Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year !!!!!!!

Happy New Year

New Year, Fresh start, 2012 was a good year with it's ups and downs of course. But overall a year with many blessings. With that said 2013 is around the corner and this means a fresh new beginning. I want to make sure this year would be much better in fact is not here yet and it's already much better.  I will be graduating from college, I will start my Internship in mid January at a very important news station and I got a job. 2013 sounds way much better already. like most of you my family and I have a New Years tradition, in my family we eat 12 grapes. Each person has 12 grapes in their hand and while were  counting down we eat a grape by the time is new years we have eaten them all. Each grape symbolize our own resolution. I am still thinking on the goals I want to work on, but I want to focus on goals that  I would actually achieve and wont be hard to keep up. I hope everyone have a welcoming year full of love, peace and new beginnings. Remember their are 365 days in a year so it's never to late to start all over again. 


XOXO Andrea

The Famous Denim Shirt of 2012

The Trendiest Shirt of the year

The Famous Denim or chambray shirt however you want to call it, I think this has been one of the biggest trend of 2012 and I believe it will still go on in 2013.  Every time I do my laundry I wash my denim shirt. I mean it is so versatile you can use it button up or down, with leather pants, leggings, dresses, jeans and even with prints. Is the kind of shirt that you can use all year round. My favorite way I love to pair it up is with a pair of leggings or denims. I just love how it looks and I just throw on some flats or boots and ready to go. 

XOXO Andrea

Friday, December 28, 2012

A Touch of Sparkle for New Year Eve

Sequin for NYE blouse / skirt /pants / flats /pumps,/clutch

And the Countdown begins, New Years is only a couple days away. When I hear the word New Years Eve I think of family, friends, champagne, and SEQUIN. I mean why not put on something sparkly. I have here different sequin pieces that you can use for New Years eve. I love to use sequin to spice up a little my outfit it can be with a pair of shoes or a nice blouse or even a clutch.  GET YOUR SHINE ON !!

XOXO Andrea

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Day After Christmas....

Day after christmas

The day after Christmas most people go shopping or are still visiting their family members. My day is spending the whole day watching Gossip Girl and drinking some coffee with my favourite coffee creamer Baileys hazelnut flavor and eating some chocolate. I am loving this lazy day. No Homework no cleaning just being lazy.

XOXO Andrea

Living Room Ideas for Apartment


Now that the new year is coming up  that means I only have one semester left in College. I am going to graduate in the Spring with that said I am planning on attending graduate school. I have decided that I want to explore a  new city and that means leave NYC. I will be looking for an apartment not that big maybe a one bedroom one but something that fits my budget and close to the University I would be attending.  Here I have some Home furniture  accents that would be great for the apartment and that can make a graduate student apartment have a touch of a sophisticated look and also a sense of an adult.  I can't wait. What would be some ideas you will have for your first apartment? 

XOXO Andrea

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all you beautiful Ladies. I hope you have a blessed Holiday full of joy and love with your friends and family. I will be spending time with my family that I don't see that much due to that I am so busy with school. I can't wait to throw on my red lipstick and heels for my family Christmas Dinner.  Have a Wonderful Holiday many blessings !

XOXO Andrea

Friday, December 21, 2012

Small Office Renovation

Re decoration

As I said before in one of my post that I am planning on re decorating my bedroom. One of the things that I want to do is have my own office space in my room. I don't have the biggest space for my office in my bedroom but  I can make it into a small office space. This Is a little inspiration I made that way when I go shopping I can see what I want and how I want it to look. As you see I use mostly white because I love the color and it also makes spaces look wider and classy. I  have also included a clear chair because it doesn't take as much space due to that is clear. I am also going to include different color touches  like the black and white Chevron pillow and the wall LOVE frame. I am also including an inspirational board that way I can pin what inspires me. Hopefully soon I can post a picture when i am done with the remodeling project of my Bedroom. 

