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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Back To School Everyday Makeup

Back to school everyday makeup

Hi Ladies, I have been lost for this past year focusing on my masters and traveling also. I might of also fallen in love and met someone amazing but any who that is going to be another post for another day. I think today's post is just perfect due to that everyone is back to school including myself and i sometimes don't want to show up like a zombie that has not slept in days due to school overload.

 I have put together my everyday makeup look on this post. I Literally cannot live without these products and this is my everyday makeup when i want to feel well put together or a live.

 I understand sometimes is hard to wake up in the morning and put your face on but this look seriously takes five minutes. There is no foundation and no eye makeup involved. I will be listing each product on the bottom enjoy. 

After I moisturize my face and prime, I apply these products and i have added numbers that way you know the steps.  You can find them here. 1, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8, 9

      XOXO Andrea

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Back To School Favorites : College Edition


Hello September !  It's finally here and although summer is not gone yet that is how I feel after Labor day.  I am a bit nostalgic not because summer is over but because students are heading back to a new year of hard school work. I don't know why but I am sad !! I truly am. I thought that after graduating college I would be happy  because I would be entering the real world and finally i wouldn't have to write 10 page papers for my Global Communications class. 

Last week I met with my best friend because she wanted  to buy her school supplies. I was just their by her side while she was looking around for notebooks and pens.  While I was looking around, I would see students looking for the same things. It was so funny that I told her to pick the pink five star notebook in my honor. So she did of course. My Family members think is pathetic but I have been in school all my life and I actually enjoyed being in school and learning new things.

  So I decided to do a back to school post on what I would usually take to college with me. These would never leave my bag. I have included a Long Champ tote because it is my favorite bag I used it for 3 years straight and now it's just hiding in my closet because I don't want to throw it away, too many memories. I hope everyone that is going back to school have a great year full of achievements. While I can't wait to enter grad school in the Spring.  

BTW this is my beat up Long Champ just in case you wouldn't believe me. :)

XOXO Andrea 

Monday, April 29, 2013

Spring is Finally Here & College Is Almost Over...

This week has been a bit compromising with school, my internship and trying to keep a social life. This past week I hurt my back that meant to not carry heavy boxes or working out. The doctor said I had to stay home because my body was reacting due to that  I am so exhausted and it is true I haven't had a moment to go and get a hair cut or to go and by my graduation dress which BTW is in two weeks. Due to so much work I couldn't stay home the whole week and relax so these are bits and pieces of what happen this week. Although I had two days to get back to normal and have some me time and meet with my BFF.

 Spring is Finally Here !! Flowers are blooming Isn't this tree beautiful. Loving my neighborhood

I felt like Rapunzel my hair was so long and it was time to cut a couple of inches. I cut my hair in layers just to add a bit of volume.

One of my favorite places to go in Union Square if you live in NYC and you haven't tried Chloe's soft serve you must go. Is all organic and HEALTHY yes I know this deliciousness of dark chocolate with strawberries and dark chocolate chips are all natural and under 120 calories.

Of course i had to stop in the shoe department at Bloomingdales while dress shopping for my graduation. They would be great as a graduation gift.

bought new sandals at Ann Taylor Loft they are comfy, nude and great for spring and summer

A bit of my outfit. New Military jacket and My Louis Vuitton GM

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Lately In My Life ........

I can't believe that March is already here. It seems like yesterday that I was starting my semester. But I cannot complain this means spring is closer each day and that I am near graduation. I don't tend to write a lot more about me in the blog. Don't know why but lately I have been  feeling like writing  more about what goes down in life. I  have decided to write about what went on  in February. These pictures reflect what I have been doing these weeks.

Working my Butt off in the gym ( so far I have kept  my NYE Resolution) HI 5

 Girls night out with the best friend. And Yes i cried a lot !! (cry baby here)

Have been sick for over a week ( ugh I hate being sick) Asthma pumps because I am asthmatic 

New Wedge Sneaker similar to these but way more affordable (target is always good to me)

Oh and BTW most comfortable shoes i ever wore !! OBSESSED !

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend  I am going to be stuck at home  writing papers and studying for upcoming midterms

XOXO Andrea

Monday, December 3, 2012

College Finals !!!

