Friday, November 29, 2013

A Weekend Casual Outfit

Weekend Casual

Do you like to wear your workout clothing on a regular basis? I am one of those people that not only loves to wear her workout clothing to exercises but also as an everyday outfit. 

Sometimes  I am too lazy on the weekends to get all glamed up. So I wear my workout attire. It is easier for me to run errands and be comfortable at the same time.

These past days it seems that all that I have been wearing has been workout clothing. Don't get me wrong i love to dress up but i also can make a girly and cute outfit with my workout attire.  You just have to add a cute pair of sneakers, buy pieces with color  and a puffer coat and your ready for a casual winter outfit.

Here is a picture of myself an afternoon waiting for the bus. I had on my knee length workout leggings and favorite Free Run Sneakers. 

Have a nice weekend ! 

XOXO Andrea

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Giving Thanks......

Happy Thanksgiving y'all I hope you are spending a day full of excitement. I hope you enjoy a great dinner with your friends and family. Thanksgiving is really special for me is not only about the meal but of the people i am surrounded with.

Many times we forget to give thanks everyday of what we have or achieved or even for just having a place to sleep. Today is the perfect day to reflect  and be with family and if your not,  give thanks you are alive and healthy. Those are the most important for me. 

I pray that the less fortunate have a meal this day and that they get to spend time at a cozy facility where dinner is served. I hope everyone enjoy their meal and leave a comment on the bottom on one thing you give thanks today. 

Happy Thanksgiving !
Gobble Gobble said the Turkey......


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Chic Outfit For A Night In The City

Chic outfit for a night in the city

The city is getting full of Christmas trees and lights. It is just breath taking. I got inspired and decided to create a Chic outfit for the night. In reality I wish i would have this outfit right now but it is raining and cold in NYC that literally I prefer to be how i am now, wrapped in so many layers. 

Although, I am not saying you can't rock this outfit in the winter I will just switch shoes from pumps to knee high boots. This outfit is perfect for dinner, or just if you want to look for chic and elegant. The fur vest is a must in the winter and with those leather gloves your outfit will look exquisite. I feel that every girl should own a pair of leather gloves. It is an investment of course if you live in a city like mine where you get snow and it gets as cold as below zero degrees. Their is just something about putting on a pair of leather gloves it makes me feel elegant and classy. 

The focal point of this outfit are the earrings, these chandelier looking earrings are a must it gives you that extra touch of glam that every girl needs in her life. I couldn't forget the bag. As you gals know i have been drooling over a Celine bag for over a year but with my budget it's just not happening although i pray to God that Santa Claus notice i was a good girl this year and gift it to me.

 I added the smaller version Celine because is a night outfit and i don't want it to be the number one focal point . I wanted to light up a bit the outfit since is mainly black with a touch of burgundy and with this bag the cream color is making the outfit brighter and pop out.

Hope you get inspired with this outfit and don't forget to stay warm.

XOXO Andrea

Monday, November 25, 2013

Baby Is Cold Outside

So this weekend was extremely cold. I mean it seemed like it was winter. I felt like a stuffed bear with all the layers I had on. I decided to take a snap shot of my weather app on my phone to show you how cold it was. literally I walked with my friend to the  nearest diner and we couldn't wait until to arrive. My hands were numb and I couldn't touch my face. I guess is time to say bye bye to fall and hello to winter.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Living Room Decor Inspiration

The Leather sofa

 table lamp / Modern lighting /   pillow / Ikat pillows basket / candleleather sofa / table

Today I bring a design inspiration. I had a long time without writing one of these post. Lately my mom and I have been thinking of re decorating our living room. I live in New York City and space is something that you have to compromise sometimes. Thankfully we live in an apartment where we  have space to move around furniture and add a couple of decor accessories. 

My mom knows that I am an interior design addict. I mean i have stacks of Elle decor, and other interior design magazines at home. It is one of my favorite hobbies. Her knowing that, she has decided to leave the living room project on my hands that means that I have the opportunity to play around with things but not with cash. We have a budget which I will try my best to not go past it. 

How am i going to do that? by buying a good long lasting leather sofa and combine it with other accents from Marshalls, Target, Home Goods and shops around my neighborhood.  My mom loves the traditional style and i do to . If it would of been for me i would have everything pink and white but i don't think that would work. 