XOXO Andrea

BB Cream Fascination


I know probably all of you have heard of the famous BB Cream but I am the kind of person that loves makeup but doesn't like a cakey face and that is why ninety percent of the time I  don't wear foundation. I just use it for special occasion or if I really need it.  I normally apply almost everyday concealer and powder that's what on my face normally. But as I am always in the search of new products and after hearing people talk so much about the famous BB Cream. I decided to go on a hunt to try the BB cream of course that I did my research and these were the most BB Creams that had the best review. I went to the Bloomingdale's Bobbi Brown makeup counter I told the costumer representative that  I was looking for the famous BB Cream she smiled and said, "come let me apply it to your face". and while she was applying she was telling me that it has SPF 30 and that is basically like a tinted moisturizer but with more coverage and not heavy at all. After she applied it to my face I loved it, my face felt so silky and soft and it was not heavy at all I told her I AM SOLD.  I have used it a couple of times now and I love it definitely a good investment. Here are other brands off BB creams from 7 dollars to 40 depending on your budget give it a try I am sure you will love it.
What I love about BB Cream
- It's a light product
- It has SPF
- Moisturize your face
- Long lasting
-Natural Finish

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Home Gift Ideas


Knit Throw / French Press Coffee Maker / Scented Candle / Apron / oven glove, $11 / Cookbook

Here I have some home gift ideas, these gifts are perfect for the friend that loves to bake and entertain, also that loves to spend a lot of time in the kitchen or over all loves  to drink good homemade coffee. I have included a couple of items that are great to give to those kind of girls and I think it's nice that next time you go to your friend or family member home you see them using what you got them. I personally love getting these kind of gifts. I love getting cook books. Ive also included a throw because it is something that everyone uses when your in your sofa and you want to snuggle they come very handy.

   Pass by and leave some love

XOXO Andrea

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

HeadBoard Crush


 Lately I have been thinking of doing a makeover to my bedroom. I always like to change things a bit i that way i wont get bored of seeing the same things. I have had the bright pink in my teen years, to baby pink and now I have a cream color which I love but I want to transition to WHITE, I have fallen in love with white bedrooms but more with Upholstered headboards . I have been visiting different stores like, Pottery Barn, Crate&Barrel, Ikea, and checking also online to see different models. I have a huge crush on Upholstered headboard I just can't stop looking at them. The headboard it's so Chic and glamorous and at the same time it gives it a touch of comfort. I already have a white head board really nice but I would be happier if I get an upholstered headboard.

XOXO Andrea


Perfect Holiday Party Outfits


ISSA London gold cocktail dress / ISSA London zipper dress / ISSA London vintage black dress, $875 / Alice + Olivia beaded cocktail dress / Christian Louboutin heels, $3,860 / Valentino studded high heels / Giuseppe Zanotti suede high heels / Prada suede high heels, $750

I have put together different outfits that are great for the upcoming Christmas dinner parties, I think that these are the perfect color for this holiday, from the little Black dress to the Sparkly green cocktail dress. I've also included the shoes that I think match perfectly with the dresses.  I am definitely still in the hunt of mine but  definitely with this kind o style. Classy and elegant.

XOXO Andrea

Monday, December 17, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me

I can't believe I am 22. seriously it looks like I just turn 18 yesterday, I am so grateful for God blessing me with another year of life. I just hope that this year brings me more fun, exciting things in my life. So let's celebrate !!! 

22 Taylor Swift

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Want To Have Perfect Feet ? Here Are The Steps

Sometimes it's difficult to keep up with everything in your personal life or job and we tend to forget to take care of our skin, nails or feet. As a busy college student I barely have time. but I try to at least take care of my feet once a week although I admit sometimes I forget. But I found the easiest way to always have your feet nice, moisturize and not DRY it's one of my biggest pet peeve to have dry cracked soles. I mean who wants that,  no one especially us girls. Here are some of the products I use and some you can find in your kitchen and also very affordable.

Here are the Steps

1. Exfoliate your feet once a week, What i do is mix 1 to 2 tablespoon of brown sugar with 1lemon. I squeeze the juice of 1 lemon and mix it with the brown sugar. I exfoliate for 2 to 3 minutes on each foot.

2. After I exfoliate I moisturize my cuticles, I use olive oil and rub it all around my cuticles and toe nails I leave it for 5 minutes and I wash it after.

3. After I have exfoliated and moisturized my cuticles I apply Almond oil. Almond oil is very good for you skin because it moisturize your skin on top of that is natural. 

4. After I have moisturize my foot I put on a pair of cotton socks and sleep with it over night.

I do this once a week before going to bed, of course everyday when I take a bath I apply Almond oil I use it as my foot and body moisturizer.  Trust me you will have the softest, and nicest feet and soles. It is also very relaxing to do. You can find the olive oil at your local grocery store and the almond oil in a natural store, or Amazon, I buy mine at Whole Foods Supermarket.

