Monday, October 20, 2014

Autumn Work Wear Inspiration

Work outfit

Fall is officially here which that means bright colors are out and fall colors are in.  Leaves are falling, pumpkin pies are in the oven and one of my favorite fruits are in season, APPLES wardrobe has to be full of army green, burgundy, and neutral fun tones. I mean people usually love to wear black and white to work. why not spice it up this Autumn and wear different type of prints and colors that will compliment this season. 

This outfit inspiration that i made is perfect for office attire. You have the button down shirt, the nude pumps, blazer and an amazing bag that fits your planner. I decided to spice it up with this amazing pencil skirt it is just beautiful. J.Crew did great this season as always. I added the basic white collar shirt and the typical fitted blazer that can also work as an everyday jacket. 

To spice up the outfit a bit more i added a burgundy bag. Which BTW I have a major crush on. for the makeup and accessories i left it very neutral again you are going to work not to a fair. But.... If you have a job in that permits you to dress more "fun why not add an extra layer of this dark burgundy color. 

XOXO  Andrea

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Favorite Hair Product At The Moment !

Hi Ladies ! I want to talk about my new all time favorite hair product. As most of you may know I have curly hair. Growing up in a Latino household my mom always struggle when she washed my hair. I remember being five years old crying because my mom was going to wash my hair and since i had long curly hair my tangles were eternal. I am not going to lie I would always get a blowout because i just sometimes didn't want to deal with my curly hair.

 As most of you may know i left on vacation the beginning of August, All i could think of was my hair and humidity don't make great sense. The day before leaving I went to my local drugstore on a hunt for the perfect natural hair product. While roaming the hair product aisle THIS Shea Moisture product caught my eye. I decided to give it a try and boy I am IN LOVE with it. 

This curl enhancing treatment has been a life savior. It smells divine, doesn't leave your hair sticky, it makes your hair soft and your curls become bouncier. On the bottom I have added a picture that I took before heading to the airport. I was so happy that my hair looked so well put together. After i arrived my hair didn't blow up like bubble it stayed right where it should be. The month that i spent in Dominican Republic this was my go to product. After coming out of the shower I would dry my hair with a tee shirt then I would apply 1 tablespoon size of the product from roots to end and let it air dry.


If you have  curly hair this product is for you. I know you will fall in love with it. A apologize for not blogging the past couple of weeks I am in the process of many changes in my life. 

XOXO Andrea