Sunday, August 30, 2015

Miami Outfit Inspiration


Hi Beautiful Ladies. Last time I post on my blog I was headed to Dominican Republic to spent the best two weeks of my life before heading to my new city Miami. Vacation was great. Had an amazing time with my family. I got back to NY for a couple of days and then i was back on a plane heading to Miami. I officially have a week in Miami. So far it has been treating me great. I am currently getting my masters and professor are also great. 

Now Since you guys know i am from New York we have all types of weather and I am not use to living in a state where it doesn't snows or gets chilly. As of now I am still wearing my summer clothes and i will be transitioning slowly to fall according to the weather. So far i am loving wearing hats, espadrilles, bright lipsticks and panama hats. That is why i decided to Make a Miami outfit Inspiration. I have notice that people in Miami are extroverted they just love wearing colors and fun jewelry. 

This outfit is about being casual, fashionable and fun. Is great if you are going to have brunch with friends drinks. But it is also great for everyday or a pool party. You can just have your bathing suit under. I added a great bronzer and highlighter because i think with this dress. I would keep very sculpted cheeks and add that natural glow. I mean you are in Miami after all right. 

I hope you all enjoy my inspiration post. If you are not in Miami. This outfit is great for your next destination in the Caribbean.