Monday, April 29, 2013

Spring is Finally Here & College Is Almost Over...

This week has been a bit compromising with school, my internship and trying to keep a social life. This past week I hurt my back that meant to not carry heavy boxes or working out. The doctor said I had to stay home because my body was reacting due to that  I am so exhausted and it is true I haven't had a moment to go and get a hair cut or to go and by my graduation dress which BTW is in two weeks. Due to so much work I couldn't stay home the whole week and relax so these are bits and pieces of what happen this week. Although I had two days to get back to normal and have some me time and meet with my BFF.

 Spring is Finally Here !! Flowers are blooming Isn't this tree beautiful. Loving my neighborhood

I felt like Rapunzel my hair was so long and it was time to cut a couple of inches. I cut my hair in layers just to add a bit of volume.

One of my favorite places to go in Union Square if you live in NYC and you haven't tried Chloe's soft serve you must go. Is all organic and HEALTHY yes I know this deliciousness of dark chocolate with strawberries and dark chocolate chips are all natural and under 120 calories.

Of course i had to stop in the shoe department at Bloomingdales while dress shopping for my graduation. They would be great as a graduation gift.

bought new sandals at Ann Taylor Loft they are comfy, nude and great for spring and summer

A bit of my outfit. New Military jacket and My Louis Vuitton GM

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Easy Hairstyles For This Spring

Fishtail Braid

 The Perfect Messy Bun

                                                                        Easy Pony tail

To every girl like me that has long hair or mid length hair as it gets warmer sometimes we just have to put our hair up or on a braid. These are my favorite hairstyles for this Spring not only are they super easy to do but stylish. What is your favorite hair style for this Spring. 

XOXO Andrea

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

First Birchbox Ever !


 This week I have been home due to that I injured my back on my way to my job. I didn't put mind to it and I ended up going to the Emergency room on Sunday how fun. I was in serious pain i couldn't sit or lay down or go up and down the stairs It was pretty bad after waiting I went in and the doctor  said I had an inflammation and I had to rest for 3 to 4 days without working out or going  to school. I decided today since i didn't have nothing to do to write a review on my first BIRCHBOX ever. I am so happy i joined I was like a little girl asking my mom everyday if my Birchbox had come. It finally came like 2 weeks ago I was so excited to open it. Out of all the products that it brought my absolute favorite is the new Nexxus Youth Renewal Elixir I am in love with it after applying it one day my hair looks more shiny and healthy. It is light and it smells delicious. I also loved the StriVectin- SD eye cream. I know that this sample will last me for a long time, you just have to dab a bit under the eye and massage it. I have notice a difference under my dark circles. so that's a win win.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Put Some Green Into Your Home

Hello This week I decided to do a post on Interior design since I have a long time without posting anything of it. In Spring People usually change up some colors in their home. They use pillows to add some pop of color or buy plants and flowers to put around their home. I found these beautiful pictures where it shows homes with green touches I just felt in love with it I am not a fan of green but i love the different shades of green that people use for their home. I think is great to include  different touches of green is like bringing a bit of nature in your home. My favorite is is the 4th to last picture with the prints on the chair. 

XOXO Andrea 

ALL pictures found on

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Fashionable and Beauty Obsessions Of This Month


I have gathered a couple of  fashion and Beauty obsessions that I have been stalking this month. As you can see mostly pastel, nude and bright colors. which are  great for spring. I went last week to Sephora I needed to purchase a couple of beauty products. When I went in the store  It smelled delicious I asked one of the girls that worked in the fragrance department and she said it was this Tom Ford perfume. I have to say that it transported me to the french riviera. It smells great clean and fresh and I WANT IT ! Have a nice weekend beautiful ladies 

XOXO Andrea 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Casual Fun Shopping Day....

 Hi Ladies I apologize or being lost this week and not posting anything. I have been a but busy with college. You know the typical 20 page paper three weeks before graduation and my thesis. Yesterday After my morning class I decided to venture around Union Square in NYC and go to my favorite places and do the ordinary Saturday fun. I got a couple of stuff which I am really proud that I acquire them. SO here they area.

New  Mac products from the Extra Dimension Collection. Totally In love with the highlighter/ bronzer (shape the future) on the right it's great for contouring your face. I also got a mineralize skin finish powder, The Beautiful Coral blush (blazing haute) and a new lip liner saw it on one of the makeup artist and felt in love with it. It's the perfect pink (Hip N Happy).

As all of you know I have been working very hard the past month on changing my everyday lifestyle into a more normal healthy lifestyle. I bought a pair of sneakers almost a year ago I love them they are great for my workouts. But I thought that after working so hard and seeing the results i would reward myself with a pair of new kicks. I own a pair of lunar glide witch are great for walking but  I have been jogging lately trying to get to run so I thought that these free runs would be just perfect. It has the perfect touch of pink. I also got a pair of headbands i hate my hair all over the place while i am working out it is super annoying.  I think these would be Great plus they were on sale.

The last place i stopped before going home was Whole Foods just to buy a couple of things for the week. I already had gone to my local supermarket so that's why their is not that much.  I don't know if you could spy fresh hydrangeas. I just had to get them not only they are my favorite but they only cost 10 bucks !!!!!  had to have them my mom is in love with them.

XOXO Andrea

Monday, April 8, 2013

It's Time To Takeout The Espadrilles.........


Hello Ladies this week while cleaning my closet for spring I found a couple of old espadrilles that I have gotten throughout the years. I said to myself I think is time to take the Espadrilles out. Not only are they comfortable but also classic, chic, trendy and great for spring and summer. I love both styles. I love the espadrilles with the wedge heel. They look so cute, I think they are great if you want that extra height. But I have to admit that my favorites are the flat espadrilles I take them with me on vacation during the summer, great to rock them with shorts, dresses and jeans.  

XOXO Andrea

Monday, April 1, 2013

Sneakers For Every Kind Of Girl

fashionable sneakers

Hello Gals I am back with a post that I think all of you would like. Sneakers AKA my life savors. I remember being a young girl and owning many pair of sneakers. I found them cute, comfortable and easy to wear I mean I cannot forget a pair of sneakers I use to own at the age of five. Every time I would walk bright lights would turn own. They were so much fun to wear ! When I began High school I would always wear skirt to school. I went to an all girls Catholic school, the nuns were very strict about our uniform. I was only aloud to wear flats and sneakers when I had physical education class. Which it was only once a week. That's where my passion for flats started. I got so use to wearing flats that the only thing I would wear would be flats. I would have a pair of converse for gym class and that was all. But lately I have been switching my flats for sneakers. I find myself wearing sneakers almost everyday. As I have mention before in other post. I am working out at least 4 to 5 times a week and that makes me wear sporty sneakers like the pair of Nike Sneakers on the top. I find these so cute because it has a touch of pink which makes it really feminine. I also love to rock a pair of casual sneakers like the Italian brand Superga I think they are great with a pair of jeans and why not with a dress. Last but not least the sneakers that all girly girl loves to wear if she loves high heels can now wear comfortable wedge sneakers. Such as these Isabel Marant. But for girls that are under a budget like me can find very similar at target, Aldo and Steve Madden. Their is a sneaker for every girl out their you just have to find the one that fits your style and personality. 

            XOXO Andrea