Monday, September 30, 2013

Cozy Monday.....

Hi Y'all !! I know I have been lost for the past couple of days. But I am back. Today I woke up happy and full of energy which is totally the opposite because I always have trouble waking up. I mean who doesn't want to stay in bed on a chilly Fall morning.

I decided to wear a super comfortable and cozy outfit. You know the usual, Over sized sweater, Leggings and Booties. I am in love with these booties they are from target. I totally love them. They are comfortable and super cute. 

And if you are on a college graduate budget like me these are great. On the bottom I have a picture of the shoes that I will be wearing this Fall. These are mainly my everyday shoes. Have a great week girly girls !


XOXO Andrea

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fall Jackets Must Haves


Now that fall is finally here I definitely feel the sweater weather or better say jacket weather. It has been a bit chilly lately i have to admit that I already wore my military jacket because it was a bit chilly and really who doesn't like a stylish jacket.

What I love about jackets and vest is that not only are they a must for this fall, but that jackets compliment in a way or other your outfit.  I have included some of my favorite jackets at the moment. I only included 5 because I think these are the ones every lady should have hanging in her closet.

The tweed jacket i think is great for dinner or even corporate work wear. And to tell you the truth it reminds me of Chanel. And who doesn't want to wear a jacket that reminds you of Chanel is the epitome of a classy lady. Another of my favorite is the J.Crew quilted jacket I think is preppy, classy and I think it goes great with any outfit. It's great for day and night.
So..... If you are on a jacket hunt I think these would be perfect for this fall.

XOXO Andrea

Monday, September 23, 2013

Fall Outfit Inspiration


 Fall is finally here in it's honor I did this outfit inspiration. This outfit is perfect for the fall. One of the first things that is a fall statement is not really a clothing item but Starbucks goes with every outfit and you know is fall when Starbucks brings back their pumpkin lattes, which I try not to drink multiple times a day because I am a bit addicted.

Every girl should own a pair of Corduroy pants. They are great for the fall plus they are pretty cozy. I love how you can pair it up with any kind of shoes. I ordered a pair from Gap and I can't wait until they arrive. I love sweaters. But I love them even more when they have a classic look. I am drooling over this J.Crew Sweater. What I love about it is the two leather pockets in the front. It is stylish, fashionable and warm. 

Another must for the fall are a pair of Booties. They are great to pair them with dresses, leggings, denims and cords. Plus I love the way they look on your feet and again super comfortable.  

And the last piece is a statement bag. I recently purchased this Phillip Lim for Target Pashli tote, which I am obsessed with, I can't put it down everywhere I go I carry it with me. It will be my fall bag. But If you cannot find it at your nearest target this Tote from Madewell it the perfect leather bag for the fall.

The Good thing about this outfit is that is versatile and you can switch it up with different clothing items. Enjoy this fall!

XOXO Andrea 

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Pointy Toe Shoes Under 100 !

Untitled #521

Hello ladies ! sorry I have been lost for a couple of days I have been dealing with chronic migraine and it gets the best of me. Today I woke up feeling less dizzy so i decided to talk about one of my favorite kind of shoes for this fall.

 I have a love and hate relationship with pointy toe shoes, well my toes do. I have wide feet and most of the time that I am looking to buy pointy shoes I have problems,  either I have to go a size up or they don't fit well at all. But I do love me some pointy toe shoes.

I remember  the last time wore pointy shoes was for my 8th grade prom. Which that was eight years ago !!! Yes I guess I avoided buying it.  I really love the trend and I am happy that is back for the fall. or at least that I am back at wearing it.

 Ive gather a couple of pointy shoes under 100. They are stylish and not breaking the bank account. They are from Gap, Zara and Urban Outfitters. You can find them down below.

XOXO Andrea

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Baseball Cap Outfit Inspiration

Untitled #521

 Lately I have been seeing many people with baseball caps not only the ordinary team caps but fashionable ones. J.crew has come out with a cap collection for the fall. Which at the beginning I was not that sure about it. First because I never really wear caps and second because I always use floppy fedora hats in the fall. But I have fallen for them. And I can't wait to wear mine. It is one of the coolest trend of the season.

I decided to do an Outfit Inspiration to demonstrate how you can pair the cap on an everyday basis. I think you are giving an extra fun touch to your outfit. It is perfect. I ordered my cap and i can't wait to pair it up with a couple outfit that i have in mind. So if you are like me and think that you might not like the cap trend try it out you never know. 

Have Fun !

XOXO Andrea

Friday, September 6, 2013

MY Everyday Makeup Storage and Bath & Body Works Haul

Hello Ladies this week I decided to share with you one part of my makeup collection. This is how I organize my everyday makeup. It is much easier for me also if i buy something new i usually leave it outside that way i won't forget. As you can see i have some of my eye and lip pencils on a bath and body works candle jar. I think it is great way to organize your makeup and also you can re use your candle jars so that is a double win. 

On the right I I have an Anthropologie monogrammed mug filled up with the brushes that I have used during the week. I usually take those dirty brushes and wash them on the weekend. The lipstick holder which I got 3 years ago at the container store I keep my favorite lipsticks that I am going to use or have used during the past week.

I also did a bit of damage during labor day sales.  I ordered some of my favorite fall candles they were 2 for 22 so i had to whoop up a couple for the house. I already started burning Pumpkin cupcake and my house smells delicious and like Fall. As you can see I also ordered one of my favorite body wash which it smells like heaven and it's great for those long stressful nights and my favorite Bath and Body Works lotion which is soft, calming and rich in vitamin E. 

XOXO Andrea

Thursday, September 5, 2013

My Fall Wish List

fall wishlist

Hello Ladies can you believe fall is around the corner. And to tell you the truth I am happy. I was never a big fan of Fall and I don't know why. I guess  while I was in school I always thought that summer was better because I could see my family and travel more often. But now I am obsessed with Fall. And it all starts with the way I dress. No more hot summer days and no more bright clothing or nail polish. 

I already started washing all of my cardigans and scarfs that were hiding in my closet. But a little shopping won't hurt right ? This is my fall wish list. These are all my necessities in order to survive this fall. A good pair of riding boots and the perfect dark lipstick oh and I love the Bath and body works candles.  Another thing that I love about fall is New york Fashion week ! Super excited to see the new collections of my favorite designers.

What is on your wish list for this fall.

XOXO Andrea

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Back To School Favorites : College Edition


Hello September !  It's finally here and although summer is not gone yet that is how I feel after Labor day.  I am a bit nostalgic not because summer is over but because students are heading back to a new year of hard school work. I don't know why but I am sad !! I truly am. I thought that after graduating college I would be happy  because I would be entering the real world and finally i wouldn't have to write 10 page papers for my Global Communications class. 

Last week I met with my best friend because she wanted  to buy her school supplies. I was just their by her side while she was looking around for notebooks and pens.  While I was looking around, I would see students looking for the same things. It was so funny that I told her to pick the pink five star notebook in my honor. So she did of course. My Family members think is pathetic but I have been in school all my life and I actually enjoyed being in school and learning new things.

  So I decided to do a back to school post on what I would usually take to college with me. These would never leave my bag. I have included a Long Champ tote because it is my favorite bag I used it for 3 years straight and now it's just hiding in my closet because I don't want to throw it away, too many memories. I hope everyone that is going back to school have a great year full of achievements. While I can't wait to enter grad school in the Spring.  

BTW this is my beat up Long Champ just in case you wouldn't believe me. :)

XOXO Andrea