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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thanksgiving Outfit Inspiration

Thanks Giving Outfit

Hi Ladies I know it's been so long. I apologize but grad school work had me super busy. I really missed blogging but now that vacation is coming up i will have more time to blog. I am so happy tomorrow i will be will be in NYC  with my family for Thanksgiving ! 

I am just so happy to be heading to New York For a couple of days. Have been missing home so much and my family. It's been so long since i have made an outfit inspiration that i decided to do one for Thanksgiving. 

Thanksgiving for me is all about spending time with my family and eating our traditional supper. I love to dress up for thanksgiving and look my best my family and i take so many pictures that i don't want to go back years later and say yikes i just looked terrible. 

I have prepared for us ladies this simple, girly outfit it's great if you are living in a place where it's cold weather such as New York. I am actually missing fall in NY. Miami is gorgeous but definitely not the same. 

This outfit is all about comfort, and also very clean. It's not over powering. the Sweater is gorgeous it already has enough bling i don't think you will need more other than a pair of simple earrings such as these. I had to add the cranberry lipstick and simple eyeliner it's all about bold lips and simple outfit. These boots are so sexy they are definitely a must for this fall and Winter. 

I hope you have the best Thanksgiving. Count your blessings and be thankful for what you have. 



Monday, February 9, 2015

Currently Coveting

Hi Ladies. It has been a long time before I have post items that I have been Coveting or Craving lately, how ever you wish to say. As Ladies we are always on the hunt of new items or at
least window shopping and searching the internet to see which item will be part of your closet.  Well Since I have a couple of days that i just have been home and getting rest i have searching a couple online stores and It came down to these items.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Hello November !

Minimal Faul look

 November has finally arrived. I feel like October was the longest month ever ! November is going to be super fun and busy full of Family and tons of work. That means more relaxing outfits. Over the weekend I got inspired to make this comfortable outfit. Fall is great to rock your trench coat. It is divine and basically you can dress it up or down.   As most of you know i am all about Comfort and Classy. 

This outfit is perfect for Brunch, a weekend walking around in the city or a movie night. It is also great to take with you while traveling. I added neutral tones and as you can see very comfortable shoes. These are the most comfortable shoes to walk around or if you have to stand for long period of time these are the famous TOD'S Loafers.  You can rock this outfit day and night. I hope it inspires you and it gives you a sense of how to use a trench coat on a regular basis during the Fall. 

Have a great week ! 

XOXO Andrea

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Summer City Chic Style

I have been MIA for the past week in a half I apologize for that. Every time summer comes I get terrible migraines which leave me in bed for days feeling dizzy and not being able to do anything. I have also been getting things ready for my trip to the Dominican Republic which i will be leaving the next month, and i am so excited. 
leaving that to the side a couple days ago i was online looking for a pair of sneakers for my trip. I ended up looking at these cuties They are Nike Air Max.

I remember being in 8th grade and shopping with my mom for the summer when i felt in love with the same pair of sneakers just in the color Red and White. I use to be the cool kid on my block every time i use to put on the sneakers. Now that i see these all of sudden i got the urge to get them.

As many of you may know I only have ONE pair of sneakers and they are only to workout. Other than that I wear flats and heels. I decided to pair a cool outfit for the summer with these sneakers. I think they are so cool. It's perfect for a relax day around the city wearing a cool bag and outfit. I made it super simple but Chic. What you think? would you wear this? Leave a comment on the bottom and let me know. Have a great weekend !

XOXO Andrea

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Winter Coat Pairings

Untitled #539

Excuse My absence lately on the blog. Literally it's crunch time. By the time i get home from work i am drained. Also the weather has not been a great help lately. It has been snowing on and off. This week so far has been of so many emotions. 

It was my birthday yesterday on the 17th, got a mini surprise dinner from my family after i got home from work. But the routine still goes on. Can't wait until Friday where i am officially on vacation. And since it looks like it's going to get colder each day I decided to do a winter coat pairing inspiration. In my opinion i think these are the best shoes that match each coat. Of course i also match my puffer with bean boots but it's all about playing with different pieces.

 I hope you like it and again if i am not connected everyday on the blog you can follow me on my instagram and see what i am up to.  

XOXO Andrea

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Snowy Days in NYC

Snow has finally arrived !! I am so happy. I truly am one of those people that enjoys the snow I guess is because I am a winter baby. I called my friend yesterday and said lets go out for some Hot coco I also took my camera with me. I went to the nearest park in my neighborhood to take a couple of pictures. Since is really cold i decided to take out my puffer coat. 

I got the puffer coat about two years ago. It was one of my birthday gifts from my mom. Is by Michael Kors it now fits me way too loose. Over the past year I have lost over 40 pounds so that's why in these pictures you will see that you cannot see my shape under. I just added so many layers under to keep myself warm. I also wore a pair of leggings, new Christmas theme thermal socks from Old Navy and of course my new bean boots. Which if you follow me on Instagram you see that I am in love with them.

