Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Winter Blues

Winter Blues

I don't know about you ladies but I am going through the winter blues. I am craving a little sand, water, sun and why not a frozen margarita. I wish i could be somewhere in the Caribbean or even better in the french riviera. I guess because it's winter and I'm all covered up in a puffy coat with mittens and scarves I have the desire of feeling the sun on my eyes and walking on the beach while my feet get soaked in the sand. Although it's not summer yet I am counting the days till I graduate because my best friend who is also graduating from college and I want to plan a trip possibly to the Caribbean so as you can imagine I can't wait. But I mean who said is two early to go shopping for a summer vacation. This set that I made it's just perfect for the fashionista that wants to spend a day relaxing at the beach or pool area. I included a Turkish towel just because it's more soft and I like it more  when I am laying down in the beach. In the meanwhile I will dream of these lovely pictures.

XOXO Andrea

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Oscars Best Dressed Of The Night.........

My mom and I have a tradition every year to get our favorite food, get comfortable and watch the Oscars together and of course talk about the best dressed and the one's that kind of forgot it was the Oscars that they were attending. This year my Mom and I have made our list of favorite dresses on the red carpet and I decided to share it with you all. Unfortunately my girl Anne Hathaway did not make the list. I was a bit disappointed although I did like her hair and jewelry and I cried with her when she made her speech when she received her award, so here they are. Enjoy. 

 Jennifer Lawrence in Dior Haute Couture  (Stunning )

Amy Adams In Oscar De La Renta (Adorable Princess Like)

Amanda Seyfried in Alexander McQueen (Classy)

Jessica Chastain In Giorgio Armani ( She has the Old Hollywood Glam)

Charlize Theron in Christian Dior Haute Couture Dress ( Hot and Sexy)

Reese Witherspoon In Louis Vuitton ( Southern Girl goes Glam)

 Jennifer Garner in a Custom Made Gucci Dress ( Trophy wife) 

These were my mom and I  favorite dresses of this year Oscars.

 XOXO Andrea

Floral Pants Are Back ..

Spring Trend

I remember last spring when the Floral pants burst out on the streets of New York City. It was crazy ! they were everywhere,  the first time i saw a pair was on the Stella McCartney fashion show. I remember saying to myself those are HOT. Of course I would love to carry a pair of Stella McCartney's but it was way too much money on my opinion to pay on a pair of floral denims. I didn't get a chance to buy a pair of floral pants last spring not because I didn't find them, but because I never found a pair that I felt in love with. Being a curvy girl I don't want a  pair of floral jeans that would make me look bigger so I kind of didn't pay attention to the trend anymore. I said to myself  when they are back in season I'll grab a pair that wont break my bank account. So, the other day while going trough a magazine their it was again, the floral pants were back for spring of 2013. Gosh I got so happy and thought to myself you need a pair.  So I began on  a search for the perfect floral pants for this season. And guess what, I found them and I am so happy because I got them for a  great deal only for 23 bucks at Target, while searching for some deals i decided to go and check out the women's department and see what they had new and their they were, they were screaming GET ME ! I can't wait for this spring to show off my new pair of floral jeans. If you like floral pants I suggest checking them out they are all breath taking.

These are the floral prints on mine. They might make a debut soon on the blog

XOXO Andrea

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Polka Dot Affair.....

Polka Dot

                                shirt sweater / denims/ flats /IPhone case/ scarves/ Cambridge Satchel

 I am having an affair with polka dots. I don't know about you but I am loving the polka dots trend.  It is everywhere in Shoes, bags, blouses and even phone cases. This trend makes your outfit more fun and it gives a touch of elegance. I don't know but I feel that the outfit becomes more fun and its something that catches anyone attention. If you are not a person that likes to wear print i think polka dot is versatile and can give a change on your everyday outfit. the thing about it, is that everyone can wear polka dots i feel this is a print that is easy to wear . I think is great if you want to spice up your outfit for work you can wear a nice  button down blouse like the one i have on my inspiration board with a pair of trousers or pencil skirt.  I made and inspiration board for you to can get inspired and create ideas with different fashionable pieces. I made it  based on some pieces that I am currently loving and that currently are part of the this winter and spring 2013 trend. So get in the moment and live the POLKA DOTS trend.

