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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thanksgiving Outfit Inspiration

Thanks Giving Outfit

Hi Ladies I know it's been so long. I apologize but grad school work had me super busy. I really missed blogging but now that vacation is coming up i will have more time to blog. I am so happy tomorrow i will be will be in NYC  with my family for Thanksgiving ! 

I am just so happy to be heading to New York For a couple of days. Have been missing home so much and my family. It's been so long since i have made an outfit inspiration that i decided to do one for Thanksgiving. 

Thanksgiving for me is all about spending time with my family and eating our traditional supper. I love to dress up for thanksgiving and look my best my family and i take so many pictures that i don't want to go back years later and say yikes i just looked terrible. 

I have prepared for us ladies this simple, girly outfit it's great if you are living in a place where it's cold weather such as New York. I am actually missing fall in NY. Miami is gorgeous but definitely not the same. 

This outfit is all about comfort, and also very clean. It's not over powering. the Sweater is gorgeous it already has enough bling i don't think you will need more other than a pair of simple earrings such as these. I had to add the cranberry lipstick and simple eyeliner it's all about bold lips and simple outfit. These boots are so sexy they are definitely a must for this fall and Winter. 

I hope you have the best Thanksgiving. Count your blessings and be thankful for what you have. 



Monday, June 29, 2015

Easy, Comfortable Summer Outfit

Untitled #577

While laying in bed recuperating from a pretty bad stomach virus over the weekend the only thing that came to my head was July. Which is almost here. 

Now i know Summer has arrived already but this stomach virus had me 4 days in bed except the day i had to rush to the emergency room because i could not tolerate my abdominal pain. Lasted a couple hours in the emergency room was diagnosed with a stomach virus no new news of course.

 I was very dehydrated. The nurse got an IV in my veins for medicine and a couple hours later i was back to my bed still dehydrated and feeling like crap. 

Two days has passed by and I am feeling much better. Finally had solid food and did not puke. I am feeling more like myself and more energized. 

Thinking of July, Inspired me on making this outfit inspiration. Summer can get pretty humid especially in this City. That is why i always opt for shorts and a cotton tee. I really like buying as much tee's as i can. They are super cheap you can find them at Target or H&M. 

I also added a pair of gladiator sandals because they are so in. I really wanted these by the brand Schutz . But they are out of my price range. I found these and my they are adorable under 50 bucks and by the brand of TopShop. Major score !

I wanted to pair this outfit with a not too big side bag. I found this one by Rebecca Minkoff and the color is just on point. 

The other accessories are the gorgeous pair of Prada Sunnies, and the new exclusive lipstick color that Estee Lauder Launched exclusive by Kendall Jenner. Is the perfect Matte Red lipstick is not too dark or bright. Is just perfect. 

With this look i suggest a high pony tail or natural waves and this Bumble and Bumble Infusion is just great. I bought it a couple months ago and it's lovely. 

And last you cannot leave your house without putting on your favorite fragrance. My friend got the beach by Bobbi Brown about a month ago and i seriously wanted to take it from her. Is a Must !

Enjoy your Week !



Monday, December 29, 2014

City Girl Outfit

Untitled #569

Hi Ladies ! Merry Christmas ! Christmas was great full of yummy food, red lipsticks and gifts. I didn't get all i wanted but....  I am blessed and thankful with what i got.  New years is almost here and my family is still visiting. It has been cold but also super sunny lately. I have been enjoying going to places with my cousins. 

You gals know i practically live in Boyfriend Jeans.  I really do ! that's why i did this outfit inspiration on what i would wear while hanging out in the city. It is casual, with a touch of glam. Its also comfortable and cozy. The sneakers and long coat are just perfect and adorable. To add a pop of a color i added this beautiful Celine bag. 

So what you ladies think of it YAY or NAY! 

Enjoy the last days of 2014

XOXO Andrea

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Work Outfit

work outfit

Pardon my absence on the blog. These past weeks i have been busy attending job interviews and also taking extensive workout classes. I guess two of my main goals for this new year are working so far. If you follow me on Instagram  you will know what i am talking about. 

While attending different interviews with news stations. I have noticed that i have fallen in the trap of the typical suit or black and white and grey pants for interviews. I want to be formal but not plain. I have decided to go shopping for interview clothing. I have checked my favorite stores and i came up with this outfit. It's a pair of print pants, a white tailored shirt and a fun blazer. The bright lipstick i added it for when i get the job. I will go with a nude lipstick and not with a bright color. 

I have also added a couple of accessories such as these fun pumps, the beautiful pair of earrings from Kate Spade and the minimalistic neutral bag. this outfit screams my name is cute, well put together, fashionable yet great for your everyday job or interview. I am accepting advice on job interview attire. What would be your statement piece for a job interview? 

XOXO Andrea

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Fourth Of July Outfit


Happy Fourth of July !!!!  we cannot forget the day that America Declared Independence.  Being born and raised in NYC I remember being with my parents and going over the Hudson river to watch the Fireworks. They just looked incredible. What I also love of 4th of July is people's creativity on how they wear the American Flag Colors on their clothing, from Nail designs, to hair pieces or simply what I am doing here I have created a little inspiration for girls like me that like to represent the colors of their country but in a subtle way. Today on July fourth my Mom and I will be in the city well because one of the biggest things that i love is the fourth of July sales....I am going to check out a couple of stores and after that I will be attending a casual fourth of July BBQ with  friends and family to celebrate this gorgeous day.

I hope everyone enjoys Fourth of July !! 

XOXO Andrea

Saturday, February 16, 2013

My Weekend Style


Sweater, Boots, Earrings, sunglasses, tote bag

As I had mention before I am super busy this semester due to the fact that it is my last semester in college.  I am taking six courses, I also have an internship at a news station and a part time job. I have my hands full. The only day that I am free is on Sunday's. I usually like to sleep late and just wear a very relaxing and simple outfit. I am all about Ugg boots and a cable knit sweater in the winter. I think they are great for cold winter days in NYC which are perfect if I am going to the movie theater with my best friend or grab some coffee at my nearest Starbucks. I love Ugg boots because they are warm comfortable and basically go with anything, they are not the cutest but they do their job to keep my feet warm. What is your typical weekend outfit? is it relaxing or fun and colorful.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Can I live in My Dream Closet

As Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and The City told Mr. Big "Just get me a big closet".  I don't think I will ever forget those lines. I am die hard Sex and The City fan, but I am a bigger fan of  Carrie Bradshaw. I think out of all characters hers is the most real and unique and all those love stories we went through with her just amazing. When I saw the movie and saw the closet that they had built on the Penthouse . I was not surprised because I know she had a big love for fashion, clothing and SHOES. And just like her, one of my biggest dreams is to have my DREAM Closet I want a closet fully organized with all of my wardrobe. I am obsessed with having all of my clothing pieces and shoes organized that way I know where is everything placed. I have a crush on big beautiful closets that have plenty of space to fill it up and keep shopping. My mom tells me all the time that when I have my dream closet I will end up in a rehabilitation center for being a shopaholic. I just laugh about it but I  mean it is kind of true.  I was torturing myself searching online for big beautiful closets and these were the one's that I found. They are just breath taking.


XOXO, Andrea