Sunday, March 31, 2013

Body Cleansing For the Spring !

Now that spring has finally arrived In NYC although it has been a little chilly but still sunny and beautiful, is time for a change. As most of you know when spring comes is time for some cleaning and De cluttering your home. Well i have decided to also do a body cleanse this spring. One of my new years resolution for this year was to exercise and eat more clean food. And so far I think I have done pretty good I workout at least 5 times a week and eat pretty clean I have my cheat day on Saturday or Sunday. So before Spring actually starts I am going to do a 3 day cleanse basically eating more fruits, vegetables, green tea and Zen tea which it is a natural cleanse tea its really good for your metabolism and body. it detoxifies your body and cleans your system. And overall eating more healthier and being aware of how many calories I eat although I try to eat under 1600 calories a day. So are you ladies also doing a body cleanse?

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Brunch Outfit


Easter Is finally here. I remember being a little girl and wearing a new beautiful dress for Easter, my mom would always buy my outfit to go to church in the morning then we would have brunch with other family members. As an adult i still get all happy to rock a new outfit for Easter and have brunch with my mom at our favorite place in the city.  I think this is the best outfit for Easter it has a touch of floral and it's great to pair it up with a pair of coral sandals and a neutral bag it's the perfect chic spring outfit for this Easter. What is your typical Easter outfit ? leave a comment.

XOXO Andrea

Monday, March 25, 2013

New Shoes + A Couple of goodies from Sephora

 Hello girls this weekend I went on a hunt for my Graduation shoes, How exiting.  Although I couldn't find the pair I wanted. Instead I went to Madewell to check out their sale.  I got these leopard print flats. I am In love with them and they are so comfortable which i am always scared because I always get blisters due to uncomfortable shoes. I also got them for a great deal only for 70 dollars comparing to the original price 118 I think I got a steal. What you girls think ?  I think they would be great to rock them this summer with a pair of white boyfriend jeans and nice tee.

I also got a couple of new products at Sephora.

Dr.Jart+ purifying mask, small coco butter Vaseline, Sephora eye mask, First aid Cream and Josie Maran wipes BTW my new favorite wipes they don't irritate my skin and takes off all of my makeup quickly. This is my first time buying a product from the brand of Dr.Jart+ I haven't used the mask yet hopefully it will be amazing, If anyone have tried more of his products please feel free to leave a comment I have heard good stuff about it. 

XOXO Andrea

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Favorite Spring Accessories


Hey y'all I am back with a couple favorite Spring accessories that are great for this Spring, and guess what they are all under 100 dollars. Which is great for us girls that want to save on some cash. Ann Taylor Loft came out with the most gorgeous pieces for this spring like the flats with the yellow bow and that lovely coral scarf as I wrote in my other post that I had a crush on the color coral I have my eye on this baby going to check it out on the weekend. I also love how Kate Spade every season comes out with the cutest phone cases. I love this bright flowery one it's so cute and preppy. So are you ready to hit the streets this spring with bright colors ? I  sure am 

XOXO Andrea

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Well Hello There Spring......


Hey Gals Happy Spring ! ooh I am so happy that spring has finally arrived. Spring has given NYC today a gorgeous sunny day even though is a little chilly it's just gorgeous outside. When I hear the word Spring It screams in my mind CORAL !!  I have always had a color crush on this perfect salmon color for the spring it gives the perfect touch to every outfit and it's just great for this colorful season.  Now that spring is here I can't wait to wear my wedge sandals, colorful dresses, white pants which I love and coral lips oh and cannot forget the  fresh flowers from the market. Ah don't you love Spring ?!

XOXO Andrea

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Instapic Highlights Of The Weekend

Hey Girls ! I know I have been super lost lately, I have been super sick with a cold yes I know again. On Friday I felt a little better and decided to check out the new Maybelline Whispers lipsticks. Got one and I am loving it. So I might take another trip to the drugstore this week and try some other colors. As you can see I decided today to not blow dry my hair and let it air dry so I am rocking my natural curly hair oh and my tiring eyes due to not sleeping well at night with a bad cough.

P:S you can see my dog in the back. :-)

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend y'all 

XOXO Andrea

Friday, March 15, 2013

3 Steps For A Bright Beautiful Face

Untitled #490

        blush concealer / mascara

If I could ask for three wishes the first wish I would ask for would be to have a perfect skin. An Immaculate firm and illuminated face. And that in the morning they would tell me you have an impeccable face. But that always doesn't happen. Of course it depends on what you eat, how you hydrate your skin, if you use sunscreen and if you take off your makeup before going to sleep. Which I know sometimes were tired and we want to just lay in our comfy bed but is a MUST.  On those days where I have spent all night studying for an exam and I feel like I need a fresh face the next morning I just go through my three steps. It consist of  Concealer, Mascara and Blush. I cannot leave my home without these three products. these products made me have a nice morning face.

