Monday, June 30, 2014

Simple Summer Look

Hi Y'all as summer approach every year i tend to wear less makeup. If i do it's a minimal look. My skin is super sensitive to the sun and literally it is always itching that it's why most of the time i just wear my moisturizer and sunscreen. But.... when i do wear makeup i like to do a minimal summer look.  Yesterday I posted on my Instagram (@classylady) a picture of a simple summer look when i do wear makeup.  I decided to share with you gals the products that i used to create this look.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Summer Favorites

It has been a long time  that i made a haul. I have been trying to use my money wisely and buy things for my new bedroom. This is a collective haul of May and June. Most of the items are from J Crew of course.... And others are simple beauty necessities. That is why i have named this post Summer Favorites because they really are my favorites.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Fathers Day Gift Guide

Fathers Day Gifts

On Fathers Day i always have mix emotions. Six years ago I lost my dad. It has been a long grieving process. Sometimes i just think he is on a business trip or on vacation. My dad was sweet, strict, caring and very supportive of my decisions. 

On Fathers Day my Dad would spent the weekend with my mom and I. No friends or other family members. My mom would plan the activities and would prepare his favorite Dominican dish which it was  a Sancocho con Arroz which is basically a stew with different kind of meats and vegetables with a side dish of white rice and Avocado. Sooo Yummy I can remember him sitting down and just closing his eyes after the first bite. We would also get him a small present. 

My father was not the biggest shopper and he never asked for nothing special we would just get him something he would usually wear or would be in need of and he would be just fine. He would always say that his best gift on Fathers day was having my mom and I in his life. 

This fathers day my mom would be preparing his favorite dish and also going to the cemetery leaving some flowers. Where ever you are daddy I miss you and love you dearly very much. TE AMO!   

These are some gifts that my father would appreciate and would love dearly. I hope all dads have a Beautiful Fathers Day ! 

XOXO Andrea