Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Outfit

My Halloween Outfit !

Ive never been into costumes don't know why. I remember the last time I wore a costume was for when i was in third grade. That day i went home and told my mom I didn't want any more costumes. I would always wear an outfit that included colors black and orange. Over the past years  my Halloween outfit  has changed I've not been to many Halloween parties and in my house is just another ordinary day. Call me boring. it's fine.

 My family never celebrated Halloween. Although my mom did like to do her fall decor she would never include something scary or "Halloween" type. Well..... the only thing that I saw in my house was a fake pumpkin that lighted up. As a young women i still don't like to dress up in a costume but I do think i can switch a couple of things.

That is why i created this Halloween outfit which is perfect if your going out at night with your friends and want to act a bit silly.  I mean this is the farthest that I will go. I like this outfit i find it sexy and perfect for a Halloween night. I think black on  black is chic, sexy and with this outfit you will even feel and look cool. 

 To have that cat feeling i also added this Clara Vivier clutch which has been on my list for the longest. it's just stunning. And what about these Zara booties they are just perfect. Plus they are under 100 bucks !! If you're like me and not a fan of rocking a costume. I think this outfit will be perfect for you. Remember that is the only day you are permitted to eat all the candy you want. 

Happy Halloween !

My Halloween Pumpkin !

XOXO Andrea

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Elle Decor : Closet Office Design Inspired by Atlantic- Pacific Blogger

Okay.... I am going crazy right now. I love closets. I dream about closets and if you follow me on my Pinterest. you will see that I have a board where I pin my favorite closets. While I was looking around Elle decor website. I stun upon the most beautiful closet that I have ever seen in my life. NO JOKE. Catherine Kwong designed an office and closet together. That space was inspired by the famous blogger Blair Eadie of Atlantic- Pacific.   It is stunning It is sleek, clean and chic and I bet Carrie Bradshaw will die for it. I mean to include your office with your closet. Is a dream come true ladies. well...... at least for me. I will leave all the photos taken by Bess Friday on the bottom but don't forget to check it out at Elle Decor website and read the whole story.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Fall Affordable Work Outfit

Untitled #529

sweater skirt / Leopard Flats / jewelry

Hi Y'all Happy Monday !! I am the kind of the person that likes to dress comfortable, yet well put together. It is important to dress very well at your job. It also depends what kind of job you do but if you work force that requires you to dress well. I have the perfect outfit for you. This outfit it's perfect for the fall. is stylish and at the same time affordable. Each piece in this outfit are all under 50. As a recent college student I have to manage to keep a budget on anything that I am buying. That's why my go to stores are Target, Gap, Old Navy, Marshalls, Tjmaxx and many more. but those are my favorite.

 In this post i added the typical pencil skirt love the burgundy color. I added a pair of flats from gap which are versatile and match many outfits. But one o my favorite pieces is the sweatshirt with the bird on the front. It's so cute and guess what It's from one of my favorite stores, Target. I added the Phillip Lim for target handbag which I have and is great for work but if you cannot find it at target. I also love this mulberry look a like bag for 40 bucks at Target. And for last a J.Crew Inspired Tortoise necklace. Let's face it J.Crew necklace are beautiful. But sometimes way expensive for me that's why i love Etsy because you can find similar looks for less money. 

Hope this is helpful for you ! Remember you don't have to be tacky if your on a budget is about not giving up and looking for the deals. 

XOXO Andrea

Friday, October 25, 2013

Fall Outfit Of The Day (OOTD)

Happy Friday y'all today's post is an outfit of the day. Instead of adding pictures i have a video. A couple weeks ago i made a YouTube account.After a couple of weeks of contemplating adding a video I added one last night. I still have mixed feelings. A bit nervous but at the same time excited to meet more people that are interested in fashion and beauty like me.  So when you get a chance check it out and let me know your thoughts.


XOXO Andrea

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Cable knit Sweater Outfit

Untitled #527

 sweater / jeans booties tote jewelry hat

If i would have to use one sweater through out fall and winter it would be the cable knit sweater. I love how cozy and warm I feel when I wear mine. I only have one cable knit sweater I remember i got it a couple years ago as a Christmas gift. since then it has been my go to sweater. This kind of sweater is perfect for everyday you can use it for work and also on a fall casual day. It also comes with me on any weekend getaway because i know i will use it and make use of it a lot.

 I have here  an outfit inspiration. This outfit is perfect I love the color combination with the camel jeans and of course the light cream cable knit sweater . To add a bit of color i added the burgundy hat which is a fall statement for this fall. I also added the famous tortoise shell necklace It compliments the whole outfit and makes it look well put together.

 If you don't have a cable knit sweater i suggest investing in one it will last you a long time and i am sure is going to be your go to sweater. 

XOXO Andrea

Monday, October 21, 2013

Autumn In NYC

This weekend I decided to take my camera with me while roaming around one of the most charming neighborhoods of New York City, Brooklyn Heights. Brooklyn Heights is a couple of blocks from Dumbo near the Brooklyn bridge and a couple of stops away on the subway from the city. I love the old world charm feeling and how people dedicate time to add simple touches to their homes.

While roaming around we went to a small Italian bakery shop where my mom and i had a yummy red velvet cupcake. I couldn't say no plus my excuse was that it was my cheat day. The day was simply perfect. It was a bit cold. The leaves are starting to change its color and you can finally feel autumn in the air. 

