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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thanksgiving Outfit Inspiration

Thanks Giving Outfit

Hi Ladies I know it's been so long. I apologize but grad school work had me super busy. I really missed blogging but now that vacation is coming up i will have more time to blog. I am so happy tomorrow i will be will be in NYC  with my family for Thanksgiving ! 

I am just so happy to be heading to New York For a couple of days. Have been missing home so much and my family. It's been so long since i have made an outfit inspiration that i decided to do one for Thanksgiving. 

Thanksgiving for me is all about spending time with my family and eating our traditional supper. I love to dress up for thanksgiving and look my best my family and i take so many pictures that i don't want to go back years later and say yikes i just looked terrible. 

I have prepared for us ladies this simple, girly outfit it's great if you are living in a place where it's cold weather such as New York. I am actually missing fall in NY. Miami is gorgeous but definitely not the same. 

This outfit is all about comfort, and also very clean. It's not over powering. the Sweater is gorgeous it already has enough bling i don't think you will need more other than a pair of simple earrings such as these. I had to add the cranberry lipstick and simple eyeliner it's all about bold lips and simple outfit. These boots are so sexy they are definitely a must for this fall and Winter. 

I hope you have the best Thanksgiving. Count your blessings and be thankful for what you have. 



Friday, January 2, 2015

Marsala Color Of The Year

Untitled #570

Happy 2015 ! It is finally here. Cannot be more thankful with God for the year 2014 and i am excited for what 2015 has prepared for me. A couple weeks ago Pantone announced Marsala Color of the year 2015.

 Leatrice Eiseman Executive Director of Pantone said Marsala enriches our mind, body and soul, exuding confidence and stability. Marsala is a subtly seductive shade, one that draws us in
to its embrace

This color is beautiful it goes with any color skin and it attracts many eyes. I can't wait to get a couple accessories.  I really want to try the Pantone Marsala Lipstick. You can purchase it at any Sephora store.

I hope this new year bring many blessings and great opportunities.



Monday, January 27, 2014

Shopping The Medicine To Bad Days !

Hi Friends ! Last Thursday I had a rough day. I actually had a rough week with the snow and working till late. But on  I had a meeting that didn't end up well. It didn't end up with what i wanted. I left the place sad and literally about to cry. I walked a couple of blocks until i found myself in Century21 and then in ZARA. What dragged me into the stores were the sale ads they had everywhere literally. 

I first went to Century21 and i started to look around i didn't find anything i liked until i stepped in the shoe department and saw a couple that caught my attention.  I have been looking a long time for a pair of nude pumps. I mean i really like a pair of Christian Louboutin but that is not a choice at this moment. I found for half the price very cute and comfortable mid heel nude pumps. Bought them for 20 bucks instead of 100 now don't tell me that's not a deal i had to take it. Then I walked a bit more and saw a couple of booties. I saw one that caught my eye,  tried them on and boom I had to have them plus they were 1/3 of the price that were on sale. I basically felt like it was my day i scored two pair of shoes under 60 bucks !

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Outfit

My Halloween Outfit !

Ive never been into costumes don't know why. I remember the last time I wore a costume was for when i was in third grade. That day i went home and told my mom I didn't want any more costumes. I would always wear an outfit that included colors black and orange. Over the past years  my Halloween outfit  has changed I've not been to many Halloween parties and in my house is just another ordinary day. Call me boring. it's fine.

 My family never celebrated Halloween. Although my mom did like to do her fall decor she would never include something scary or "Halloween" type. Well..... the only thing that I saw in my house was a fake pumpkin that lighted up. As a young women i still don't like to dress up in a costume but I do think i can switch a couple of things.

That is why i created this Halloween outfit which is perfect if your going out at night with your friends and want to act a bit silly.  I mean this is the farthest that I will go. I like this outfit i find it sexy and perfect for a Halloween night. I think black on  black is chic, sexy and with this outfit you will even feel and look cool. 

