Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Favorite Skin Care Products

Everyday body products

Its been a while since i have talked about my everyday body products. I decided to share with you today my everyday products from toothpaste to baby oil yep you heard it. I change some of my products from time to time but these are the products that i keep buying every month and have learn to love them. 

I usually use a body scrub once a week. I started using a tree hut body scrub about 3 years ago. I saw it at Ulta loved the price and the quality of it. It smells yummy and leaves my skin renewed. The other product i have used for the longest is the Neutrogena Rainbath body wash, its simply one of my favorite. It is a great soap for a bubble bath and i even use it when i shave my legs. It leaves my skin super soft. 

After I take a bath i usually like to use a body oil. I use to think that body oils would leave my body oily and i refuse to use any kind of oil until i started using Almond oil which my mom kept recommending and this Burts Bees Mama Bee body oil. I usually use it right after my bath when my skin is still damp. It is great to moisturize your skin and if you have stretch marks you can take a cotton ball and add some oil to it and apply it directly to your stretch marks. After a couple of weeks you will start seeing a change trust me. A

The other products are my regular day to day favorites such as my Hemp body moisturizer a burts bees foot cream my favorite one is the one that has coconut. It smells great and it leaves my foot soft as a baby. A new product that i bought new this month has been the Arm and Hammer advance white toothpaste and the listerine whitening restoring mouth wash. As an avid coffee and tea drinker my teeth are not the whitest. I decided to try these products. I am literally loving this combination. Even my mom said that my teeth are a bit brighter not that they are too stained but it helps me with my everyday. So what are your favorite products. Also, do you use any of these products if you do leave a comment. 


Monday, April 21, 2014

Nude Booties For Spring

Nude booties for Spring

Sorry for being MIA these past weeks on the blog. I am in the mist of moving and boy is it stressful. From deciding what i want to keep to donate or throw away. I packed most of my cothing  up in boxes and my shoes are all sealed up in a shoe box. While looking at all of my shoes i notice that i am missing a pair of nude booties. I have brown and black booties but not nude. Nude booties are perfect for Spring and Summer. I took a break from packing up and decided to check one of my favorite stores in the whole world Shopbop Shoes department. I found these beauties aren't they breath taking. Most are peep toe  which is great because you can rock your pedi. I really have to own a pair of nude booties if not now but by the time i am all movedin in the new apartment. My favorite out of these  is the second in the middle on first row. Its by loeffler Randall i love their designs of booties amd my other favorite is the first of the bottom row by steve madden. You can also find a similar one in Target for less money. Soooo which one is your favorite? 

XOXO Andrea 

P:S this is my 200 post on the blog ! Woohoo


Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sky Blue Is In For Spring !

Untitled #549

Their is always one color in Spring that stands out. Each Spring a color is making people go crazy for it. This sky blue color is screaming SPRING and is making drool. Literally. Every store i go in i have to see something of this color.  This color is perfect for Spring and Summer  it is light the color is beautiful and it goes with many pieces. Even nail polish companies are coming out with this color. 

I decided to make an inspiration board on all of my favorite pieces that are in this color. From makeup to my favorite flowers in the entire world hydrangeas. If you want to be part of this trend go on and try one of these pieces. My favorite  out of all these pieces is the Marc Jacobs Watch, the Phillip Lim Pashli bag and also the  beautiful pleated skirt. So would you dare use this color this Spring? Leave a comment.

XOXO Andrea