Let me start with this I have 6 classes this semester and currently I have 6 projects to give in at the end of this semester. Which that is next week. I haven't been sleeping lately, trying to figure out all of the assignments. I am stressed, and my anxiety is over the TOP, Literally. The only positive side I see of this is that soon I will have a month off and then my final semester of College. I truly believe that professor should not wait to last minute to announce papers or projects I mean If I don't pass these classes I don't know what I am going to do. I don't want to flunk on my senior year of college. On top of that I have to do an extra paper for my Honors class. Sometimes I say to myself how I got cough up in so much work how did  this happen. I wish I could be able to go out more with my friends but currently the farthest I go is from my bedroom to the kitchen and bathroom on the weekends and to class during the week. I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL THIS IS OVER !!!!! Hardest semester in my life. I am sorry if i am  rambling too much, I decided to write about it  because in a way it  distracts me from so much work. 

XOXO Andrea

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Healthy Snack under 200 Calories !

Healthy snacks under 200 calories

When I was a freshman in College, I didn't know how to eat healthy and I was also a bit lazy also. I started taking a habit of eating really bad fast food. I would go out for lunch with my friends or would get the Cheeseburger deluxe from the school dining hall. I knew what I was doing was not good for my health. My excuse was " I am college student and i am too busy to prepare my meals at home or take my lunch or  snacks to school" I am sure you've heard students say that before. My freshman year of college was over.   I was very happy with my grades and making it through my first year  in college. My mom was proud of me, and I thought everything was okay until I went for my annual check up. I got weight in and they did some blood test. My Doctor sat with  me after and told me that I had gained 40 pounds !!!! I couldn't believe it. I knew I had put some weight which I have struggled since the age of 14, but not nothing that I couldn't control. 

I started crying and I got scared that I was putting my health at risk. That summer I decided to change little by little my meals and to workout more. It was not easy but I was determined. I started feeling more energized, I was sleeping more and I was eating healthier. The months pass and it was time to go back to school I was afraid that I couldn't keep up with my eating healthy habits and that I would forget about everything that I was doing over the summer. But my inner voice said NO YOU CAN DO IT !! I decided to take that challenge and I am not going to lie sometimes I indulge in fast food not everyday maybe one or twice a month. But for most of the time I try to keep my healthy snacks with me. With that said I know it's super difficult sometimes to live a "Healthy lifestyle". But little by little you can do it. I am not saying to go and clear your fridge and go buy organic and healthy food  I am saying you start with drinking more water and instead of buying a fruit juice buy a fruit. The snacks i have included can fit in your school bag. These are some of my favorite snacks to take to school and overall for everyday. They are all less than 200 calories and delicious, which is the most important you want it to taste good and be good for you at the same time.

I included Starbucks because I am fan of coffee and I usually get a tall skinny caramel Machiatto. If you are craving something salty you could buy or make your own pita chips they are so good for you I also take plenty of fruit to satisfy my hunger. Now, I am not saying it's all I eat, for lunch I usually have a chicken salad, or Chicken and avocado wrap or whole grain pasta. It's all about portions. I hope you enjoy my Healthy snacks.
Feel free to ask any questions

XOXO Andrea

Thursday, November 22, 2012

My Everyday Makeup


 NARS Cosmetics / MAC Cosmetics matte makeup / COVERGIRL black mascara / MAC Cosmetics / Bobbi Brown 

As a college student Most of the time I don't have time to use many products on my face. I tend to go more for the natural look. I don't use Foundation, I just use it if I have too or for special occasions. I keep these products in a separate place on my drawer because they are easy to find when I am on a rush. Of course before I put on any makeup in my face I use a face moisturizer and eye cream. Then I use a BB Cream, I bought the Garnier Fructis it's affordable and it works perfect for my skin, Then I use concealer for my dark circles due to my lack of sleep and over studying. After I apply those products I use a loose powder, blush, Mascara and last but not least some lip gloss. That's basically it. It might be a little too plain for you guys but It's perfect for me. I am presentable and at the same time still looking like me.  I think this is a great College look for everyday or even if you just don't feel like applying too much on your face.

xoxo Andrea