Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Trending Sensations

Hi Ya'll It's finally Spring. Although it may not seem due to that we had Snow in New York on the first day of Spring. I was really bummed about that due that i had to wear my bean boots when i wanted to wear my floral and colorful clothing. But let's leave that on the side and Congratulations to the people that live where is actually Spring.

Lately I have seen a couple of trends that i keep spying while i roam my city, New York. Either at the train station or while running from one place to another. So here i go! let me know what you think of these and if you would actually try to hop on the trend or will let it pass by.

The Famous Man Bun, not only hipsters are rocking this trend but also male celebrities such as Bradley cooper, Jake Gyllenhaal , Harry Styles and many more. I never thought i would say this but i find this kind of hot and sexy. There is something about the man bun some are messy others are perfect like the one this guy is rocking. What you think ladies Yay or Nay?

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Products I am Currently Craving

Untitled #573

Hi Ladies. Happy Wednesday! This week has been feeling like is finally Spring. Which I am not Complaining at all. I have my coat still hanging on my entry closet waiting till gets colder. Yep i said it. In New York you never know fifty degrees can mean 30. But so far not complaining these past days for using my J Crew puffer vest. I sure missed it.

 These past weeks i have gather accessories and other things here and there that are just on my mind. Products that I have either seen online or window shopped. For example the Elizabeth and James perfume that is on my Post today smells just lovely.

 Went to Sephora to buy nail products all of a sudden while i am passing by i smell the best aroma. I start searching and the White Square bottle it was. It smells DIVINE !!! i can't stop thinking about it and every time i go to Sephora i always spray some on me. Am i the only one that does that?

I have also been spying these Gorgeous Snakeskin Pumps by the brand Steve Madden. They are so HOT !!! I mean look at the sexy piece of shoes that will be great for this spring and summer on a tan body. 

I hope you ladies enjoy my products if you have any of these products please leave a comment down low I would like to know how they work in real life.