Monday, July 30, 2012

Fluorescent Colors

Fluorescent colors. They are everywhere I mean everywhere. In sneakers, bags, clothing, accessories, makeup everywhere. I have to admit that i love the colors especially the greenish yellow one and the pink neon one. The other day I was walking around H&M and I was actually looking for an inexpensive fluorescent necklace. while i am going up the escalator i spot a fluorescent necklace i basically ran and just grabbed it and had the biggest smile on my face and when i saw the price i had another bigger smile on my face. only $10.99. I had to get it. i am so happy I found it it complements most of my summer clothing. IN LOVE.

A little motivation to workout.

I think I'm not the only one that needs sometimes a little motivation to workout. What I have done this summer is bought myself cute workout clothes and not the usual old tee and over sized pants. I went into the Nike store and got me some new sneakers. I went with the excuse that i needed one. I am a girly girl i only have one pair of sneakers in my closet and i said this time I am going to buy some fun ones. I got a pair that are not too flashy but with a touch of color and i love them. also i got a pair of running pants and 2 tees. I bought 3 pound weights in a sports store, which they are perfect for me i just want to tone a bit. After I got my outfits ready it just makes me want to put it on and workout. I mean that's the whole point and I always think every time i workout this workout is going to change my life because every time you exercise even though you might not notice your body is burning tons of calories and getting that body that you finally want to achieve. LETS KEEP THE MOTIVATION GOING !

Lunar Glide 3

3 pound weights

This is a Nike commercial that i love , check it out if you haven't seen it yet. funny and it kind of motivates people to workout.