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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Back To School Everyday Makeup

Back to school everyday makeup

Hi Ladies, I have been lost for this past year focusing on my masters and traveling also. I might of also fallen in love and met someone amazing but any who that is going to be another post for another day. I think today's post is just perfect due to that everyone is back to school including myself and i sometimes don't want to show up like a zombie that has not slept in days due to school overload.

 I have put together my everyday makeup look on this post. I Literally cannot live without these products and this is my everyday makeup when i want to feel well put together or a live.

 I understand sometimes is hard to wake up in the morning and put your face on but this look seriously takes five minutes. There is no foundation and no eye makeup involved. I will be listing each product on the bottom enjoy. 

After I moisturize my face and prime, I apply these products and i have added numbers that way you know the steps.  You can find them here. 1, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8, 9

      XOXO Andrea

Sunday, February 2, 2014

My Everyday Makeup

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I am not the kind of Gal that wears heavy makeup everyday. In fact i don't use foundation unless i have a special event to attend or a makeup look that needs foundation. Or simply i am having a bad skin day which is rarely. 

From the moment i discovered makeup i have always used powder. A couple years ago Revlon came out with a mineral powder that contained coconut water. I felt in love with it and since then this has been my go to everyday face powder. 

I love that is loose and that you have the control to take as much as you can. Thank God I've never had acne problems only when that time of the month comes around a simple here and their zit. That is why i don't truly think i need that much makeup i want to look and feel like myself yet don't feel like i am carrying a couple of pounds of makeup. 

I decided to show you guys my favorite products that i use everyday and can say i have been faithful to them because simply why change if they work miracles on those mornings your dark circles have gone wild. 

Here i have seven products. the first is the concealer. After  I have washed my face, applied my face moisturizer and have let it dry i apply my concealer on places i need it such on my under eyes, around the nose and on my chin that's where i want to cancel the redness of my skin. 

The first time i tried FAKEUP by benefit was over the summer. I am going through my second one at the moment i can say it does more than the job it also moisturize the places you applied concealer. 

 I then apply my Revlon mineral powder all over my face and a bit extra on places i get super oily like my T Zone.

My ultimate favorite bronzer of all time. I am already hitting pan have used it for over two years. is by mac cosmetics is name it's name is Refined Golden.  

Eyeliner love that i can make the line as thick or thin as i want. This eyeliner is same as Bobbi Brown or Mac it does the job and it's smooth. I then apply my other 3 benefit products that i will say works miracles. It's the They're Real Mascara, Benefit Whatts Up highlighter and High Brow pencil.  

The brow pencil is perfect if you haven't had time to get your brows done. I just apply it under my brow and it conceals the are and makes it look brighter. I then apply my highlighter on my cheek bone and nose and any other place i need to. And for last the lipstick of the day which i left out because i change my lipstick almost everyday if not just a plaid nude color. 

Those are all the products i use everyday. Which are your favorite products for your everyday makeup?

XOXO Andrea