Sunday, August 30, 2015

Miami Outfit Inspiration


Hi Beautiful Ladies. Last time I post on my blog I was headed to Dominican Republic to spent the best two weeks of my life before heading to my new city Miami. Vacation was great. Had an amazing time with my family. I got back to NY for a couple of days and then i was back on a plane heading to Miami. I officially have a week in Miami. So far it has been treating me great. I am currently getting my masters and professor are also great. 

Now Since you guys know i am from New York we have all types of weather and I am not use to living in a state where it doesn't snows or gets chilly. As of now I am still wearing my summer clothes and i will be transitioning slowly to fall according to the weather. So far i am loving wearing hats, espadrilles, bright lipsticks and panama hats. That is why i decided to Make a Miami outfit Inspiration. I have notice that people in Miami are extroverted they just love wearing colors and fun jewelry. 

This outfit is about being casual, fashionable and fun. Is great if you are going to have brunch with friends drinks. But it is also great for everyday or a pool party. You can just have your bathing suit under. I added a great bronzer and highlighter because i think with this dress. I would keep very sculpted cheeks and add that natural glow. I mean you are in Miami after all right. 

I hope you all enjoy my inspiration post. If you are not in Miami. This outfit is great for your next destination in the Caribbean. 



Wednesday, July 29, 2015

My Traveling Must Haves

My Traveling Must Haves

 dress /t shirt, /  top,  /  shirt,  /  shorts,  / swimsuit / sneaker,  /  sandals / Havaianas  / Tote  / jewelry hat sunglasses

Hello Ladies ! a lot of change has been going on lately. Pardon not posting anything for a long time. Many changes have been going on lately and one of them is Moving to Miami In a couple of weeks. Yup just like you heard. I have been planing my trip for over a year deciding weather to leave NY or Stay i decided to leave. Want to try new adventures and one of them is living on my own. 

Another change is that i open a Blog in Spanish as many as you know i am Latina and thanks to my parents i can read and write in Spanish. One night i decided  i want to write to Latina women from all over the world. 

And third is VACATION !! Finally ! i really need vacation. I will be going for two weeks to Dominican Republic where i cannot wait to soak in the water and drink Piña Coladas my favorite. And.... Since i will be traveling i decided to write a post on some of the clothing and accessories i will be taking with me. I want to travel as light as i can. Due to than once i come back i will only be in NY for 2 days and will then leave to Miami. 

I want to enjoy the fullest and relax with my family. I want to let my hair air dry and forget about straightening. I want to enjoy those two weeks and soak my feet on the warm sun touch by the sun. I want to feel airy and not worried one bit of New York and my first Semester of Grad School. 

And Guess what ladies that's what i will try my best to do. I will be packing my favorite. Shorts, cotton tee bought from stores such as H&M and Target, a nice flowy dress to dance at night, a pair of sneakers to travel comfortable, a piece a jewelry that goes with everything. The IT Sandals of the moment GLADIATOR Sandals and a one piece swimsuit which i think is so back this summer. 

I also got a large tote bag. The good thing about this bag is that is reversible. Which it equals to two bags ! great for the beach and Travel and guess what it's under $50 Dollars. I am obsessed over this leather bag. 

I will post as much as i can in Miami ! cannot wait for this new adventure but for now keep them Piña Coladas coming !

XOXO Andrea

Monday, June 29, 2015

Easy, Comfortable Summer Outfit

Untitled #577

While laying in bed recuperating from a pretty bad stomach virus over the weekend the only thing that came to my head was July. Which is almost here. 

Now i know Summer has arrived already but this stomach virus had me 4 days in bed except the day i had to rush to the emergency room because i could not tolerate my abdominal pain. Lasted a couple hours in the emergency room was diagnosed with a stomach virus no new news of course.

 I was very dehydrated. The nurse got an IV in my veins for medicine and a couple hours later i was back to my bed still dehydrated and feeling like crap. 

Two days has passed by and I am feeling much better. Finally had solid food and did not puke. I am feeling more like myself and more energized. 

Thinking of July, Inspired me on making this outfit inspiration. Summer can get pretty humid especially in this City. That is why i always opt for shorts and a cotton tee. I really like buying as much tee's as i can. They are super cheap you can find them at Target or H&M. 

I also added a pair of gladiator sandals because they are so in. I really wanted these by the brand Schutz . But they are out of my price range. I found these and my they are adorable under 50 bucks and by the brand of TopShop. Major score !

I wanted to pair this outfit with a not too big side bag. I found this one by Rebecca Minkoff and the color is just on point. 

The other accessories are the gorgeous pair of Prada Sunnies, and the new exclusive lipstick color that Estee Lauder Launched exclusive by Kendall Jenner. Is the perfect Matte Red lipstick is not too dark or bright. Is just perfect. 

With this look i suggest a high pony tail or natural waves and this Bumble and Bumble Infusion is just great. I bought it a couple months ago and it's lovely. 

And last you cannot leave your house without putting on your favorite fragrance. My friend got the beach by Bobbi Brown about a month ago and i seriously wanted to take it from her. Is a Must !

Enjoy your Week !