My Super oversize puffer coat ! still love it.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Baby Is Cold Outside

So this weekend was extremely cold. I mean it seemed like it was winter. I felt like a stuffed bear with all the layers I had on. I decided to take a snap shot of my weather app on my phone to show you how cold it was. literally I walked with my friend to the  nearest diner and we couldn't wait until to arrive. My hands were numb and I couldn't touch my face. I guess is time to say bye bye to fall and hello to winter.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Weekend Outfit Inspiration

weekend outfit

Hi Ladies I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. Here in NYC has been a bit raining and surprisingly not that cold. New York is a beautiful city but also very hectic. People are running around trying to catch the subway or a yellow cab. The city never sleeps.  Literally ! That is why on the weekends I love to rest  and go out to my favorite cafe on the west village and have my favorite latte. Sometimes living in a big city like New York I tend to forget I have to take more time for myself and just chill. This inspiration outfit is perfect for the weekend. I love to grab an easy outfit and take the camera with me because you never know what you will find. 

What do you like to do on the weekends?

XOXO Andrea

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Outfit

My Halloween Outfit !

Ive never been into costumes don't know why. I remember the last time I wore a costume was for when i was in third grade. That day i went home and told my mom I didn't want any more costumes. I would always wear an outfit that included colors black and orange. Over the past years  my Halloween outfit  has changed I've not been to many Halloween parties and in my house is just another ordinary day. Call me boring. it's fine.

 My family never celebrated Halloween. Although my mom did like to do her fall decor she would never include something scary or "Halloween" type. Well..... the only thing that I saw in my house was a fake pumpkin that lighted up. As a young women i still don't like to dress up in a costume but I do think i can switch a couple of things.

That is why i created this Halloween outfit which is perfect if your going out at night with your friends and want to act a bit silly.  I mean this is the farthest that I will go. I like this outfit i find it sexy and perfect for a Halloween night. I think black on  black is chic, sexy and with this outfit you will even feel and look cool. 

 To have that cat feeling i also added this Clara Vivier clutch which has been on my list for the longest. it's just stunning. And what about these Zara booties they are just perfect. Plus they are under 100 bucks !! If you're like me and not a fan of rocking a costume. I think this outfit will be perfect for you. Remember that is the only day you are permitted to eat all the candy you want. 

Happy Halloween !

My Halloween Pumpkin !

XOXO Andrea

Friday, October 25, 2013

Fall Outfit Of The Day (OOTD)

Happy Friday y'all today's post is an outfit of the day. Instead of adding pictures i have a video. A couple weeks ago i made a YouTube account.After a couple of weeks of contemplating adding a video I added one last night. I still have mixed feelings. A bit nervous but at the same time excited to meet more people that are interested in fashion and beauty like me.  So when you get a chance check it out and let me know your thoughts.


XOXO Andrea

Friday, October 11, 2013

Zara Fall 2013

Untitled #525

Zara does it again. I literally had to control myself to not take all my favorite pieces and waste all my savings. That's how crazy  I am about the Zara fall 2013 collection. I mean look at all these pieces they are simply breath taking. I love Zara. But what i love the most is the quality of their products. Last week after attending a meeting.  I was making my way to the subway as I glanced at the window of Zara and i said to myself let me just take a look at the window you know the typical WINDOW Shopping.....  But then that little voice you know that makes us buy and do things impulsively said go IN. 

It started to pour immediately I said to myself maybe by the time I come out it will stop raining, plus your just going to look around right?  Long story short that didn't happen.... I went in i saw a jacket and I tried it on immediately. then I started trying on a couple of things and while I was at the dressing room I kept asking myself do I need this. 

I ended up trying many things but didn't leave with anything. It took me a lot of will power to not leave with a couple of shopping bags. But I did it. So here i am sharing with you guys my favorite pieces from the new Zara collection. I don't promise you that I wont order something online. like those Leopard wedge sneakers that are calling my name. If you follow me on Instagram  you will notice I took a snapshot of these sneakers and literally asked people if I should get them or not. I don't know how but they are going to be part of my shoe collection. 

Do you ever go out and plan on not entering any store. But the first thing you do is go in when you see it? 

Enjoy the long weekend ! 

XOXO Andrea

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Simple and Summery


I am a girly girl and love to put on some heels and a fun dresses  but for most of the time in the summer I love to rock my denim shorts and a simple tee. I went on a mini weekend getaway with my best friend and the first thing I packed was my favorite denim shorts from JCrew. I think you can dress them up or down. 

As I said before I am all about being comfortable and especially in this summer weather.  This is my favorite summer outfit it's comfortable, easy going and casual for the city. Especially those flip flips their an upgrade of your everyday flip flops.

Their is one thing here that is driving me nuts and it is the bag. I have recently seen a lot of girls in the city with this bag. It its simply gorgeous i have seen it on Olivia Palermo I just think is a must have. I was looking for it and it was sold out every where but I finally found it. Can't wait until it arrives. 

