are like me and don't know what to buy your best friend or a family member. I have added this inspiration with a couple of gifts that will last all year round and can benefit of it.  I have added from the new album of Sam Smith which i totally love his music from a set of Laura Mercier bath and body set. I think your favorite gal is going to enjoy these gifts they are fun, warm and long lasting. 

Merry Christmas !

XOXO Andrea

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas Home GIfts Under 100

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Hi Ladies ! The countdown begins we have a  7 days until Christmas ! Don't worry you still have a couple of days left. If you haven't bought anything for your friend that just moved to her new place or to your mom or co worker i have added the perfect home gifts and guess what they are all under 100 ! Mayor Score. 

The first item i added on the board was the succulent plant kit. I think these are great for your home plus they are not hard to maintain and you can have it any where you want either the office or bedroom. I also added a couple items from my favorite home store on earth Williams Sonoma, a cooking book and a cheese plate perfect for parties or girls night in.  Enjoy the items. Have Fun !


Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas Wish List

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Hi Y'all Happy Saturday !  As I mention on my last post last week that weekly i would post a new gift guide for your friends and family. the only thing is that i forgot to include myself. So.... said to myself let me update people on my life and on my current cravings. I finally made my Christmas Wishlist on  all that  i want or maybe someone can possibly gift me these items.

I hope my family and friends are reading this blog post. HI MOM ! The first item that i really want are the pair of nude sandals design by Stuart Weitzman. I have been craving these shoes for the longest. All the celebrities rock them at the red carpet even. These are a statement piece, Every girl should have in her closet. Including me. 

Another must have on my list is the Erin Condren life planner. I have a very busy schedule. I think this planner will help me organize my life. Plus it is wonderful.  I have read great reviews. 

The other Items i also would like to get so dear Santa come visit my home i have been a good girl !

What is your number one Item on your Christmas wish list that you would love to get this year? 


Have a great weekend !

Monday, December 1, 2014

Happy December !

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 Sweatshirt pants / sports bra / socks headband bags  /cookbook kitchen dining Yoga Mat Armband

I am so excited that December has finally arrived. November was not that good with me. I spent most of my days working hard and also with a terrible cold. I still have an ear infection from the cold and still taking antibiotics which i totally hate them. Other than that I am happy December has finally arrived. I truly am.

I am going to be doing a series of Gift Guide inspiration under 100 Bucks for gals like us that want to save and at the same time give gifts that we know are going to be useful. 

I will be doing a series of Fitness, girly girl, guys gift, home gifts for our mom or a friend, girls that love makeup and Beauty and other thing along the way. The first gift guide will be for our friends or family members that are into fitness or are planning on getting fit as part of their new year resolution. This inspiration have tons of affordable clothing and items that your friend who is into wellness and Fitness will love.

These Items are all under 50 Bucks can you believe that. I can't! I have added from a fun water bottle to a cooking book. This gift guide is perfect for the gal who enjoys working out, eating healthy or is simply trying to start a healthy journey.

When i started my healthy Journey over 2 years ago i didn't know what to buy i bought the wrong pants and sneakers for my specific workout. Thankfully a trainer at the gym i go to told me what was the best workout clothing and sneakers for me.

If you don't know what to get her. Buy a makeup pouch and add face cleaning wipes, hand sanitizer, headband, hair ties, and a gift card from her favorite green juice spot. I am sure she will enjoy it. It's basically like a Fitness care pouch.

Remember to have fun shopping ! and go for the deals !

XOXO Andrea Cerda