I am sticking with neutral and adding color touches with a rug and pillows. I am also on a hunt for the perfect sunburst mirror for the living room with gold accents like this one and long window sheer panels and a fresh coat of paint. That will turn my living room into a new one. 

 SO what do you gals think Yay or Nay ! leave a comment of what do you think of this Living Room interior design inspiration.

XOXO Andrea

Monday, November 18, 2013

Forever 21 Haul

Last week I went with my mom to the new Forever21 store around my neighborhood. I wasn't really planning on getting anything but of course i ended up buying a couple of accessories. 

A bit of jewelry from Forever21 Because who doesn't like affordable cute jewelry. I love the different options of earrings that you can get in one packet. Also this bib necklace is simply gorgeous and I can use it with many outfits.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday Favorites !

Hi Ladies !! Happy Friday ! this week has not been the best I have been sick for 3 days in a row. Fever, ear and throat are killing me and have been eating for the past days, soup, yogurt, and tea... oh and pure orange juice to gain some vitamin C. I always feel better when i come to the blog and write about something that I really enjoy. Today I bring my Friday Favorites. Things that  I have been loving this week and that I want to share with you. 

Love Kate Beckinsale with this pink coat. I love her style but this outfit is just.... so easy and Wonderful !

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Perfect Way To Use White During The Fall

Untitled #533

 sweater coat / skinny jeans handbag

Last week I posted an outfit of the day on my Instagram. I had a pair of white straight denims, a camel peacoat and a pair of leopard flats. Some people don't use white after labor day you know the fashion rule. But why not use white when it is a universal color and it's chic. I love how a pair of white jeans look on me so I decided to break the "rule" and rock my pair of white pants.

 Here i have a very similar outfit to the one i wore last week. I do love fashion but I don't think you have to follow all the trends that are going on . You can make your own trend by being unique. I think this is the perfect way to wear white in the fall. With the perfect camel coat and leopard flats it will give you that fall touch that you wont get during summer or spring. Don't be scared of using white in the fall if you like to wear white go a head give it a try i know it will be one of your favorite outfits.

XOXO Andrea

Friday, November 8, 2013

In A Very Plaid World !


Shop This Outfit : dress / tight / leather booties bag, / watch necklace / lipstick

I have always dreamed of being that typical classy lady from the upper east side. I guess with my obsession of Gossip Girl. I loved Blair and I loved her outfits. Every time I walk around the upper east side it reminds me of the show and of course of how charming the neighborhood is. In honor of that charming neighborhood and Gossip Girl I have this outfit in my mind. I think this outfit is beautiful and classy. 

 I mean for Gods sake the name of my Blog is Diary of a classy lady. I guess I am a bit obsessed with lady like classy outfits and lifestyles. This outfit is for the typical lady that loves to wear a fashionable outfit and also that loves plaid. This Ralph Lauren dress is perfect for this season. It is the perfect length and color. The makeup can be pretty easy just slap on a dark matte lipstick and you will look FABULOUS !

I wish i could have  it hanging on my closet but since i know that won't happen ill just leave it as a dream. So this is my "I wish i could wear that" outfit post. Happy Friday !! My question for you ladies is what is the synonym of classy to you?

XOXO Andrea

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Fall Makeup Favorites

Hi Ladies !! I hope everyone had a great Halloween weekend. Can you believe it November  is finally here? You know what that means that Thanksgiving is in a couple of weeks but any how. Lately I have been talking too much about fashion so..... I wanted to change it up a bit and talk about my favorite makeup products of this fall. As a person that categorizes herself as a makeup addict and lover. I have been switching up my makeup this fall. So here are my favorite lipsticks and makeup products of this season. 

New addition to my lipstick collection. It's the perfect nude.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Weekend Outfit Inspiration

weekend outfit

Hi Ladies I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. Here in NYC has been a bit raining and surprisingly not that cold. New York is a beautiful city but also very hectic. People are running around trying to catch the subway or a yellow cab. The city never sleeps.  Literally ! That is why on the weekends I love to rest  and go out to my favorite cafe on the west village and have my favorite latte. Sometimes living in a big city like New York I tend to forget I have to take more time for myself and just chill. This inspiration outfit is perfect for the weekend. I love to grab an easy outfit and take the camera with me because you never know what you will find. 

What do you like to do on the weekends?

XOXO Andrea