Monday, July 29, 2013

Summer Party Outfit

summer party outfit

Hello Gals, this weekend was super fun. I went to my first summer party and let me tell you that I had so much fun the conclusion of it is that my feet still hurt from so much dancing. When my cousin/ Best Friend invited me to the party two weeks ago I got so happy. I had to start thinking what I was going to wear and of my  hair and makeup. I planned an outfit that   was pretty , summery and very classy. I hope you like it I included a ponytail because after my first dance I had my hair in a ponytail it was so hot and my hair doesn't do very well with hot places. the ponytail looked actually pretty nice because I had beachy waves so it still looked great with my outfit. Happy Monday !

XOXO Andrea 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Duchess Of Cambridge Royal Baby

Duchess Of Cambridge Royal Baby Is Finally Here !

Finally the baby is here and it is a BOY ! I have been anxiously waiting for for this news since they got married. I have an obsession with the Royal family it all started with my mom who was a big fan of Princess Diana. Now is time for Prince William to be a father which I know he is going to be good at it. Hopefully we can see photos of the baby soon.  I got the Baby blues so i decided to do a little inspiration.

Dutchess Of Cambridge Baby

XOXO Andrea

Lunch Al Fresco

Perfect Summer Salad

Hello Everyone. I hope everybody had a great weekend. My weekend was a so hot it was over 100 degrees this whole past week but that didn't stop me from going dress shopping with my friend for an upcoming summer party that i got invited to. It has been so hot that i havent been preparing hot meals just easy to go lunchs and dinners. I have decided to be the least possible in my home and have al fresco lunch. A refreshing and easy lunch. 

Pinterest has been the best thing they have invented you just type a word and you get tons of recipes and these were the ones that i chose. Don't they look yummy and fresh and the best about them is that they are easy to prepare and low calorie.

Enjoy !


XOXO Andrea

Thursday, July 18, 2013

White Shorts On A Casual Summer Day

Untitled #511

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Hey Dolls ! On Monday I forgot to tell you a bit o f this past weekend so here it goes. It was super fun I went on a  mini road trip with my friends which included pizza and beer two things which I haven't had  over  four months yes I know ho dare I but it's due to my new eating habits but once in a while I am sure it won't do any damage. On our mini road trip we had so much fun we sang our lungs out, told stories, talked about boys and of course fashion. I was telling my friends that I want a pair of white shorts so that's why today's Inspiration is  about white shorts. White shorts are the perfect shorts for the summer you can basically wear it with anything and that's why I love them. You can  dress them up or down. This is how i would pair it up super  easy and and great for this summer.  I'm on the hunt for the perfect white denim shorts. I really like these bad boys. What you gals think ?

XOXO Andrea

Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday Cravings.....


                                                             Sneakers /   tote, / bracelet / phone case Art Print

Hello Everybody ! Happy Monday it has been  extremely hot in NYC their is a heat wave going on that will last until Saturday. When it's extremely hot I get so lazy I don't want to do anything which that means that I spent my afternoons searching online for my new obsessions. These are my favorites of the week. Can you notice the amount of Pink, Yep that's me but I do want that Jonathan Adler Phone case is gorgeous and look at the pattern. 
Enjoy the week and stay cool.

XOXO Andrea

Thursday, July 11, 2013

I Dream Of A Pink Sofa....

Pink Sofa....

Hello Ladies before I get to my point let's make it clear I love pink and Interior Design and when I see a combination of both I go NUTS. Not too long I go I made a blog post of how to Incorporate pink in your home.  This week while I was walking in the city I saw a gorgeous light pink sofa with nail heads I simply felt in love with it. When I got home I started searching online and I found this one. I cannot wait until I have my own place to have a pink sofa I know for many girls they dream of a fancy car or fancy shoes but this is what I call FANCY. I decided to put this together this is how I would like to decorate my living room.It has a traditional and feminine touch. It will be my Carrie Bradshaw apartment. I can't wait. I am drooling over it. I hope all you ladies are having a great week mine so far is a bit lazy

XOXO Andrea

Monday, July 8, 2013

Outfit Inspiration : The Perfect Flowery Summer Dress

Untitled #508

Hello Girlie's This week I am back with an Inspiration outfit. This outfit screams out  PORTOFINO Italy !!!!  Imagine sitting near the bay on a beautiful sunny day with this simple yet gorgeous flowery dress and your wavy hair moving with the breeze. I can see myself wearing this outfit. It is beautiful and great for a casual lunch or for simple dinner by the water. I also included these pair of sandals and my favorite tote bag from J.Crew.  Hope you guys get a bit of inspiration with this outfit. And pardon me for talking so much of the French Riviera or Italy lately is that I have an obsession with the Mediterranean sea, oops.

