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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Winter Minimalist Look

Winter Minimalist Look

I am glad to announce that in a couple of days i will be back in my favorite city, New York. I am over joyed to be back with my family for a couple of week and Friends, Also .....  i will finally will be able to wear my favorite winter pieces. I really like layering and adding different scarves to my winter coat. 

As most of you ladies know i am all about simplicity and that is what the Minimalist trend is all about. I am all about, clean, comfortable, neutral colors. I am always wearing my slouchy pants with a plain tee. I like to add a couple touches but other than that I am always very traditional. 

This look is all about being minimal and not over layering. Is about being comfortable, fashionable and stylish. If you notice i added a couple black accessories to spice up the outfit due to that the clothing is very light. I am in love with this coat is just gorgeous and literally it goes with everything !  And one last thing that i had to add was the watch is manly but it just adds that extra minimalist touch to the outfit. 

What you ladies think of this ? would you rock this outfit? Leave your comment on the bottom.


Monday, February 17, 2014

Navy Blue Skirt Outfit

Untitled #546

I don't know if i have told you that my favorite colors are pink, navy blue and grey.  I am obsessed with these colors and I think they make a great combination. Plus I believe that blue is an universal color. While roaming around J Crew I found cute pieces and a pair of pumps that would be great for the spring or even now in the winter.

I just had to do an inspiration outfit. I love the skirt is so lady like and with the sweatshirt and pink necklace it will make the skirt a bold statement and it give it a touch of fun. I added a messenger bag which can also be use as handheld. I wanted to concentrate on the the shoes and outfit, because those are the key pieces.

On the makeup i went subtle rosy lips and cheeks with nude nails. very classy and lady like as i said before. This outfit is great for work, dinner, and even church. I love skirts i usually don't wear them that much in the winter but when summer and spring comes around i tend to use skirts a couple times a week. I think this would be great with or without tights. 

So what you think about it will you wear this outfit? Leave a comment on the bottom.

Happy Presidents Day !

XOXO Andrea