 This is a picture of my pokla dot shirt with a J crew necklace.

Monday, February 18, 2013

I'm All About The Pink Accents......

 Since I was little girl, I had a fascination for the color PINK.  I was the kind of girl growing up that had the pink bedroom and closet full of pink clothing. I would ask my mom to buy me only pink clothing or anything pink, you name it I had it in pink.  I remember my best friend asking me if I was ever going to use another color and I would answer no.  Now that I am a grownup I am still fascinated of the color pink. Of course in moderation, well I try.  As you know already I love Interior design actually I am considering after I graduate from college in completing a course in Interior design. I love pink accents in homes I think you can always do everything in moderation and décor is one of those things that you can play with.  While I was searching for inspiration for my future apartment I was thinking of adding a touch of pink maybe not on the walls but have different accents such as furniture, headboard, wallpaper, lamps, home accents and maybe kitchen supplies. Of course I want to add other colors but maybe in the living room I can add a neutral color sofa and pink cushions. I would have to see how is the apartment and the size of it. But I am definitely including some pink in my future home or bedroom.
 XOXO Andrea

Saturday, February 16, 2013

My Weekend Style


Sweater, Boots, Earrings, sunglasses, tote bag

As I had mention before I am super busy this semester due to the fact that it is my last semester in college.  I am taking six courses, I also have an internship at a news station and a part time job. I have my hands full. The only day that I am free is on Sunday's. I usually like to sleep late and just wear a very relaxing and simple outfit. I am all about Ugg boots and a cable knit sweater in the winter. I think they are great for cold winter days in NYC which are perfect if I am going to the movie theater with my best friend or grab some coffee at my nearest Starbucks. I love Ugg boots because they are warm comfortable and basically go with anything, they are not the cutest but they do their job to keep my feet warm. What is your typical weekend outfit? is it relaxing or fun and colorful.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Key Pieces That Every Woman Should Have In Her Closet

pieces that Every Woman should have in her closet

If You are the kind of shopper that I am that instantly enters a store and sees something that you think you need and ends up buying it and never wearing it. That is basically me.  That is why I have a shopping problem. Probably too many other young woman out there also suffer from the same problem as I. I understand perfectly that Is why I came up with a list on my fashion journal, key pieces that every woman should have in her closet. Us Woman tend to buy so many crap, we do. It is the truth is time to put on our big girl panties and accept that sometimes we over buy. We see something and we attack like a predator. because we think we need it and if not we will plan an event just so we can wear what we bought. being a senior in college means that after I graduate I will NEED A JOB. I have included in my "must have in the closet" list,  a couple of items that would be great for me and you, not only for a job interview but also for a casual day, dinner party, relaxing weekend or even if your traveling. This list is perfect for the college student, mother, wife, sister or neighbor It will help all of us not over buy or pack when we are traveling. So here i go.

The little black dress also know as (LBD), I think every woman doesn't matter what age or size should have an appropriate black dress. It's great for interviews, for a night out or simply if you don't know what to wear one day, just  rock the LBD. The LBD has saved me from so many fashion catastrophes. I always have it clean and pressed for those moments when I need a little help. And the good thing about it is it makes you look thinner,  which that's a plus and is also a neutral color. 

The Classy Trench Coat- My mom always tells me that a Trench coat makes you look more elegant and well put together It also wraps your waist which creates a waistline and makes you look more feminine. The trench coat is perfect for the rainy days but also for fall, spring I actually use mine all year around I just add more layers. It is great for your everyday life.  

Your Everyday Blazer- Lets just say that I live in a blazer. I do ! My blazer is my best friend.  It is great if you want to look professional, and also great for day and night. you can wear it with anything. from dresses, skirts, jeans, trousers, leggings, you name it. I think this is the one thing a woman should invest in getting a good blazer that will last long and you know that where ever you go you can take it with you.