Have Fun

XOXO Andrea

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Typical Makeup Geek Vanity Table

I don't know if you girls make a mess when you are putting on makeup, but I do. although I am a really organize person and always tend to have my vanity table organize. Every time I apply makeup this is how it ends, I just don't know but every time I am applying makeup I have to have my small trash bin next to me to throw away tissue, blotting sheets and anything that is not suppose to be on my vanity. My mom says I am a mess when it comes to Makeup, well I guess she is correct. Do you girls also make a mess when applying makeup? If yes leave a comment.

XOXO Andrea

The Doughnut Plant And NYC Pizza

One of the best Donut places that NYC has

These are all the different kind of Donut flavors, They make everything from scratch and organic products .
Creme Brulee Donut 
Coco Nut Cream

My best friend and I had also Pizza from out favorite pizza shop in NYC
And this is the part where I forget about the calories. Just thinking about it makes my mouth watering. 
I hope I don't make you that hungry with this post. I am a major foodie so I don't think this will be the first time I post  Food. especially from NYC.
It's not fashion post today  but a normal day in NYC full of different experiences.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Favorite Christmas Movies

Every 90's kid I believe has watched this movie maybe a million times. I literally love it. It's a tradition in my home to watch it during the holidays. I think this movie gets you in the mood for Christmas, Is funny, and literally everyone can watch it. It a family movie. I Love it and cannot get enough of it. I also watch the other two home alone films.

My Other favorite Holiday movie it's ELF. Another comedy movie that has everyone laughing through the whole movie. It's also very touching it tells a story of a kid that was raised as an ELF and decides to look for his dad in NYC. The things Will Ferrell does in this movie has me on the floor, from the way "buddy" the main character eats, has different reaction towards some things it's just an overall entertainment. 

They are a must !!

XOXO Andrea

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Loafers Drive Me Crazy......


Jeffrey Campbell shoes, $220 / Madewell leather shoes / Charlotte Olympia velvet shoes / Madewell print shoes / Zara slipper shoes

Let me start by saying that I have an obsession with loafers, they are so comfortable. Second they are so classy and stylish. I just love them. I was window shopping today after my finals and in almost all the windows I would see a mannequin with a pair of loafers on. They were calling me !!!  I have a pair of black Loafers they are the Zara slippers super affordable and classy, they go with everything. But now I want the sparkly pair that's on the top they would be great with some outfits that I have what you girls think of them should I get them Yes or No?  These are some examples o different kind of slippers or loafers what ever you want to call them they are gorgeous.

XOXO Andrea

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Conquer the Streets with Capes

Are you feeling super woman
Are you feeling with some type of super power. Well I am, I want to conquer NYC with one of these capes. I am loving them they are great for the cold winter days and for the not so cold days. They are so Fashionable and Chic. They give your outfit that extra touch of Glamour and they are great because they  basically go with any type of clothing piece. These are some examples of Capes that I love. They are warm, comfortable and so cute. what you girls think would you buy a cape for the winter because I will. 
XOXO Andrea

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Birthday Girl Wishes

Birthday Wishlist

So my Birthday is coming up is on December 17, I will be turning 22. I have been thinking of things I want but the bad thing about being born in December is that one of the biggest Holidays is also in the same month and that Is Christmas. This year I decided to not make a huge list and concentrate on things that I will truly appreciate and will use. I want to travel soon to London and I think it could be a great Birthday gift. I mean it's London who would not want to go to the UK. I am dying for the Rebecca Mikoff rose gold bag and these Kate Spade bow flats they are just lovely. This is my Birthday Wish list what do you girls think about it.

XOXO Andrea

Friday, December 7, 2012

A little Christmas Spirit Around My House

Since I love Bows so much I decided to change up a bit this Christmas and use one it as a tree topper.

Reindeer's is a must in my home especially this gold baby here. My mom got it a couple years ago at a local home decor store and It just gives that touch of Christmas Spirit at home.

As you know in many places around the world people call Santa Claus Noel I saw this sign at Target and I liked it it gives it's not the typical Santa name. 

As you all girlies can see the touches in my home this years is Gold and Red. 

XOXO Andrea
I leave you here one o my favorite Christmas Songs

Color Crush

Color Crush

I am crushing on the color Red, other than being the color of the season. I am loving this Beautiful bright Color. I am in search of the perfect red dress for my family's Christmas Dinner. I love this lady like dress it's so chic and elegant. I just overall love the color red. I love to get manicures with red nail polish and the bright red shoes. Here are some examples of different ways you can include the color red in your  wardrobe or accessories.

XOXO Andrea

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Living in the Plaid World....