XOXO Andrea

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Sun Care Protection For A Healthy Skin During Summer !

sun care

Now that summer is finally here everyone is ready to enjoy their summer by attending beaches, pools, parks or simply walks with the family. I have to admit that sometimes i tend to forget to take care of my skin. I have extremely sensitive skin and just for being half and hour outside i am already sun burn and i recognize it when I am applying lotion on my body by feeling the burn and itch and we all know that's no fun. I have decided to write a post on how  I personally protect my skin and hair from the sun.  Our skin is the largest organ in our body that is why it is really important to treat it well. Especially us girls we want to have an impeccable skin. 

These are my must have on my everyday daily life. Sun hat I tend to carry mine during the summer not only is it stylish but it also protects my hair from getting all sun burn I also use on my hair a sunscreen mist. it is lightweight and it protects hair from sun exposure and it minimizes damage or dryness.  I also apply every time i can a lip balm that has SPF 15 such as the Burt's bees lip balm it is pretty affordable and can find it at any drugstore. 

The number one product here is the Face and Body sunscreen I try to use one that has a high SPF and also rich in vitamins such as the brand SUPERGOOP!  I love it ! it is light and drys up in seconds. I also use Evian face mist. It is great to keep your face and body hydrated. And last but not least a good pair of Sunnies and plenty of water during the day the sun can cause dehydration and we don't want that we want a fun and exciting summer. Enjoy !

XOXO Andrea

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Fourth Of July Outfit


Happy Fourth of July !!!!  we cannot forget the day that America Declared Independence.  Being born and raised in NYC I remember being with my parents and going over the Hudson river to watch the Fireworks. They just looked incredible. What I also love of 4th of July is people's creativity on how they wear the American Flag Colors on their clothing, from Nail designs, to hair pieces or simply what I am doing here I have created a little inspiration for girls like me that like to represent the colors of their country but in a subtle way. Today on July fourth my Mom and I will be in the city well because one of the biggest things that i love is the fourth of July sales....I am going to check out a couple of stores and after that I will be attending a casual fourth of July BBQ with  friends and family to celebrate this gorgeous day.

I hope everyone enjoys Fourth of July !! 

XOXO Andrea

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Favorite Hair Products For This Summer


Hi y'all !! this week I decided to talk about my favorite hair products that i have been using lately. Lets talk about my hair..... ugh one of my biggest challenges. I have long, dark and curly hair, that means that in the  summer my hair is basically up most of the time or on a side braid or ponytail. Having curly hair I have to hydrate my hair because it tends to be a bit dry. I would buy the most expensive hair mask to keep my hair hydrated and feeling silky. As I have said before I like to use organic and natural products on my hair. well i try...... so this summer i decided that I want to show off my natural curly hair and not be afraid of getting to puffy or tangled. 

I have been hearing for a long time about Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray at first I didn't believe in it but last week when I bought it I gave it a try and I have to say that it is addicting I simply LOVE it. I use it on damp and dry hair. After I blow dry my hair I spray a bit to the end and wrap it up in a bun and WALA after 10 minutes I have beach waves and when I have damp hair my curl hold on together and look fabulous.  I am in love ! this is one of my new favorite hair products. My second favorite product is the Bumble and Bumble Sunday shampoo. This shampoo is great for once a week, I use it twice it does what it says it cleans your scalp and hair from all of the products you have been applying to your hair to keep it together. It smells divine and you only need a bit to wash your hair. I was a bit scared due to that I have a lot of hair and the bottle is small but I still have more than half. 

And the last product I recommend is Coconut oil. What can I say I use it to cook, as a moisturizer and also as a hair mask. I apply it before washing my hair for 20 minutes. Then I wash it off using my regular shampoo and I love it it leaves your hair super soft and it smells  AMAZING !! Plus coconut oil is great nutrient for your hair it helps with the growth of your hair. and its even good if you have dandruff. So If you haven't tried it and you want an inexpensive hair mask try coconut oil. the jar cost me less than 6 bucks at trader Joe's. What a Bargain !!

So what are your favorite hair products for this summer ?

XOXO Andrea