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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Winter Minimalist Look

Winter Minimalist Look

I am glad to announce that in a couple of days i will be back in my favorite city, New York. I am over joyed to be back with my family for a couple of week and Friends, Also .....  i will finally will be able to wear my favorite winter pieces. I really like layering and adding different scarves to my winter coat. 

As most of you ladies know i am all about simplicity and that is what the Minimalist trend is all about. I am all about, clean, comfortable, neutral colors. I am always wearing my slouchy pants with a plain tee. I like to add a couple touches but other than that I am always very traditional. 

This look is all about being minimal and not over layering. Is about being comfortable, fashionable and stylish. If you notice i added a couple black accessories to spice up the outfit due to that the clothing is very light. I am in love with this coat is just gorgeous and literally it goes with everything !  And one last thing that i had to add was the watch is manly but it just adds that extra minimalist touch to the outfit. 

What you ladies think of this ? would you rock this outfit? Leave your comment on the bottom.


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thanksgiving Outfit Inspiration

Thanks Giving Outfit

Hi Ladies I know it's been so long. I apologize but grad school work had me super busy. I really missed blogging but now that vacation is coming up i will have more time to blog. I am so happy tomorrow i will be will be in NYC  with my family for Thanksgiving ! 

I am just so happy to be heading to New York For a couple of days. Have been missing home so much and my family. It's been so long since i have made an outfit inspiration that i decided to do one for Thanksgiving. 

Thanksgiving for me is all about spending time with my family and eating our traditional supper. I love to dress up for thanksgiving and look my best my family and i take so many pictures that i don't want to go back years later and say yikes i just looked terrible. 

I have prepared for us ladies this simple, girly outfit it's great if you are living in a place where it's cold weather such as New York. I am actually missing fall in NY. Miami is gorgeous but definitely not the same. 

This outfit is all about comfort, and also very clean. It's not over powering. the Sweater is gorgeous it already has enough bling i don't think you will need more other than a pair of simple earrings such as these. I had to add the cranberry lipstick and simple eyeliner it's all about bold lips and simple outfit. These boots are so sexy they are definitely a must for this fall and Winter. 

I hope you have the best Thanksgiving. Count your blessings and be thankful for what you have. 



Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Brunch Outfit


Easter Is finally here. I remember being a little girl and wearing a new beautiful dress for Easter, my mom would always buy my outfit to go to church in the morning then we would have brunch with other family members. As an adult i still get all happy to rock a new outfit for Easter and have brunch with my mom at our favorite place in the city.  I think this is the best outfit for Easter it has a touch of floral and it's great to pair it up with a pair of coral sandals and a neutral bag it's the perfect chic spring outfit for this Easter. What is your typical Easter outfit ? leave a comment.

XOXO Andrea

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Birthday Girl Wishes

Birthday Wishlist

So my Birthday is coming up is on December 17, I will be turning 22. I have been thinking of things I want but the bad thing about being born in December is that one of the biggest Holidays is also in the same month and that Is Christmas. This year I decided to not make a huge list and concentrate on things that I will truly appreciate and will use. I want to travel soon to London and I think it could be a great Birthday gift. I mean it's London who would not want to go to the UK. I am dying for the Rebecca Mikoff rose gold bag and these Kate Spade bow flats they are just lovely. This is my Birthday Wish list what do you girls think about it.

XOXO Andrea

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Burgundy the Biggest trend in Autumn

Biggest trend in Autumn

J.Crew knit sweater, $160 / Marc by Marc Jacobs skinny jeans, $255 / Alexander McQueen leather shoes, $515 / Rebecca Minkoff clutch purse / Bare Escentuals / NARS Cosmetics lip makeup, $28 / Essie 

The Biggest trend in the fall is the color Burgundy. Everywhere I go I see someone wearing something burgundy either on the face, nails or a clothing piece. This is one of the biggest trend of the season. New York is filled up with the color burgundy and what makes it peculiar is that the color is not the typical black that everyone wears during the winter time. Is giving you a chance to use a dark color to change a bit your wardrobe. I personally am in love with the color. I can't stop using it on my lips. I have jeans in this color, socks, tights,sweater you name it.  An example is if you don't want to use all burgundy this J.crew heart sweater is perfect because  it has touches of burgundy and you can trow it on with anything you want it will still be a great statement piece.  

XOXO Andrea

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