PLaid World

Flannel shirt / Topshop plaid jacket / J.Crew plaid pants / Topshop skater skirt / J.Crew ballerina flat / BURBERRY plaid scarf, $480

This morning while I was on my way to school I saw many people wearing plaid clothing pieces. Every place I would go  from the local bus to getting coffee at Starbucks. I think that plaid is one of the best trendy pieces of fall and now Winter. Here are some pieces that Ive gathered they are great for everyday if your going to school, work or just a normal casual day. 

XOXO Andrea
Things I am loving at the moment

Currently I am loving these Items. First one of my favorite tea in the world Passion Tea. I love it cold and hot. I love to have this tea during the fall and winter time. My Canon Camera I got it two months ago it was a gift from my mom and also part of my thesis project. Now that December is here. I have been taking many pictures of the Christmas lights that are in NYC and of my friends and I. I have been loving also these Bobbi Brown Blotting papers they are great. I usually use them for my T zone that is the area where I get more oily in my face, I just love them plus they are super affordable only 5 bucks. In my list I also have the Hypnose Lancome Mascara, I was trying it out for a couple of weeks now and it's great i love the brush.  My favorite go to snack after or before workout or just to take them to school my favorite white chocolate macadamia Luna bar. I always love to wear my fuzzy socks around the house and to go to sleep I found these at target for only 5 bucks aren't they so cute with Santa Claus. And the last item on my list is Michael Buble Christmas album. I am In love with it since last Christmas. I couldn't wait until it was officially December to start playing the album around the house. Well that is all for now !

XOXO Andrea

Have a Merry Sweet Time...

Doesn't it look delicious ? well it was. After sleeping only for 15 hrs in 4 days and having over 4 papers to hand in, and a power point presentation I think I deserve this. Since were in the  Christmas Spirit. I decided to gratify myself with this Beautiful cupcake from Crumbs Bakery. Just thinking about it makes me want to eat another one. it was simply heaven made on earth. I love how Crumbs has holiday special cupcakes isn't it so cute with the bow? 

XOXO Andrea

Monday, December 3, 2012

College Finals !!!

Let me start with this I have 6 classes this semester and currently I have 6 projects to give in at the end of this semester. Which that is next week. I haven't been sleeping lately, trying to figure out all of the assignments. I am stressed, and my anxiety is over the TOP, Literally. The only positive side I see of this is that soon I will have a month off and then my final semester of College. I truly believe that professor should not wait to last minute to announce papers or projects I mean If I don't pass these classes I don't know what I am going to do. I don't want to flunk on my senior year of college. On top of that I have to do an extra paper for my Honors class. Sometimes I say to myself how I got cough up in so much work how did  this happen. I wish I could be able to go out more with my friends but currently the farthest I go is from my bedroom to the kitchen and bathroom on the weekends and to class during the week. I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL THIS IS OVER !!!!! Hardest semester in my life. I am sorry if i am  rambling too much, I decided to write about it  because in a way it  distracts me from so much work. 

XOXO Andrea

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Bundle Up

Bundle Up

Now that Winter is finally here. You have to know how to protect yourself from the cold. I have here the basics to protect yourself from the winter. You need a pair of warm boots they don't have to be UGGs but these are my preference. warm mittens or gloves, Ear Muffs which I love. A nice puffy coat and a warm hat and scarf. Basically the Basics. I am a girly girl so I tend to buy pieces that will be casual but at the same time with an extra touch. That way I don't feel what I am wearing is boring.

XOXO Andrea

Friday, November 30, 2012

Well Hello there December

Hello December !!! SO Happy it's finally Here ! It's my favorite month of the whole year, not only because it's Christmas and because is a very festival month, but because I was born in December. Yes I know I am a December Baby. Yep I am so happy I was born in December not for my parents so much because that meant two gifts. But I was totally fine with that. SO EXCITED for this month.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Healthy Snack under 200 Calories !

Healthy snacks under 200 calories

When I was a freshman in College, I didn't know how to eat healthy and I was also a bit lazy also. I started taking a habit of eating really bad fast food. I would go out for lunch with my friends or would get the Cheeseburger deluxe from the school dining hall. I knew what I was doing was not good for my health. My excuse was " I am college student and i am too busy to prepare my meals at home or take my lunch or  snacks to school" I am sure you've heard students say that before. My freshman year of college was over.   I was very happy with my grades and making it through my first year  in college. My mom was proud of me, and I thought everything was okay until I went for my annual check up. I got weight in and they did some blood test. My Doctor sat with  me after and told me that I had gained 40 pounds !!!! I couldn't believe it. I knew I had put some weight which I have struggled since the age of 14, but not nothing that I couldn't control. 

