Monday, January 27, 2014

Shopping The Medicine To Bad Days !

Hi Friends ! Last Thursday I had a rough day. I actually had a rough week with the snow and working till late. But on  I had a meeting that didn't end up well. It didn't end up with what i wanted. I left the place sad and literally about to cry. I walked a couple of blocks until i found myself in Century21 and then in ZARA. What dragged me into the stores were the sale ads they had everywhere literally. 

I first went to Century21 and i started to look around i didn't find anything i liked until i stepped in the shoe department and saw a couple that caught my attention.  I have been looking a long time for a pair of nude pumps. I mean i really like a pair of Christian Louboutin but that is not a choice at this moment. I found for half the price very cute and comfortable mid heel nude pumps. Bought them for 20 bucks instead of 100 now don't tell me that's not a deal i had to take it. Then I walked a bit more and saw a couple of booties. I saw one that caught my eye,  tried them on and boom I had to have them plus they were 1/3 of the price that were on sale. I basically felt like it was my day i scored two pair of shoes under 60 bucks !

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Work Outfit

work outfit

Pardon my absence on the blog. These past weeks i have been busy attending job interviews and also taking extensive workout classes. I guess two of my main goals for this new year are working so far. If you follow me on Instagram  you will know what i am talking about. 

While attending different interviews with news stations. I have noticed that i have fallen in the trap of the typical suit or black and white and grey pants for interviews. I want to be formal but not plain. I have decided to go shopping for interview clothing. I have checked my favorite stores and i came up with this outfit. It's a pair of print pants, a white tailored shirt and a fun blazer. The bright lipstick i added it for when i get the job. I will go with a nude lipstick and not with a bright color. 

I have also added a couple of accessories such as these fun pumps, the beautiful pair of earrings from Kate Spade and the minimalistic neutral bag. this outfit screams my name is cute, well put together, fashionable yet great for your everyday job or interview. I am accepting advice on job interview attire. What would be your statement piece for a job interview? 

XOXO Andrea

Friday, January 17, 2014

Ghost Chair

Happy Friday !! I am so happy the weekend has finally arrived that means i get to relax after  running around the city the whole week running errands. This week inspiration is the famous Ghost Chair.

Their is something about the chair that makes the place more classy, elegant and contemporary. It also makes the place feel roomy. 

These chairs are great if you live in a small space and don't want to make too much room with big chairs. The fact that they are clear makes it look invisible. These are different examples of how to make your space look pretty, comfortable and roomy.

Friday, January 10, 2014

The Cross Body Trend

I apologize for being absent these days. I have been sick, stuck in bed with a sinus infection and a cold. But lets leave that story for another day. Today i decided to write about one of my favorites. 

Everyone loves them, They come in different sizes and great if you want your hands or arms free. Have you guessed already? I am talking about the famous cross body bags. I am a big fan of satchels or cross body bag how ever you want to call them.

I use them especially if i know i will need my hands. Like if i am going shopping or simply don't want to feel like i am carrying too much. I am a bag lady. I love big bags don't get me wrong but now brands such as Fendi, Phillip Lim, Louis Vuitton and Celine  have made mini versions of their most famous bags. I mean they are to die for.

 I have added a couple on my blog with different inspiration outfits. But... I think it was time for me to dedicate a whole post on it. Most of us girls are always on the run. We are students, busy workers trying to juggle the real world, girlfriends, wives and even mothers. Sometimes we want to be fashionable yet not be pressured by carrying a heavy bag just because it goes with your outfit. You know what i mean.....

 That Is why i think cross body bags are perfect for the weekend, vacation or simply for the everyday running errands kind of life. I have a couple that are my favorite. I mean they are too die for.  
Check these cuties out. I. Want. Them. All !

This Rebecca Minkoff is lovely, great for everyday or a night out with your friends.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Leather + Sneakers = Comfort Chic

Untitled #541

2014 is Here ! I hope everyone had an amazing New Year celebration. I hope you all reach your new goals. One if mine is to own a pair of leather pants. Yep I said it right. God they are so sexy ! I simply cannot find a pair where i can say that it's it i don't have to search for a new pair leather pants. 

I just love the look of leather jeans and simple sneakers like that Nike that i have. You might say WHAT sneakers as part of a outfit that has leather pants. well that's the fun of fashion that you can play around with items that you will never imagine. 

This outfit is mainly all black with touch of grey and plaid. It's perfect for the winter of 2014. This outfit is perfect for the gal that is always wants to be comfortable with her clothing but also daring by wearing leather pants.  

Have a nice weekend !

XOXO Andrea