 Fall Flowers ! Love how bright it is

Friday, October 18, 2013

Collective Haul

Happy Friday gorgeous People ! Today I have a bit of a haul for you. Soooooo I have done a bit of damage AKA Shopping. This is a haul that I started gathering from the beginning of September. All the items I have included were all under 100 bucks or they were on sale. 


I wanted a pair of simple sandals from Zara but their were all sold out. So i started searching for a pair under 30 bucks. After a long search and many different designs i decided to check on Amazon and i found these cuties for 20 bucks ! Cant wait to wear out to party. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My Type of Guy !

Untitled #526

I truly love when I see a guy that knows how to dress.  I don't think I have ever included menswear in the blog. I wanted to a post my favorite picks that are versatile and trendy. All the pieces that I included are great for the Fall and fun to wear. I have the typical plaid shirt, the chinos, quilted vest and suede oxfords. I love to see a guy rocking a pair of chinos I think it looks, comfy and casual. 

I have a long time without buying men's clothing. I don't have any brothers and unfortunately my dad passed away a couple years ago. But I do love to go to the menswear department at my favorite stores such as J crew to check out what is new. And hey you never know I can bump into my prince charm. Okay.... I am a bit exaggerating on that....... but I love a guy that knows how to dress. So if your boyfriend, Husband, Family member or a simply guy friend needs a bit of help this season. Here is a bit of help for them.

I know you can start with one of these pieces. It can be the chinos and simply go from their and  walla you have a fabulous outfit in minutes. I added that phone case it looks like is made out of wood I love the masculinity of it. Hey you can even be trendy with your phone.  And the Beanie I love it ! it has a great color and also it's perfect for fall or winter.

Remember Fall is about having fun and being cozy !

XOXO Andrea

Friday, October 11, 2013

Zara Fall 2013

Untitled #525

Zara does it again. I literally had to control myself to not take all my favorite pieces and waste all my savings. That's how crazy  I am about the Zara fall 2013 collection. I mean look at all these pieces they are simply breath taking. I love Zara. But what i love the most is the quality of their products. Last week after attending a meeting.  I was making my way to the subway as I glanced at the window of Zara and i said to myself let me just take a look at the window you know the typical WINDOW Shopping.....  But then that little voice you know that makes us buy and do things impulsively said go IN. 

It started to pour immediately I said to myself maybe by the time I come out it will stop raining, plus your just going to look around right?  Long story short that didn't happen.... I went in i saw a jacket and I tried it on immediately. then I started trying on a couple of things and while I was at the dressing room I kept asking myself do I need this. 

I ended up trying many things but didn't leave with anything. It took me a lot of will power to not leave with a couple of shopping bags. But I did it. So here i am sharing with you guys my favorite pieces from the new Zara collection. I don't promise you that I wont order something online. like those Leopard wedge sneakers that are calling my name. If you follow me on Instagram  you will notice I took a snapshot of these sneakers and literally asked people if I should get them or not. I don't know how but they are going to be part of my shoe collection. 

Do you ever go out and plan on not entering any store. But the first thing you do is go in when you see it? 

Enjoy the long weekend ! 

XOXO Andrea

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Orange Is The New Black !

Color Crush !

One of the things that I love about autumn is how you can spice up your wardrobe with different color palettes.  I am usually all about neutrals. If you look in my closet you won't find a lot of bright  clothing pieces. Now that is October and is finally feeling like autumn I have fallen in love with this tangerine color.  It is Beautiful and this orange tone fits with the season and It's perfect for Halloween. 

If you are like me and love neutral colors you can start with nail polish or a simple necklace. All the pieces that I have added are great. I don't have a favorite but I do know that each of these pieces would be great in your closet.   So lets put some color in our lives this Fall.
XOXO Andrea

Monday, October 7, 2013

Two Outfits, One Pair of Denims !

Untitled #523

Hi Y'all Happy Monday ! I am back with another fun outfit. A couple weeks ago I did a day to night outfit and this time I wanted to do a super easy outfit with one of my favorite clothing pieces. I have said million of times that I love to buy clothing pieces that are versatile and also that I can dress it up or down. Well JEANS are the perfect example of the best clothing piece someone can have in their closet. I don't own many pairs of denims but I do have a couple that I love.  So here i have two outfits and ONE pair of destroyed  light denim pair. I love how Chic meets a bit of toughness. It makes the whole outfit look super effortless.

The first Outfit on the left I have added a jeweled sweater a pair of black oxfords and a color plum bag. I think the color coordinate perfectly and the color plum is just great for this fall. I think this outfit is great if you work at a casual environment or just to meet with your love ones for lunch. It's simple, a bit masculine and girly with the little sparkles on the sweater. 

When I was putting together the second outfit I thought of it as a casual everyday outfit with a sporty touch. I love how these retro sneakers are back. I mean these sneakers are making the perfect come back and they are cute and fun. these go great with many outfits. This outfit that I put together is super easy and plus I think all the pieces are a must for the Fall. I have included the famous plaid shirt and the perfect vest for chilly days.

If you are looking for the perfect everyday pair of jeans. These are great. they have a bit of slouchiness and the distress is just perfect. 
Enjoy !!  and always remember that you don't have to have a draw full of denims to rock the perfect outfit.

XOXO Andrea

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fall Home Decor

I don't know about you but i love to decor my house for each season . I won't say that I do a complete makeover but I do add a little something to the apartment. either some fun pillows for the living room or I get together with my friend and paint fun pumpkins. I also love to buy scent candles in the fall that have a touch of Autumn. If you are lacking some Fall decor inspiration I have added these images that i found at Pinterest. The best place on earth to find decor inspiration.