I started crying and I got scared that I was putting my health at risk. That summer I decided to change little by little my meals and to workout more. It was not easy but I was determined. I started feeling more energized, I was sleeping more and I was eating healthier. The months pass and it was time to go back to school I was afraid that I couldn't keep up with my eating healthy habits and that I would forget about everything that I was doing over the summer. But my inner voice said NO YOU CAN DO IT !! I decided to take that challenge and I am not going to lie sometimes I indulge in fast food not everyday maybe one or twice a month. But for most of the time I try to keep my healthy snacks with me. With that said I know it's super difficult sometimes to live a "Healthy lifestyle". But little by little you can do it. I am not saying to go and clear your fridge and go buy organic and healthy food  I am saying you start with drinking more water and instead of buying a fruit juice buy a fruit. The snacks i have included can fit in your school bag. These are some of my favorite snacks to take to school and overall for everyday. They are all less than 200 calories and delicious, which is the most important you want it to taste good and be good for you at the same time.

I included Starbucks because I am fan of coffee and I usually get a tall skinny caramel Machiatto. If you are craving something salty you could buy or make your own pita chips they are so good for you I also take plenty of fruit to satisfy my hunger. Now, I am not saying it's all I eat, for lunch I usually have a chicken salad, or Chicken and avocado wrap or whole grain pasta. It's all about portions. I hope you enjoy my Healthy snacks.
Feel free to ask any questions

XOXO Andrea

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas Spirit Sweaters

Sweater Weather in Christmas Spirit

Knit top / Maje printed shirt / Christmas shirt / Moschino wool shirt / River Island , $40 / Knit top

I remember being a little girl and for Christmas time my  would take out the Christmas knit sweaters. I would wear them to school when their was Christmas party's or just at home. I use to love them they were very colorful and it had Santa faces and reindeer's. Now that I am an adult I still very much love them. I am on a hunt of getting a stylish and very Christmas sweater. While I was searching for them online I came upon these. I think they are super cute some are pretty high end other are affordable for anyone that enjoy them as much as me.  Do you have any anecdotes of being a child and wearing Christmas sweaters? Leave your story in the comment box.

XOXO Andrea

Monday, November 26, 2012

Spice up your nails a bit during the Holiday

Christmas Nails

Are you the kind of girl that doesn't like to dress up too much during the holiday but still want to be part of it. I recommend getting your nails done in a Christmas theme. If you're more casual you can go with the plain red, green or glittery nail polish. But if you want to spice up your nails in Christmas time. I suggest you look at these DIY nail art pictures. They are so cute some more scandalous then others but over all all perfect for Christmas.

Get your Christmas Spirit on !

XOXO Andrea

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Want A Glowing skin in the Winter ?

winter face care

First Aid Beauty face moisturizer / First Aid Beauty oatmeal face mask / Clarins / Cetaphil / Nivea lip treatment, $4.70

Cold weather can be extremely damage for our skin, It can get really dry and no one wants that. I have decided to write a blog post on different steps you that  should take for your winter skincare routine. it's is important to  switch up your skincare routine every season. Products that will keep your face from getting dry patch areas and just very dehydrating. Here are some steps to keep your face hydrated, and free of flaky or cracking skin during the winter time. Cetaphil face wash it's just one of the best facial cleaner I have ever used. It's great for all year round and it's good for dry skin. A face toner that will make your face smooth and natural. A good hydrating moisturizer that I recommend is the brand First Aid Beauty it's not oily or sticky and it's great for when your face is itchy, flaky and very dry and overall for everyday. A lip balm that  is very hydrating and have a high percentage of Petroleum or cocoa butter. I use the Nivea it's very good and affordable.  The last product I included is A face scrub, It is important to use a face scrub during the winter as I said before for the flaky skin and it will also smooth your face. It's good to use it at night before going to bed and applying your face moisturizer. It removes all your dead skin cells. It is very important for everyone to take care of their skin especially us girls, we always want to look our best and trust me I have been their with my skin all red burning and dry and it's not comfortable or pretty. That's why is important to take care of our skin early instead of lamenting over it.

XOXO Andrea

Get your Gold on Girl

Hit the town with some Gold

ISSA London slimming dress / Kate Spade handbag / Kate Spade post earrings / NARS Cosmetics lip gloss / Chanel , $37 / Deborah Lippmann gold glitter nail polish / Gold nail polish / Ralph Lauren Home Classic Pied-A-Terre Single Wick Candle, $72 / Gold Snowflake Ornaments

Now that Christmas is around the corner one of the top major colors that you see people wearing or around is GOLD. People wear a color piece in gold for Christmas or New year. Here are some examples of objects that you can find for your personal use or for the home. I really love a touch of gold on my nails or on a pair of earrings. Also i love to match white with gold for Christmas decor. It just gives it that little extra.

