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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Back To School Everyday Makeup

Back to school everyday makeup

Hi Ladies, I have been lost for this past year focusing on my masters and traveling also. I might of also fallen in love and met someone amazing but any who that is going to be another post for another day. I think today's post is just perfect due to that everyone is back to school including myself and i sometimes don't want to show up like a zombie that has not slept in days due to school overload.

 I have put together my everyday makeup look on this post. I Literally cannot live without these products and this is my everyday makeup when i want to feel well put together or a live.

 I understand sometimes is hard to wake up in the morning and put your face on but this look seriously takes five minutes. There is no foundation and no eye makeup involved. I will be listing each product on the bottom enjoy. 

After I moisturize my face and prime, I apply these products and i have added numbers that way you know the steps.  You can find them here. 1, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8, 9

      XOXO Andrea

Sunday, February 2, 2014

My Everyday Makeup

Untitled #543

I am not the kind of Gal that wears heavy makeup everyday. In fact i don't use foundation unless i have a special event to attend or a makeup look that needs foundation. Or simply i am having a bad skin day which is rarely. 

From the moment i discovered makeup i have always used powder. A couple years ago Revlon came out with a mineral powder that contained coconut water. I felt in love with it and since then this has been my go to everyday face powder. 

I love that is loose and that you have the control to take as much as you can. Thank God I've never had acne problems only when that time of the month comes around a simple here and their zit. That is why i don't truly think i need that much makeup i want to look and feel like myself yet don't feel like i am carrying a couple of pounds of makeup. 

I decided to show you guys my favorite products that i use everyday and can say i have been faithful to them because simply why change if they work miracles on those mornings your dark circles have gone wild. 

Here i have seven products. the first is the concealer. After  I have washed my face, applied my face moisturizer and have let it dry i apply my concealer on places i need it such on my under eyes, around the nose and on my chin that's where i want to cancel the redness of my skin. 

The first time i tried FAKEUP by benefit was over the summer. I am going through my second one at the moment i can say it does more than the job it also moisturize the places you applied concealer. 

 I then apply my Revlon mineral powder all over my face and a bit extra on places i get super oily like my T Zone.

My ultimate favorite bronzer of all time. I am already hitting pan have used it for over two years. is by mac cosmetics is name it's name is Refined Golden.  

Eyeliner love that i can make the line as thick or thin as i want. This eyeliner is same as Bobbi Brown or Mac it does the job and it's smooth. I then apply my other 3 benefit products that i will say works miracles. It's the They're Real Mascara, Benefit Whatts Up highlighter and High Brow pencil.  

The brow pencil is perfect if you haven't had time to get your brows done. I just apply it under my brow and it conceals the are and makes it look brighter. I then apply my highlighter on my cheek bone and nose and any other place i need to. And for last the lipstick of the day which i left out because i change my lipstick almost everyday if not just a plaid nude color. 

Those are all the products i use everyday. Which are your favorite products for your everyday makeup?

XOXO Andrea

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Fall Makeup Favorites

Hi Ladies !! I hope everyone had a great Halloween weekend. Can you believe it November  is finally here? You know what that means that Thanksgiving is in a couple of weeks but any how. Lately I have been talking too much about fashion so..... I wanted to change it up a bit and talk about my favorite makeup products of this fall. As a person that categorizes herself as a makeup addict and lover. I have been switching up my makeup this fall. So here are my favorite lipsticks and makeup products of this season. 

New addition to my lipstick collection. It's the perfect nude.

Friday, September 6, 2013

MY Everyday Makeup Storage and Bath & Body Works Haul

Hello Ladies this week I decided to share with you one part of my makeup collection. This is how I organize my everyday makeup. It is much easier for me also if i buy something new i usually leave it outside that way i won't forget. As you can see i have some of my eye and lip pencils on a bath and body works candle jar. I think it is great way to organize your makeup and also you can re use your candle jars so that is a double win. 

On the right I I have an Anthropologie monogrammed mug filled up with the brushes that I have used during the week. I usually take those dirty brushes and wash them on the weekend. The lipstick holder which I got 3 years ago at the container store I keep my favorite lipsticks that I am going to use or have used during the past week.

I also did a bit of damage during labor day sales.  I ordered some of my favorite fall candles they were 2 for 22 so i had to whoop up a couple for the house. I already started burning Pumpkin cupcake and my house smells delicious and like Fall. As you can see I also ordered one of my favorite body wash which it smells like heaven and it's great for those long stressful nights and my favorite Bath and Body Works lotion which is soft, calming and rich in vitamin E. 

XOXO Andrea

Friday, August 9, 2013

Sexy Girls Night Out Outfit


 shirt jeans / shoes / purse bangle

Happy Friday Ladies ! This week for my Inspiration board I decided to do a "sexy" outfit . Well my twist to a casual night. Boyfriend jeans are great all year round you can dress them up or down, and that is my motto when I am shopping. I like to search for clothing pieces that i can wear on a casual day or on a dress up day. I love leopard print I think it's sexy and it gives a lot of character to your outfit. I mean I am sucker for animal print it is just gorgeous. I think this outfit is great to go out with your girlie's on a girls night out or date night. It's casual, fun, sexy and great to spend a great night full of laughter. One of my favorite pieces in this outfit is the silk Tibi top. it has a touch of elegance yet it still fun. If you like to show you back a bit this is the perfect one to wear. So get ready to rock the streets. Great for this weekend. Enjoy your last couple of weeks left of the summer.

BTW the Mac lipstick is Ruby woo 

XOXO Andrea

Saturday, June 8, 2013

My Must Haves for Summer....