Mascara-  currently I am using the Maybelline Rocket Volume. If you notice when you apply mascara on your lashes that once you have applied one coat your eyes look bigger due to that the lashes are perky and curled. (of course if you use a lash curler which I recommend using one) This is a must I apply mascara about 2 to 3 times a day it makes me feel awake. 

Concealer- I basically cannot live without it, due to not sleeping well and having to wake up early in the morning I have dark circles under my eyes. I just slap on some concealer and WALA ! magically my dark circles disappear. Thank God who ever invented concealer. 

Blush- the last product I use is BLUSH, I believe that if you don't have natural rosy cheeks, just with a touch of Blush your face will look for awake and give you that natural look you just need a bit not that much.

Those were my 3 steps for a bright beautiful face.


XOXO Andrea

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dining Rooms And It's Fascination

Growing up  my mom was and is  obsessed with our Dining Room. It was the highlight of our home. I actually think that is how my fascination for interior design started. I would go with my mom shopping and we would always end up in the kitchen and dining room department. As an only child my parents wanted me to grow up in a cozy home so My mom made sure that when my dad would come home from work we would all have dinner in the dining room. She just loved and still loves to cook for other people and make everyone feel comfortable and cozy and that was exactly how my dining room felt. We are both a fanatic of home decor I mean we can spend hours just walking around interior design stores. I found these great Inspirational pictures of gorgeous Dining Rooms I decided to share it with you gals. I hope you enjoy them as much as I. I don't have a favorite they are all gorgeous. Wish i can move in to any of these homes. What was your favorite room in your home growing up? 

XOXO Andrea

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunny Weekend Style

 I am so happy that this weekend has been sunny and in the fifty degrees. We had a couple inches of snow this past week in NYC but it cleared up by Friday night. I feel like Spring is around the corner well I hope. This set is inspired by the weekend as I said before it has been a bit chilly but not that cold so why not take out your weekend jacket out for a trip. A typical weekend outfit for me on a nice sunny day would be a pair of boyfriend jeans, comfy sneakers like the Supergas and a light army jacket. Although I am a girl that loves to wear big bags, once in a while I prefer a cross body bag like this Coach one isn't it adorable. I think it's easier if your going to the farmers market or even have a casual lunch date with your significant other or even on a shopping spree. It's Comfortable, relaxing and is fashionable outfit but at the same time careless. Enjoy your weekend  !

XOXO Andrea

Friday, March 8, 2013

March Fashionable Wishlist


Hello Girly girls, I am back with my March wish list, as you can see I love pink. I think that these pieces would be great for Spring. Hopefully soon I will hide my winter boots in the closet and wear a nice pair of sandals or cute wedges like these J crew ones,  aren't they stunning. I am also in love with the pink target cross body bag and guess what is under 30 bucks what a total steal. 

XOXO Andrea

Monday, March 4, 2013

Simple Sandals

Simple Sandals

Hello girly girls. This week I am back with one of my favorite things in the world, SHOES.  It
is  one of my biggest problems in life basically my vice. I was browsing through the Bergdorfs Goodman website over the weekend and I kept seeing sandals only with one strap and not many designs. They were so simple but at the same time very chic and attractive, because you could see the structure of your feet and I think these shoes would elongate your feet and make them look more slim. These babies that I have up here were the one's that caught my attention. As you can see they don't have that much detail only one strap in the front and another one in the back with a slim heel.  I think that these are are the perfect shoes for spring and summer.  You can wear them down or rock them for a dinner party or a girls nigh out.  My hunt for affordable simple sandals has officially started.

XOXO Andrea

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Lately In My Life ........

I can't believe that March is already here. It seems like yesterday that I was starting my semester. But I cannot complain this means spring is closer each day and that I am near graduation. I don't tend to write a lot more about me in the blog. Don't know why but lately I have been  feeling like writing  more about what goes down in life. I  have decided to write about what went on  in February. These pictures reflect what I have been doing these weeks.

Working my Butt off in the gym ( so far I have kept  my NYE Resolution) HI 5

 Girls night out with the best friend. And Yes i cried a lot !! (cry baby here)

Have been sick for over a week ( ugh I hate being sick) Asthma pumps because I am asthmatic 

New Wedge Sneaker similar to these but way more affordable (target is always good to me)

Oh and BTW most comfortable shoes i ever wore !! OBSESSED !

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend  I am going to be stuck at home  writing papers and studying for upcoming midterms

XOXO Andrea