The Perfect pair of jeans- Now, I included a pair of denims, they are not a light or dark wash but medium. I always have a pair of Medium denims, why? because again it goes with anything also I buy them regular length and skinny or straight. That way I know that If I am planning a weekend getaway or just go grocery shopping  or even to the movies I have many options. I am not only stuck with one idea. I can style it many different ways.

Nude pumps- Elongate your legs, go with every outfit, great for day and night, also very classy shoes. Enough said couldn't summarize it better. 

Casual Comfy Flats- Great for everyday routine, good for work, school or tired feet. I always carry a pair in my handbag you know just in case.

Perfect day to night bag- This bag is perfect because you can use it different ways, you can carry it as a messenger bag but also as a normal hand bag is good for everyday and is a bag that you can transition from day  to night because it's a medium size bag. 

Emergency, Yet classy Blouse- Yes I call it the emergency blouse not because i am going to the hospital. but because It is white,  again a neutral color, it goes with everything and when I need it she is always their to rescue me. 

I think if we all have these items in our closet we would always be happy with what we have and not feel the urge to buy a new item every time we have an event. Each piece is versatile and can be worn different way's, you just have to play with it and see what looks better on you. Although I have included mostly  high end products you can take this as a guide to what you want to find. Their are many affordable nude pumps, trench coats and little black dresses under 100 dollars.

Enjoy and thanks for visiting !!!

XOXO Andrea

Sunday, February 10, 2013

2013 Grammys Best Dressed

Rihanna In a lovely red gown by Azzedine Alaïa

 Taylor Swift in a J. Mendel Gown

Beyonce killed it with this color block Osman Pant Suit

                           Carrie Underwood with a gorgeous mermaid gown by Roberto Cavalli

Allison Williams from the show Girls in a Kaufman Franco 

Every year I watch the Grammys mainly to watch the celebrities arriveat the Red Carpet and of course to see my favorite artist win Grammy awards. This year I must admit that it was full of elegance andclassy gowns. A couple of my favorites celebrities were rocking beautiful dressesat the 2013 Grammy Red Carpet event. I present to you my favorite of the night. I have noticed thatTaylor Swift has been showing more skin lately. I love how she is taking risky decisions itlooks great on her. I also loved how Beyonce decided to wear a pant suit she isalways on top of her game, have to love it. Definitely out of all thecelebrities my favorite this night was Rihana"RiRi". I was happy tosee her rocking an Azzedine Alaïa dress; she was more covered up than usual but still very elegant by wearinga beautiful red dress that makes her skin color look glorious. Well these were my favorites of this year. In your opinion which one were the best dressed of the night ?  leave a comment.  
XOXO Andrea

A Bit of My Week Through Instagram

 I hope everyone had a great week. These are bits and pieces of my week through instagram world. I made one recently and I am fascinated by all the cool elements that it has. If you have instagram and wish to follow me, my user name is @ACLASSYLADY

XOXO Andrea

Friday, February 8, 2013

Products That I am Currently Loving

Over this past month I have been loving a couple of products that I currently got and also products I bought a couple months ago. About a week ago I paid a visit to my local drugstore and I got the Nivea lips Butter in Vanilla & Macadamia Kiss. This has become my obsession; if I am not wrong I believe I apply it maybe 10 times a day. I know I am addicted. My lips are smoother which it's great because during the winter time I always get the dry chappy lips. Sorry for so much information but it is the truth. I am going to go back and stock up on some more. I also bought the Wet n Wild new collection that is under Fergie's name in Flossy Flossy, gotta love the sparkles, I love how it last long and how the nail polish is affordable which is great for us that are on a budget and don't want to spend over 8 dollars on a sparkly nail polish. The other products are the usual, my all time favorite Chanel lipstick in BOY, Revlon color stay liquid eye pen, Wet n Wild nail polish for only $1.99 what a bargain right? I also have my mom’s eyelash curler, sorry mom if you don't find yours but I like yours more than mine. Don't know what brand  it is, all I know is that it curls my eyelashes perfectly. 

XOXO Andrea