👏👏Untitled #501

Hello girly girls i hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend I cannot believe that summer is finally here . I mean it has been raining the past couple of day i mean pouring. It has also been a bit chilly but i know soon summer will start showing its colors. I have decided to share with you guys my summer must haves. Thing that I simply cant live without during the summer. I hope you guys enjoy them as much as I do.


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Casual Fun Shopping Day....

 Hi Ladies I apologize or being lost this week and not posting anything. I have been a but busy with college. You know the typical 20 page paper three weeks before graduation and my thesis. Yesterday After my morning class I decided to venture around Union Square in NYC and go to my favorite places and do the ordinary Saturday fun. I got a couple of stuff which I am really proud that I acquire them. SO here they area.

New  Mac products from the Extra Dimension Collection. Totally In love with the highlighter/ bronzer (shape the future) on the right it's great for contouring your face. I also got a mineralize skin finish powder, The Beautiful Coral blush (blazing haute) and a new lip liner saw it on one of the makeup artist and felt in love with it. It's the perfect pink (Hip N Happy).

As all of you know I have been working very hard the past month on changing my everyday lifestyle into a more normal healthy lifestyle. I bought a pair of sneakers almost a year ago I love them they are great for my workouts. But I thought that after working so hard and seeing the results i would reward myself with a pair of new kicks. I own a pair of lunar glide witch are great for walking but  I have been jogging lately trying to get to run so I thought that these free runs would be just perfect. It has the perfect touch of pink. I also got a pair of headbands i hate my hair all over the place while i am working out it is super annoying.  I think these would be Great plus they were on sale.

The last place i stopped before going home was Whole Foods just to buy a couple of things for the week. I already had gone to my local supermarket so that's why their is not that much.  I don't know if you could spy fresh hydrangeas. I just had to get them not only they are my favorite but they only cost 10 bucks !!!!!  had to have them my mom is in love with them.

XOXO Andrea

Friday, March 15, 2013

3 Steps For A Bright Beautiful Face

Untitled #490

        blush concealer / mascara

If I could ask for three wishes the first wish I would ask for would be to have a perfect skin. An Immaculate firm and illuminated face. And that in the morning they would tell me you have an impeccable face. But that always doesn't happen. Of course it depends on what you eat, how you hydrate your skin, if you use sunscreen and if you take off your makeup before going to sleep. Which I know sometimes were tired and we want to just lay in our comfy bed but is a MUST.  On those days where I have spent all night studying for an exam and I feel like I need a fresh face the next morning I just go through my three steps. It consist of  Concealer, Mascara and Blush. I cannot leave my home without these three products. these products made me have a nice morning face.

Mascara-  currently I am using the Maybelline Rocket Volume. If you notice when you apply mascara on your lashes that once you have applied one coat your eyes look bigger due to that the lashes are perky and curled. (of course if you use a lash curler which I recommend using one) This is a must I apply mascara about 2 to 3 times a day it makes me feel awake. 

Concealer- I basically cannot live without it, due to not sleeping well and having to wake up early in the morning I have dark circles under my eyes. I just slap on some concealer and WALA ! magically my dark circles disappear. Thank God who ever invented concealer. 

Blush- the last product I use is BLUSH, I believe that if you don't have natural rosy cheeks, just with a touch of Blush your face will look for awake and give you that natural look you just need a bit not that much.

Those were my 3 steps for a bright beautiful face.


XOXO Andrea

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Small Beauty Haul !

  The other night I was bored and had nothing to do, I went on the Bloomingdales website and this is what happen. I ended purchasing a Bobbi Brown blush in Pretty Pink 41 and a MAC lipstick named Hue. I love my two new makeup items. I am a total addict of nude lipsticks so here is a new baby for my collection and I mean look at the color of that blush, I love it. It just gives great color to your cheeks. They are great for my everyday makeup.

XOXO Andrea

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Typical Makeup Geek Vanity Table

I don't know if you girls make a mess when you are putting on makeup, but I do. although I am a really organize person and always tend to have my vanity table organize. Every time I apply makeup this is how it ends, I just don't know but every time I am applying makeup I have to have my small trash bin next to me to throw away tissue, blotting sheets and anything that is not suppose to be on my vanity. My mom says I am a mess when it comes to Makeup, well I guess she is correct. Do you girls also make a mess when applying makeup? If yes leave a comment.

XOXO Andrea

Sunday, November 25, 2012

My Lipstick Obsession

 I might Have a slight obsession on Lipstick. As you see in this picture. I decided to show you guys my collection this excludes the lip gloss and lip pencils. My collection is mostly from Chanel, MAC , Revlon, Maybelline and more drugstore brands. I am not bragging at all just to show you a a little bit of my makeup obsession. 
To all the makeup lovers what are the products that you guys are obsessed over ?
Thanks for visiting !!
XOXO Andrea

Thursday, November 22, 2012

My Everyday Makeup


 NARS Cosmetics / MAC Cosmetics matte makeup / COVERGIRL black mascara / MAC Cosmetics / Bobbi Brown 

As a college student Most of the time I don't have time to use many products on my face. I tend to go more for the natural look. I don't use Foundation, I just use it if I have too or for special occasions. I keep these products in a separate place on my drawer because they are easy to find when I am on a rush. Of course before I put on any makeup in my face I use a face moisturizer and eye cream. Then I use a BB Cream, I bought the Garnier Fructis it's affordable and it works perfect for my skin, Then I use concealer for my dark circles due to my lack of sleep and over studying. After I apply those products I use a loose powder, blush, Mascara and last but not least some lip gloss. That's basically it. It might be a little too plain for you guys but It's perfect for me. I am presentable and at the same time still looking like me.  I think this is a great College look for everyday or even if you just don't feel like applying too much on your face.

xoxo Andrea