Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Spring Outfit Inspiration

Spring Outfit

Spring is back which means it's time to pull out those white jeans from your closet. I have to admit my weekend was full of Fun. Went to a family Hawaiian theme party. Natural Curly hair was out, flower on my hair, Lei Garland on neck and Oh before i forget  my all time favorite White Denims. I just had to wear them. White Jeans are everything seriously they go with any top and you can dress them up or down. 

I said to myself let me give the ladies an outfit inspiration, nothing too hard and nothing over whelming. These white pants are a bit distress which it gives it a casual look. Had to add the nude Mules and the Green army jacket. This Outfit screams Spring. Is fun, cute, girly, effortless and simple. 

What more can you ask for?. I added a bright nail polish, lipstick and only a pair of small earrings. I didn't want the jewelry to opaque the entire outfit. 
Sooo What are you waiting for hop on the White Denims bandwagon.


Friday, April 10, 2015

Welcome Spring To your Home......

Happy Friday !! Although It has been a bit chilly in NY it finally feels like Spring. The sun is shining more than ever and i can hear the music of the ice cream truck. Now, inside my home it doesn't feel like Spring. We put our Christmas decorations almost 3 months ago and it has looked pretty plain.

 I said to myself it cannot only be my apartment or home looking like this maybe together with other gals we can spruce up our apartment and make it feel like Spring. These are my five tips on making your home feel like Spring

Flowers are a great and affordable way to spritz up your home. I think Tulips are great for spring not only they come out in the Spring but also they are beautiful. They are simply beautiful. I suggest buying enough to place around your home. If you don't have mason jars you can purchase them at the dollar store and place one or two tulips on a mason jar and place it on your bathroom sink, another in your dresser and the main one in the dining table. I am sure your home will smell and look lovely.

 I bought these about a week ago and they got prettier each day. This was on their third day. BTW they only cost 10 dollars.