Monday, June 29, 2015

Easy, Comfortable Summer Outfit

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While laying in bed recuperating from a pretty bad stomach virus over the weekend the only thing that came to my head was July. Which is almost here. 

Now i know Summer has arrived already but this stomach virus had me 4 days in bed except the day i had to rush to the emergency room because i could not tolerate my abdominal pain. Lasted a couple hours in the emergency room was diagnosed with a stomach virus no new news of course.

 I was very dehydrated. The nurse got an IV in my veins for medicine and a couple hours later i was back to my bed still dehydrated and feeling like crap. 

Two days has passed by and I am feeling much better. Finally had solid food and did not puke. I am feeling more like myself and more energized. 

Thinking of July, Inspired me on making this outfit inspiration. Summer can get pretty humid especially in this City. That is why i always opt for shorts and a cotton tee. I really like buying as much tee's as i can. They are super cheap you can find them at Target or H&M. 

I also added a pair of gladiator sandals because they are so in. I really wanted these by the brand Schutz . But they are out of my price range. I found these and my they are adorable under 50 bucks and by the brand of TopShop. Major score !

I wanted to pair this outfit with a not too big side bag. I found this one by Rebecca Minkoff and the color is just on point. 

The other accessories are the gorgeous pair of Prada Sunnies, and the new exclusive lipstick color that Estee Lauder Launched exclusive by Kendall Jenner. Is the perfect Matte Red lipstick is not too dark or bright. Is just perfect. 

With this look i suggest a high pony tail or natural waves and this Bumble and Bumble Infusion is just great. I bought it a couple months ago and it's lovely. 

And last you cannot leave your house without putting on your favorite fragrance. My friend got the beach by Bobbi Brown about a month ago and i seriously wanted to take it from her. Is a Must !

Enjoy your Week !



Thursday, June 18, 2015

Fathers Day !

Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Are you ready? have you bought your husband or Dad his gift already? Totally forgot about it, is okay. Take a deep breath and quickly check what i have here for you. Simple but amazing gifts you can give to that great PAPA of yours or hubby. 

Most dads don't know what they want on fathers day. Sometimes you have to take long guesses and ask tons of questions. example my mom and i would ask my dad what do you want for fathers day Andrew? he would always say anything or nothing. We would roll our eyes and say common just mention something you like or want. My father worked super hard to give my mom and i always the best. He never asked for anything and was always grateful of what he would get. 

We know he loved plaid shirts, watches and fedoras. He also loved my mothers favorite stew.  My mom and I got him one year a great pair of slippers not any but Uggs a bit pricy but we know he really kept looking at them when he would take us shopping.  my mom would make his favorite stew, get him comfy all day and watch his favorite sport and spent time with us. He would always have a smile on his face. 

Unfortunately he is not with us anymore. But.... There is no remorse waht so ever that we always tried to always not only on fathers day for him to be happy. Dads are suppose to be there for their family no matter what. Hard working souls that help raise a family and try their best to be a great head of the family. My DAD was all of that and much more. 

On this Fathers day try to make his day it doesn't have to be with expensive gift. It can be a beer garden reservation, or a picnic with family or even much better a BBQ.  I added these gifts to give you an idea what you can give him. If he is in to technology you can give him the new apple watch or a great pair of sneaker for his relaxing weekends. If he likes beer you can give him a beer kit super inexpensive and he can make craft beer with his own hand. You get the idea. I hope all you spent a great day. 

Happy Fathers Day to all dads !



Thursday, June 11, 2015

Top Five Trends For This Summer !

Hola!! It's been a long time without blogging. Trust me i missed it a lot and i apologize for being away for so long. But.... As many of you may know i am in the process of attending graduate school and my mind has been only on that. But I am back and ready to talk about my top favorite trends that you will need this Summer.

The First trend is Round Sunnies ! Transport yourself to the 70's.