Monday, May 11, 2015

Favorite Beauty Products Of The Moment

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Lately It has been feeling more like Summer than Spring. It has been super sunny and hot. The past two weeks have been super stressful due to  studying intensely for my Grad school Exam. I took the exam this Saturday i hope everything goes well. Now i can finally calm and pamper my skin. I have combinations skin but this winter left my skin very bad with a couple dry patches and dryness. On some days i would only used my every day cleanser Cetaphil and moisturizer with SPF and maybe when i had chance a mask. 

My plan for the next couple of weeks is to go back to my everyday routine. Sunday was all about relaxing and my skin. Not only face but all over. But since this post is only about face products i will try to keep it as short as i can. 

Due to my highly sensitive skin I have adapted my skin to a regimen where i don't use too many products especially products that i know won't irritate my skin. On this post you are going to see everything except an under eye cream. Just bought a new eye cream and want to try it for a week or so before i share with you my thoughts. 

I started using not long ago Clinique moisturizing gel due to that one of the girls from Sephora told me that gel penetrates to your skin while the lotion stays in the surface. I really love how the moisturizer glides softly around my face. 

Another favorite product of mine is the Origins Charcoal Mask. This mask is amazing not only are my pores less visible after i apply this on my skin but i feel my face brighter. It doesn't leave my surface oily and it's full of goodness. It has been one of the best investment. 

And my last favorite product is Coconut oil the holy grail !!! I mean DUH is COCONUT OIL . Have been using it for years. I can go on with a list of how i apply it or use it but this time i will give you an easy recipe. You will need 1/2 cup of coconut oil and 1/4 of a cup of Brown Sugar I buy organic.  

Take your stand mixer and mix it for 5 minutes. It will be the softest scrub on earth. I apply it once a week to my face and lips. I try to get all that dead skin from my face and boy does it work. It makes my face feel brand new i am telling you ladies is a must. You can also apply this all over your body before bathing.

XOXO Andrea

Monday, May 4, 2015

Mothers Day Gift Ideas

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 sandals /  handbagWatch/ perfume  / coffee maker / Mug,/ Card Plants 

Hello Chicas ! Guess what? we are a few days away from Mother's day. The most special day on earth! I don't know for you ladies but everyday is a blessing waking up and watching my mother smile, laugh, have coffee and simply have my best friend next to me. I lost my dad a couple years ago and i have to admit she has been there for me always. I always try to demonstrate the love and admiration i have for her.

 I thought to myself let me share with you ladies what i would give my mom on her day. My mom is the most simple lady in this world. She is not picky at all. She is all about comfort, tradition, nature and neutrals. 

On this inspiration post i kept it simple. I added a fun orange tote bag with long handles perfect for everyday and traveling. The most comfortable sandals on earth, a nice perfume of course Tory Burch it smells divine. 

I also added a watch this Kate Spade watch gives your outfit a touch of glam. I had to add a home plant. My mother and I are in love with plants and Flowers. And to tell you the truth who doesn't want a home plant? Could not leave the Mothers Day Card don't forget to add some nice words and for last a coffee maker with a fun mug. Coffee is perfect for bonding time if not coffee, tea is perfect. 

I hope all mothers spend a great weekend. And to all daughters and sons including myself don't forget to make her day.