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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Winter Minimalist Look

Winter Minimalist Look

I am glad to announce that in a couple of days i will be back in my favorite city, New York. I am over joyed to be back with my family for a couple of week and Friends, Also .....  i will finally will be able to wear my favorite winter pieces. I really like layering and adding different scarves to my winter coat. 

As most of you ladies know i am all about simplicity and that is what the Minimalist trend is all about. I am all about, clean, comfortable, neutral colors. I am always wearing my slouchy pants with a plain tee. I like to add a couple touches but other than that I am always very traditional. 

This look is all about being minimal and not over layering. Is about being comfortable, fashionable and stylish. If you notice i added a couple black accessories to spice up the outfit due to that the clothing is very light. I am in love with this coat is just gorgeous and literally it goes with everything !  And one last thing that i had to add was the watch is manly but it just adds that extra minimalist touch to the outfit. 

What you ladies think of this ? would you rock this outfit? Leave your comment on the bottom.


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Chic Outfit For A Night In The City

Chic outfit for a night in the city

The city is getting full of Christmas trees and lights. It is just breath taking. I got inspired and decided to create a Chic outfit for the night. In reality I wish i would have this outfit right now but it is raining and cold in NYC that literally I prefer to be how i am now, wrapped in so many layers. 

Although, I am not saying you can't rock this outfit in the winter I will just switch shoes from pumps to knee high boots. This outfit is perfect for dinner, or just if you want to look for chic and elegant. The fur vest is a must in the winter and with those leather gloves your outfit will look exquisite. I feel that every girl should own a pair of leather gloves. It is an investment of course if you live in a city like mine where you get snow and it gets as cold as below zero degrees. Their is just something about putting on a pair of leather gloves it makes me feel elegant and classy. 

The focal point of this outfit are the earrings, these chandelier looking earrings are a must it gives you that extra touch of glam that every girl needs in her life. I couldn't forget the bag. As you gals know i have been drooling over a Celine bag for over a year but with my budget it's just not happening although i pray to God that Santa Claus notice i was a good girl this year and gift it to me.

 I added the smaller version Celine because is a night outfit and i don't want it to be the number one focal point . I wanted to light up a bit the outfit since is mainly black with a touch of burgundy and with this bag the cream color is making the outfit brighter and pop out.

Hope you get inspired with this outfit and don't forget to stay warm.

XOXO Andrea

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Cable knit Sweater Outfit

Untitled #527

 sweater / jeans booties tote jewelry hat

If i would have to use one sweater through out fall and winter it would be the cable knit sweater. I love how cozy and warm I feel when I wear mine. I only have one cable knit sweater I remember i got it a couple years ago as a Christmas gift. since then it has been my go to sweater. This kind of sweater is perfect for everyday you can use it for work and also on a fall casual day. It also comes with me on any weekend getaway because i know i will use it and make use of it a lot.

 I have here  an outfit inspiration. This outfit is perfect I love the color combination with the camel jeans and of course the light cream cable knit sweater . To add a bit of color i added the burgundy hat which is a fall statement for this fall. I also added the famous tortoise shell necklace It compliments the whole outfit and makes it look well put together.

 If you don't have a cable knit sweater i suggest investing in one it will last you a long time and i am sure is going to be your go to sweater. 

XOXO Andrea

Friday, August 9, 2013

Sexy Girls Night Out Outfit


 shirt jeans / shoes / purse bangle

Happy Friday Ladies ! This week for my Inspiration board I decided to do a "sexy" outfit . Well my twist to a casual night. Boyfriend jeans are great all year round you can dress them up or down, and that is my motto when I am shopping. I like to search for clothing pieces that i can wear on a casual day or on a dress up day. I love leopard print I think it's sexy and it gives a lot of character to your outfit. I mean I am sucker for animal print it is just gorgeous. I think this outfit is great to go out with your girlie's on a girls night out or date night. It's casual, fun, sexy and great to spend a great night full of laughter. One of my favorite pieces in this outfit is the silk Tibi top. it has a touch of elegance yet it still fun. If you like to show you back a bit this is the perfect one to wear. So get ready to rock the streets. Great for this weekend. Enjoy your last couple of weeks left of the summer.

BTW the Mac lipstick is Ruby woo 

XOXO Andrea

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Simplicity of A Friday Outfit !

Friday Outfit

TGIF ! Thank God Is Friday Literally this week has been a bit hectic for me. I have been running around attending different interviews and also working long hours. Thankfully Fridays are more relaxing....although I still have to work full day.  As I said before on my other blog post that in the summer I hate wearing a lot of accessories due to that my skin doesn't cope very well in the summer and also because I don't want to feel like I am over dressed or have too much on. That is why I love to wear dresses especially maxi dresses, a pair of flip flops and hit the streets. This is the perfect outfit that identifies my not so busy Friday on a hot summer day. Thankfully these past couple of days have been extremely nice and not raining or cold. I hope everyone enjoy their weekend. 

XOXO Andrea

Friday, March 8, 2013

March Fashionable Wishlist


Hello Girly girls, I am back with my March wish list, as you can see I love pink. I think that these pieces would be great for Spring. Hopefully soon I will hide my winter boots in the closet and wear a nice pair of sandals or cute wedges like these J crew ones,  aren't they stunning. I am also in love with the pink target cross body bag and guess what is under 30 bucks what a total steal. 

XOXO Andrea