Get your Gold on Girl !!! 

XOXO Andrea

My Lipstick Obsession

 I might Have a slight obsession on Lipstick. As you see in this picture. I decided to show you guys my collection this excludes the lip gloss and lip pencils. My collection is mostly from Chanel, MAC , Revlon, Maybelline and more drugstore brands. I am not bragging at all just to show you a a little bit of my makeup obsession. 
To all the makeup lovers what are the products that you guys are obsessed over ?
Thanks for visiting !!
XOXO Andrea

Friday, November 23, 2012

Things I Can't live without during Christmas

Things I Can't live without during Christmas

 The North Face north face jacket / UGG Australia tall boots / Nivea lip treatment / philosophy / Essie nailpolish / Peppermint Chocolate Cocoa

Now that Christmas Is around the Corner I tend to  change up  a couple of things regularly. As I said before I am a New Yorker and It gets pretty cold during Christmas time. Most of the time I use my UGG boots, and This north face Jacket under my coat. I love Peppermint  Hot coco and I think I drink around 3 cups a day or more of it. It's just the best. I also love the typical red nail polish , I always get manicures during  the winter time and use different shades of red. Some shower gel with a touch of the Holiday spirit, and last the Nivea lip moisturizer which are great for the dry crack lips EWW. Leave a comment on what are your must for the holidays.

XOXO Andrea

Christmas Spirit

I know is only a day after Thanksgiving but I am feeling the Christmas Spirit already. I am taking out all of my Christmas decorations to put around the house and have to go and get a Christmas tree. I woke up this morning in a Jolly mode. I have on blast my Pandora listening to all the Christmas Songs and sipping on my peppermint Hot coco. I might be exaggerating a little but I am also a December Baby that's why I think I am obsessed with Christmas.

XOXO Andrea

Thursday, November 22, 2012

My Everyday Makeup


 NARS Cosmetics / MAC Cosmetics matte makeup / COVERGIRL black mascara / MAC Cosmetics / Bobbi Brown 

As a college student Most of the time I don't have time to use many products on my face. I tend to go more for the natural look. I don't use Foundation, I just use it if I have too or for special occasions. I keep these products in a separate place on my drawer because they are easy to find when I am on a rush. Of course before I put on any makeup in my face I use a face moisturizer and eye cream. Then I use a BB Cream, I bought the Garnier Fructis it's affordable and it works perfect for my skin, Then I use concealer for my dark circles due to my lack of sleep and over studying. After I apply those products I use a loose powder, blush, Mascara and last but not least some lip gloss. That's basically it. It might be a little too plain for you guys but It's perfect for me. I am presentable and at the same time still looking like me.  I think this is a great College look for everyday or even if you just don't feel like applying too much on your face.

xoxo Andrea

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Give Thanks This Thanksgiving !

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with love and great food. Enjoy your time. It's the time of the year that you can enjoy a great meal with your friends and family. Eat all you want and forget about the calories for the day. That's what I personally do. I remember being a little girl and having to sit with all my little cousins because we were all under age and I loved it because we would all talk about the same things. We would all stuff our face with so much food. But my favorite part had to be DESSERT.  I loved the apple pie, apple crumble or pecan pie and the famous pumpkin pie. Now let me stop talking about food It's getting me hungry. Think of those that would not have a meal that day, And those that are not fortunate of spending time with their family. Be thankful for what you have I know it's difficult sometimes to get caught up in so much but the little things are the one's that count. 
I am thankful for having God in my life, for a great Family and friends. For a Bless school year , being healthy and to be able to do what I love everyday.
Happy Thanksgiving
XOXO Andrea !

Monday, November 19, 2012

Celine Phantom, The Bag of the moment !

This Bag has me drooling is my current obsession. Everywhere I turn or look someone is carrying this bag. I love how open and spacious it is. The price is around $3,000. It is very high end but totally worth it.  You can find the bag at Barneys, Bergdorf Goodman or at the Celine store. Many celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and socialites have this bag. It's perfect for the fashionable city girl that carries her life in a bag. It is classy, Elegant and beautiful. Definitely on the top of my most wanted list.  

P.S I don't own these pictures got them online.

XOXO Andrea