Friday, June 28, 2013

Hello Friday !

NYC Meets France ! 

Great Homemade fruit salad for the summer

Roses from Mr. Handsome

Loving my new Jcrew market tote !


 New Nail polish !! Loving me some red

Tods... Comfort yet classic

Hello Wonderful ladies, I hope everyone had a great week. This week has been fun, exciting and a bit romantic. Yes you heard romantic, starting on Sunday afternoon I met a special person that I have been talking for over a year.  Although that person left to DC to pursue his career we haven't forgotten of each other and have been great friends and maybe soon something else. :) I have also been doing a bit of shopping. I mean Jcrew had a 25% of everything and Sephora had their nail polish have off so I had to get something. I know you also spy the Goyard tote. 

This week I went to Bergdorfs Goodman I wanted to see with my own eyes and try on a couple of different Goyard Totes they are amazeballs I am obsessed with this classy bag.  I also checked the shoes department I couldn't leave the store with out checking all the amazing shoes. I saw this pair of Tods loafers I found them so cute and  they are easy on the walking so I think these are going to be my next purchase. what you guys think?Well that was all for this week, What can I say life is treating me good and i am a okay about it. 

I hope everyone have a spectacular weekend !!!! 

                  XOXO Andrea

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Simplicity of A Friday Outfit !

Friday Outfit

TGIF ! Thank God Is Friday Literally this week has been a bit hectic for me. I have been running around attending different interviews and also working long hours. Thankfully Fridays are more relaxing....although I still have to work full day.  As I said before on my other blog post that in the summer I hate wearing a lot of accessories due to that my skin doesn't cope very well in the summer and also because I don't want to feel like I am over dressed or have too much on. That is why I love to wear dresses especially maxi dresses, a pair of flip flops and hit the streets. This is the perfect outfit that identifies my not so busy Friday on a hot summer day. Thankfully these past couple of days have been extremely nice and not raining or cold. I hope everyone enjoy their weekend. 

XOXO Andrea

Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Bit Of A Summer shopping Lately !

Hello Everyone.!! These past days have been horrible in NYC. It has been cold, raining and it doesn't feel like summer it feels like April !!! But that hasn't stopped me from shopping for the summer. Hopefully it will get nicer the next couple of weeks, that way I can wear everything I bought. I admit I have a shopping addiction problem with target. I mean who doesn't? They have everything and most of all affordable fashionable pieces that I can buy without breaking my bank account. Lately I have been ordering online a couple of things. just a bit, SO.... this is kind of a collective haul. ENJOY !

cutest sandals from Target. LOOK AT THE SPARKLES !
BTW Super Comfortable

New Real Techniques Brushes. 1 word OBSESSED
What can I say This girl loves Makeup 

New Dress from Of course Target love the color pattern !
Great For Brunch with friends

 And my last purchase is this Jcrew bucket bag !! I love it ! and what I love more is that I got it on SALE !!! so go and check it out. This is the perfect vacation summer bag or perfect for a city girl like me it fits a lot I was a bit apprehensive about because I love big bags but it is perfect ! It fits a lot and has multiple pockets. 

Thanks for passing by and reading my blog !! 

XOXO Andrea 

Saturday, June 8, 2013

My Must Haves for Summer....

👏👏Untitled #501

Hello girly girls i hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend I cannot believe that summer is finally here . I mean it has been raining the past couple of day i mean pouring. It has also been a bit chilly but i know soon summer will start showing its colors. I have decided to share with you guys my summer must haves. Thing that I simply cant live without during the summer. I hope you guys enjoy them as much as I do.


Monday, June 3, 2013

Casual Outfit for the Summer

Casual Outfit for the Summer

June has finally arrived that means hot summer days and many iced coffees. Yep I am addicted to ice coffee. As a New Yorker I know summer gets pretty bad . I try to use as much as possible cotton clothes or light clothing pieces and very minimal with my accessories. I want to be comfortable and not feel like i have too much on.  This is my typical outfit on a hot summer day. Its chic and casual.

So.... what it your typical summer outfit ?

XOXO Andrea