 To have that cat feeling i also added this Clara Vivier clutch which has been on my list for the longest. it's just stunning. And what about these Zara booties they are just perfect. Plus they are under 100 bucks !! If you're like me and not a fan of rocking a costume. I think this outfit will be perfect for you. Remember that is the only day you are permitted to eat all the candy you want. 

Happy Halloween !

My Halloween Pumpkin !

XOXO Andrea

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Cable knit Sweater Outfit

Untitled #527

 sweater / jeans booties tote jewelry hat

If i would have to use one sweater through out fall and winter it would be the cable knit sweater. I love how cozy and warm I feel when I wear mine. I only have one cable knit sweater I remember i got it a couple years ago as a Christmas gift. since then it has been my go to sweater. This kind of sweater is perfect for everyday you can use it for work and also on a fall casual day. It also comes with me on any weekend getaway because i know i will use it and make use of it a lot.

 I have here  an outfit inspiration. This outfit is perfect I love the color combination with the camel jeans and of course the light cream cable knit sweater . To add a bit of color i added the burgundy hat which is a fall statement for this fall. I also added the famous tortoise shell necklace It compliments the whole outfit and makes it look well put together.

 If you don't have a cable knit sweater i suggest investing in one it will last you a long time and i am sure is going to be your go to sweater. 

XOXO Andrea

Monday, September 30, 2013

Cozy Monday.....

Hi Y'all !! I know I have been lost for the past couple of days. But I am back. Today I woke up happy and full of energy which is totally the opposite because I always have trouble waking up. I mean who doesn't want to stay in bed on a chilly Fall morning.

I decided to wear a super comfortable and cozy outfit. You know the usual, Over sized sweater, Leggings and Booties. I am in love with these booties they are from target. I totally love them. They are comfortable and super cute. 

And if you are on a college graduate budget like me these are great. On the bottom I have a picture of the shoes that I will be wearing this Fall. These are mainly my everyday shoes. Have a great week girly girls !


XOXO Andrea

Monday, September 23, 2013

Fall Outfit Inspiration


 Fall is finally here in it's honor I did this outfit inspiration. This outfit is perfect for the fall. One of the first things that is a fall statement is not really a clothing item but Starbucks goes with every outfit and you know is fall when Starbucks brings back their pumpkin lattes, which I try not to drink multiple times a day because I am a bit addicted.

Every girl should own a pair of Corduroy pants. They are great for the fall plus they are pretty cozy. I love how you can pair it up with any kind of shoes. I ordered a pair from Gap and I can't wait until they arrive. I love sweaters. But I love them even more when they have a classic look. I am drooling over this J.Crew Sweater. What I love about it is the two leather pockets in the front. It is stylish, fashionable and warm. 

Another must for the fall are a pair of Booties. They are great to pair them with dresses, leggings, denims and cords. Plus I love the way they look on your feet and again super comfortable.  

And the last piece is a statement bag. I recently purchased this Phillip Lim for Target Pashli tote, which I am obsessed with, I can't put it down everywhere I go I carry it with me. It will be my fall bag. But If you cannot find it at your nearest target this Tote from Madewell it the perfect leather bag for the fall.

The Good thing about this outfit is that is versatile and you can switch it up with different clothing items. Enjoy this fall!

XOXO Andrea 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Baseball Cap Outfit Inspiration

Untitled #521

 Lately I have been seeing many people with baseball caps not only the ordinary team caps but fashionable ones. J.crew has come out with a cap collection for the fall. Which at the beginning I was not that sure about it. First because I never really wear caps and second because I always use floppy fedora hats in the fall. But I have fallen for them. And I can't wait to wear mine. It is one of the coolest trend of the season.

I decided to do an Outfit Inspiration to demonstrate how you can pair the cap on an everyday basis. I think you are giving an extra fun touch to your outfit. It is perfect. I ordered my cap and i can't wait to pair it up with a couple outfit that i have in mind. So if you are like me and think that you might not like the cap trend try it out you never know. 

Have Fun !

XOXO Andrea