Monday, June 4, 2012

Basics on how to have a wonderful skin while Vacationing

 Now that the  winter is over, and were near the summer, people are getting ready to go on vacation. Other than packing your bathing suit, flip flops and that beautiful maxi dress that you want to wear during the day time. These are my recommendations on how to have a wonderful skin while vacationing. Other then exfoliating 2 to 3 times a week and using your regular moisturizer, you should always have extra care during the summer and while vacationing. Here we go....

 Everyone should use sunscreen protection and even more in the summer, you want to protect yourself from the UV Rays and want to enjoy the time in the beach or just walking down the street, with your friends or family.  One on top is Clarins UV PLUS this is a great body sunscreen it protects you from the sun and you can go on the water and it won't come off and the bottom Aveeno SPF 45 is a great  and inexpensive sunscreen and it protects for many hours.


If you want to have a nice natural tan it is great to get a body oil.  Bobbi Brown came out with this product I think like 2 years ago. It is great to use an oil due to that you can get a natural tan and not look like an orange. 


This is Evian mineral water spray, This is my go to I always carry a small bottle in my bag during the summer to have my face moisturize. This is great to have it in your beach bag and spray it while tanning in the beach or just to refresh yourself.


Sometimes people forget that LIPS are part of the body and what happens is that their lips become dry and crusty. YUCK. I know you don't want that so what your going to do is  buy a  lip balm that includes SPF 15. I usually use this one from the body shop its great.


Friday, June 1, 2012

Currently I am loving these six objects, #1 is the leopard scarf in the Background I got it like 8 months ago and I wash it every time I do laundry i am obsessed with it. #2 The Elizabeth Arden Eight hour cream, I love this product it has more like a Vaseline texture and actually is 56% Petrolatum. It is great for dry skin, chapped lips, for your cuticles and even to moisturize your face and hands. #3 Clarins Paris Hydra Quench Lotion, Normal to combination skin or hot climate SPF 15. This is my first time trying a Clarins face moisturizer and I like it so far I have been using it for 3 weeks now and my face is more moisturize and is great when i just don't want to wear makeup and just wash my face and use this in the morning. Although is on the high end side but it last a long time. #4 Mac powder Blush ( Fleur Power) so far out of all my Mac blushes this is my favorite. Got it last month and even my doctor asked me for the name of it. People have stopped me to tell me that they love my blush. so this is a winner.#5 Essie NP (Cute as a button), great color for the spring and summer i think it looks great on a tan body. #6 Spiked Forever21 bracelet got it  2 months ago but never really used it until this month. Overall I will have to say were my May Favorites.

Scarf- H&M- $11.00
Elizabeth Arden 8hr cream - $18.00
Clarins Paris Hydra Quench Lotion- $45.00
Mac powder Blush- $20.00
Essie NP- $8.00
Forever21 bracelet-$3.50

Hope You Girly girls like it !!
Crumbs cupcake, nothing can go wrong with that. Yesterday my BFF and I were walking down the street when all of a sudden we saw the shiniest glass doors and through those doors you can could see the most amazing cupcakes in the world. We just had to go in and decided that we needed that cupcake and that the cupcake needed us. Maybe it was just to make us feel better after knowing the millions of calories this baby has. o well it was delicious and we enjoyed every second of it.
I have been thinking of opening a blog for about a couple of months now, but since I was busy with school I didn’t have time. Now that I am free and I don’t start my new semester until September, I said why not make one and write or post pictures of my vacation. and also include some beautiful pictures of fashion, food and daily lifestyle.