XOXO Andrea

Monday, July 29, 2013

Summer Party Outfit

summer party outfit

Hello Gals, this weekend was super fun. I went to my first summer party and let me tell you that I had so much fun the conclusion of it is that my feet still hurt from so much dancing. When my cousin/ Best Friend invited me to the party two weeks ago I got so happy. I had to start thinking what I was going to wear and of my  hair and makeup. I planned an outfit that   was pretty , summery and very classy. I hope you like it I included a ponytail because after my first dance I had my hair in a ponytail it was so hot and my hair doesn't do very well with hot places. the ponytail looked actually pretty nice because I had beachy waves so it still looked great with my outfit. Happy Monday !

XOXO Andrea 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Lunch Al Fresco

Perfect Summer Salad

Hello Everyone. I hope everybody had a great weekend. My weekend was a so hot it was over 100 degrees this whole past week but that didn't stop me from going dress shopping with my friend for an upcoming summer party that i got invited to. It has been so hot that i havent been preparing hot meals just easy to go lunchs and dinners. I have decided to be the least possible in my home and have al fresco lunch. A refreshing and easy lunch. 

Pinterest has been the best thing they have invented you just type a word and you get tons of recipes and these were the ones that i chose. Don't they look yummy and fresh and the best about them is that they are easy to prepare and low calorie.

Enjoy !


XOXO Andrea

Friday, June 28, 2013

Hello Friday !

NYC Meets France ! 

Great Homemade fruit salad for the summer

Roses from Mr. Handsome

Loving my new Jcrew market tote !


 New Nail polish !! Loving me some red

Tods... Comfort yet classic

Hello Wonderful ladies, I hope everyone had a great week. This week has been fun, exciting and a bit romantic. Yes you heard romantic, starting on Sunday afternoon I met a special person that I have been talking for over a year.  Although that person left to DC to pursue his career we haven't forgotten of each other and have been great friends and maybe soon something else. :) I have also been doing a bit of shopping. I mean Jcrew had a 25% of everything and Sephora had their nail polish have off so I had to get something. I know you also spy the Goyard tote. 

This week I went to Bergdorfs Goodman I wanted to see with my own eyes and try on a couple of different Goyard Totes they are amazeballs I am obsessed with this classy bag.  I also checked the shoes department I couldn't leave the store with out checking all the amazing shoes. I saw this pair of Tods loafers I found them so cute and  they are easy on the walking so I think these are going to be my next purchase. what you guys think?Well that was all for this week, What can I say life is treating me good and i am a okay about it. 

I hope everyone have a spectacular weekend !!!! 

                  XOXO Andrea

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Simplicity of A Friday Outfit !

Friday Outfit

TGIF ! Thank God Is Friday Literally this week has been a bit hectic for me. I have been running around attending different interviews and also working long hours. Thankfully Fridays are more relaxing....although I still have to work full day.  As I said before on my other blog post that in the summer I hate wearing a lot of accessories due to that my skin doesn't cope very well in the summer and also because I don't want to feel like I am over dressed or have too much on. That is why I love to wear dresses especially maxi dresses, a pair of flip flops and hit the streets. This is the perfect outfit that identifies my not so busy Friday on a hot summer day. Thankfully these past couple of days have been extremely nice and not raining or cold. I hope everyone enjoy their weekend. 

XOXO Andrea

Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Bit Of A Summer shopping Lately !

Hello Everyone.!! These past days have been horrible in NYC. It has been cold, raining and it doesn't feel like summer it feels like April !!! But that hasn't stopped me from shopping for the summer. Hopefully it will get nicer the next couple of weeks, that way I can wear everything I bought. I admit I have a shopping addiction problem with target. I mean who doesn't? They have everything and most of all affordable fashionable pieces that I can buy without breaking my bank account. Lately I have been ordering online a couple of things. just a bit, SO.... this is kind of a collective haul. ENJOY !

cutest sandals from Target. LOOK AT THE SPARKLES !
BTW Super Comfortable

New Real Techniques Brushes. 1 word OBSESSED
What can I say This girl loves Makeup 

New Dress from Of course Target love the color pattern !
Great For Brunch with friends

 And my last purchase is this Jcrew bucket bag !! I love it ! and what I love more is that I got it on SALE !!! so go and check it out. This is the perfect vacation summer bag or perfect for a city girl like me it fits a lot I was a bit apprehensive about because I love big bags but it is perfect ! It fits a lot and has multiple pockets. 

Thanks for passing by and reading my blog !! 

XOXO Andrea 

Saturday, June 8, 2013

My Must Haves for Summer....

👏👏Untitled #501

Hello girly girls i hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend I cannot believe that summer is finally here . I mean it has been raining the past couple of day i mean pouring. It has also been a bit chilly but i know soon summer will start showing its colors. I have decided to share with you guys my summer must haves. Thing that I simply cant live without during the summer. I hope you guys enjoy them as much as I do.


Monday, June 3, 2013

Casual Outfit for the Summer

Casual Outfit for the Summer

June has finally arrived that means hot summer days and many iced coffees. Yep I am addicted to ice coffee. As a New Yorker I know summer gets pretty bad . I try to use as much as possible cotton clothes or light clothing pieces and very minimal with my accessories. I want to be comfortable and not feel like i have too much on.  This is my typical outfit on a hot summer day. Its chic and casual.

So.... what it your typical summer outfit ?

XOXO Andrea